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11 Examples of Mezzanine House Designs that Save Space

To overcome limited space in the house, there are many things you can do. Starting from removing partitions between rooms, using minimalist interior design, or what is rarely considered, building a mezzanine. Even though it is rarely considered, in fact adding a mezzanine is very effective for optimizing space in a house.

Get to know Mezzanine House Design

Mengenal Desain Rumah MezzanineA mezzanine is a balcony built inside a room, usually in the middle between the ground floor and the ceiling of the house. With a size of no more than a third of the room, a mezzanine can also be created for any purpose, from a bed to a lounge.

Space Saving Mezzanine Home Design Ideas

If you are looking for space-saving mezzanine house design ideas, take a look at some of the best examples below.

1. Mezzanine for the Family Room

Mezzanine untuk Ruang Keluarga If your house doesn't have enough area to create a family room, adding a mezzanine could be the solution. Even though the area is limited, you can design a mezzanine as a place to relax with your family. Just add a sofa, television and some decorations, you can enjoy a warm atmosphere with your family on this mezzanine.

2. Open Space Mezzanine

Mezzanine Ruang TerbukaMezzanine designs tend to be more flexible when compared to other rooms in the house. You can even make a mezzanine with an open space concept. No need to add permanent walls, you can use railings to surround the sides of the mezzanine. This open space can be used as a place to relax with the family.

3. Create a Relaxing Space

Ciptakan Ruang SantaiAfter being tired of doing various outdoor activities, returning home to relax could be the right choice. To create this, you can create a special room to relax by adding a mezzanine. Add safety measures such as nets, glass and strong frames to maintain safety. Also consider some other furniture such as bookcases and wooden chairs so that you can relax there more comfortably.

4. Additional Space to Work

Ruang Tambahan untuk BekerjaTo get more privacy while working from home, you can build a mezzanine specifically designed as a work space. With its position higher than the bottom of the room, you not only get additional space, but also more light and tranquility. So that your mezzanine is stronger, make a solid construction plan first. Don't forget to arrange the furniture well, so you can maximize the entire available area. Also read: 10 Luxurious and Comfortable Private Work Spaces, Make You Focus on Work

5. Add a Beautiful Bookshelf

Tambahkan Rak Buku CantikDo you like reading or have a large collection of books? Designing a mezzanine as a place to read and store books could be an interesting idea. You can get two functions at once, namely book storage at the bottom and a comfortable reading room at the top. Apart from being beautiful, this design is also very functional so that the entire area of the room can be utilized optimally. Add some furniture such as decorative lamps, sofas and carpets to make you more comfortable in the room. Also read: 10 Inspirations for Unique Wooden Wall Shelves

6. Flat and Minimalist Mezzanine

Mezzanine Datar dan MinimalisIf you want to expand the room but don't want to dismantle the house too much, this example of a mezzanine house design could be a solution. The flat and minimalist design will not require a complicated home renovation process. Even though it is minimalist, this mezzanine design can be used for various needs, such as being used as a lounge or storage shelf for goods.

7. Create a room with a classy impression

Ciptakan Ruangan dengan Kesan ClassyUse an empty room in your house as a special calming area. Use wooden materials to fill the room, starting from the stairs, floor, to various furniture that you want to add. In order to utilize space optimally, you can also use several multi-purpose pieces of furniture such as folding beds and stairs with the addition of extra cupboards to fill this mezzanine house design.

8. Mezzanine Garden

Taman MezzanineIn a limited area, sometimes it is difficult to make the garden a cool area at home. As a solution, you can add a mezzanine indoors to create a refreshing garden. By using solid glass and steel, you can design a mezzanine to connect the upper and lower floors as well as create a garden with various green plants. Also read: 10 Odor Absorbing Plants that are Easy to Care for at Home

9. Modern Mezzanine

Mezzanine ModernRemoving the partition between the dining room and the family room, then adding a mezzanine to it can be an interesting design idea to get lots of space in a limited area. You can also add ergonomic furniture with a minimalist design to optimize the function of the entire room while providing an aesthetic impression inside. Make your room more lively by adding some color through contrasting colored furniture and abstract paintings.

10. Private and Closed Room

Ruangan Private dan Tertutup Do you need more privacy and want a closed space? Adding a glazed mezzanine above the living room can be an interesting idea. Use sturdy glass and paint the outside of the mezzanine white to give the room a spacious impression. You can also add a connecting staircase with a wooden pattern to make the living room more lively and classy. Don't forget to add curtains in the mezzanine to create a closed, private room.

11. Double Mezzanine for More Comfort

Double Mezzanine untuk Kenyamanan Lebih If you previously discussed one mezzanine in the room, you can also be creative by adding two at once. Use the bottom as a kitchen and cooking room, then the middle as a place to relax with the family, and place a bedroom with maximum lighting above it. Very interesting, right? Also arrange your furniture so that there is enough space. That way, you are free to do activities in the mezzanine area. Of the various examples of mezzanine house designs above, which one is your favorite? Apart from building a mezzanine, another way to optimize space in your home is to choose furniture carefully. Ergonomic furniture from PEXIO not only provides extra comfort, but also saves space and is easy to move. You can get various choices of quality furniture from PEXIO here! 


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