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14 Minimalist Ceiling Models for Minimalist Homes

A minimalist ceiling model is one of the important aspects that must be considered in a house. Apart from limiting the height of the room, the ceiling has the function of beautifying the room, protecting the house from rain and sun exposure, and covering the electrical components of the house. Many types of ceiling models can be adapted to your home concept. Starting from the type of material, ceiling color, to ceiling motifs. To adapt the ceiling model to the concept of the house, you can look for references in the description below.

14 Minimalist Ceiling Models for Small Houses

Model Plafon Minimalis Untuk Rumah Kecil The ceiling or ceiling of a house is an interior surface that is directly connected to the top of a room. The ceiling model you choose will influence the design and concept of the house. So, that the ceiling model you choose matches the minimalist home concept, let's look at the recommended ceiling models below.

1. Minimalist ceiling with a touch of wood elements

Plafon Minimalis dengan Sentuhan Unsur Kayu Wood on a minimalist ceiling can add to the elegant style of a room. You can combine this minimalist ceiling design with white walls with yellow lighting which gives a warm impression. The combination of wooden ceilings, lights, and white walls also gives a room an oriental atmosphere that looks unique and luxurious.

2. White Ceiling Panels

Panel Plafon Berwarna Putih You can use this minimalist ceiling in the kitchen area or family room. Apply white decorative panels to frame the main ceiling in another color, such as cream. Even though your room looks small, thanks to the appearance of this ceiling, the room will look quite luxurious and have a contemporary interior style.

3. Multi-level ceilings for minimalist homes

Plafon Bertingkat untuk Rumah Minimalis

To give the impression of a simple but elegant room, you can apply a multi-level ceiling combined with wall lights. When you use this ceiling, the room temperature will feel cooler faster because the ceiling is ideally low. You can install this multi-level ceiling in your family room or private room. Don't forget to choose bright ceiling colors such as white and cream to match the minimalist home design. Also read: 9 Simple and Comfortable Minimalist Living Room Ceiling Models

4. Minimalist Classic Ceiling

Plafon Klasik Minimalis The classic ceiling concept with an upward conical shape can be used as inspiration to create a summer atmosphere. This ceiling model will make the room seem comfortable with a strong tropical atmosphere. The minimalist classic ceiling model is suitable for pairing with any type of furniture, considering its neutral color.

5. Minimalist ceiling with incandescent lights

Plafon Minimalis dengan Lampu Pijar Desain This minimalist ceiling is one of the favorite designs installed in every minimalist style house. The modern architectural style combined with incandescent lights on each side makes the room not too bright, but warm and comfortable. The middle of the ceiling can be left empty. You can add additional lighting such as table lamps and floor lamps to add adequate lighting sources. The room decoration becomes more optimal.

6. Minimalist Scandinavian-style ceiling

Plafon Minimalis ala Skandinavian This room takes a Scandinavian style which is dominated by elegant gray colors. Also add a large window on one side of the room to give the room a spacious impression. You can also add unique and modern hanging lights. This minimalist Scandinavian style ceiling model is suitable for use in a room for relaxing.

7. Minimalist Ceiling for Modern Minimalist Home Interiors

Plafon Minimalis untuk Interior Rumah Minimalis Modern

This ceiling is made irregular to create a modern and relaxed impression. This minimalist ceiling model is suitable for use in offices and work spaces in your home. Also adjust the model of chairs and tables used to match this minimalist ceiling model. You can also add ergonomic tables and chairs to support effectiveness while working in the room.

8. Low minimalist ceiling to divide the room

Plafon Minimalis Rendah untuk Membatasi Ruangan You can install this low minimalist ceiling to separate the kitchen and dining room. This ceiling can be a partition that bridges functions between rooms. You can add hanging lights as decoration to the ceiling to make it look more aesthetic. Also make sure your kitchen is white, so it looks neater and brighter.

9. Living room ceiling with spotlights

Plafon Ruang Tamu dengan Lampu Sorot To add room decoration, you can add spotlights instead of using hanging lights. These spotlights can add visual interest and make a room bright and warm. These spotlights are not always attached to the ceiling, but can also be attached to additional materials such as wood and iron underneath.

10. Minimalist house ceiling with skylight

Plafon Rumah Minimalis dengan Skylight Incorporating skylights into the ceiling of the house is a quite unique and interesting idea. For those of you who want to give a spacious impression to your living room, you can use this skylight ceiling model. Moreover, the ceiling of your house is designed to be slanted. Apart from the living room, you can use this ceiling in private rooms. Also read: 10 Simple Bedroom Gypsum Ceiling Models

11. Scandinavian minimalist ceiling model with wooden beams

Model Plafon Minimalis Skandinavia dengan Balok Kayu If you want the appearance of your minimalist house to look more industrial, you can apply a Scandinavian-style ceiling with rows of wooden beams. This ceiling is suitable for rooms with house ceilings that are designed to be quite high. Don't forget to add a hanging lamp as decoration.

12. Minimalist Ceiling with Paint Combination

Plafon Minimalis dengan Kombinasi Cat For children's bedrooms, you can apply minimalist ceilings with various paint combinations. The paint color used should be a combination of bright colors such as gray, brown and white. The motif itself can be adjusted to your child's wishes. So, it's a good idea to discuss the ceiling motif with your child first, so that your child can feel at home in their private room for a long time. Also read: 12 “DIY” Children's Room Decoration Ideas that Add Fun

13. Minimalist circular ceiling model

Model Plafon Minimalis Lingkaran The minimalist circular ceiling model is suitable for you to apply in the living room area. The sides of this ceiling are round and each part is equipped with a round hole as decoration. Also add white lights to complete the appearance of the ceiling, so that your home looks more luxurious and modern.

14. Flat Ceiling for Minimalist Homes

Plafon Datar untuk Rumah Minimalis The flat ceiling model is one of the most frequently used in various house shapes and concepts in Indonesia. To make your house look modern and contemporary, you can balance this ceiling model with various ergonomic furniture. You can also add lamps as decoration and a light source for the room. So, which minimalist ceiling model will you choose for your home interior? If you have difficulty determining the best interior design, you can consult with the team from PEXIO. This includes determining various ergonomic furniture that suits your home concept. Furniture and interior design are interrelated to create a warm and comfortable home atmosphere. Get this ergonomic furniture only at PEXIO for the comfort of your home. Contact us now to ask about specifications and prices! Banner Ergonomic Chair PEXIO


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