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7 Cool Meeting Hall Interior Designs That You Can Copy

You need to apply the interior design of the meeting hall correctly so that it has a good impact on everyone who is active. As a fairly large room, the meeting hall is usually used for activities such as ceremonies, meetings and various other forms of meetings. Designing a meeting hall requires precision and accuracy. This is to provide comfort in every activity or activity carried out. The interior design of a meeting hall itself is an important part of an office or company.

7 Meeting Hall Interior Designs

Rekomendasi Desain Interior Aula PertemuanYou can adjust the interior design of the meeting hall to suit the company concept. Whether it's luxurious, minimalist, modern, or foreign-style interior design. The following are recommendations for meeting hall interior designs that you can apply.

1. Luxurious and Elegant Meeting Hall Design

Desain Aula Pertemuan Mewah dan Elegan If you want to carry a luxury concept, you can apply a hall design that places lighting around the room. You can also apply certain ornaments to the roof in the middle of the room, thus providing a partition that gives an elegant and luxurious impression. The color combination that gives the impression of a luxurious and elegant meeting hall is usually gold and white. However, this color selection can be readjusted to the company concept. Also read: Types and Elements of Decorative Images for Room Interiors

2. Modern Meeting Hall Design

Desain Aula Pertemuan ModernModern meeting hall styles usually combine industrial and modern concepts typical of this century. Modern interior design itself refers to a popular style from the early to mid-20th century. Halls with modern interior designs look simpler, cleaner, stylish and functional. When implementing a room design like this, of course you need to pay attention to the choice of furniture. You can use ergonomic furniture that suits today's style.

3. Minimalist Meeting Hall Design

Desain Aula Pertemuan MinimalisMeeting halls that have limited space can apply a minimalist meeting hall interior design. Even though the space available was limited, the event held there went well. Participants or invited guests can still carry out their activities comfortably. You can arrange this meeting hall room with the classroom concept. This is so that participants can focus on the future. Provide appropriate chair distances so that participants can interact with each other well and not disturb each other. Also read: What is Office Interior? Functions, Elements and Types

4. Formal Meeting Hall Design

Desain Aula Pertemuan Formal To implement a formal meeting hall design, the first thing you need to pay attention to is the choice of furniture. You can use ergonomic tables and chairs such as the Oslo chair which has an extra steady footrest. This chair feature gives a formal impression that is in accordance with the company concept. You also need to pay attention to the seating arrangement, because it will affect participant comfort. Make sure the arrangement can enable participants to focus well on the future.

5. Classic and Elegant Hall Design

Desain Aula Klasik dan EleganClassic interior design is still in demand by many companies that promote classic and elegant concepts. In presenting a classic concept, you can provide good lighting and very neat seating arrangements. This arrangement allows participants to feel more comfortable. Also read: 11 Types of Office Chairs and Their Functions

6. Semi-Modern Hall Design

Desain Aula Semi ModernThe semi-modern hall room carries a classic and modern theme design at the same time. The seating arrangement of the room should include a classroom or theater concept. So, participants present can focus on the front. In presenting a semi-modern concept, you can complete the presentation equipment as completely as possible. This is because modern hall designs are usually used for formal meeting activities.

7. Japanese-style hall design

Desain Aula ala JepangAdopting a Japanese-style meeting hall design can be said to be quite a unique inspiration. This room has a typical traditional Japanese style. At the base of the room, you can apply wood flooring. Likewise, the application of sliding partitions reflects Japanese characteristics. When choosing a chair, you should choose one with low legs. Arrange the chairs neatly facing each other. Then, also balance it with the table. This arrangement allows participants to interact with each other without disturbing each other. Also read: 7 Good and Comfortable Sofa Materials for You to Use

4 Important Elements in Meeting Hall Design

Elemen Penting dalam Desain Aula Pertemuan When implementing a meeting hall interior design, there are several elements that you must pay attention to. The following are the important elements.

1. Floor

The floor is the lower boundary for the interior of a room. You can treat this horizontally stretched floor by paying attention to the type of material, differences in floor height, and the application of the shape. Determining the right shape, color, material and floor pattern can refer to the function and impression you want to display. Elements of floor function that you need to pay attention to include fire resistance, sound dampening and safety. Also read: 10 differences between ceramics and granite that you must understand

2. Ceiling or Ceiling

The ceiling is a barrier that stretches horizontally at the top of the interior. An attractive ceiling design can produce a better effect. You can modify this part of the ceiling from the use of material types to various shapes.

3. Wall

Walls are one of the most dominant areas in a room. Therefore, you need to implement an interior design that provides comfort. To maximize its function, you can apply this wall with various types of finishing materials, lighting and forming materials. There are important things you need to pay attention to, namely determining the right wall covering according to aspects of beauty, durability, acoustic function, cleanliness and safety. Also make sure that the wall finishes used do not cause allergies or toxins.

4. Lighting Elements

The interior design of the meeting hall requires sufficient lighting intensity. You can apply bright lighting in some places or give the controller the option to dim it. The atmosphere that will be formed from such lighting will look more comfortable. Also read: 5 Standards for Room Lighting in the Workplace. These are some cool meeting hall interior designs that you can copy. In implementing this interior design, furniture has a quite important role. You need to use ergonomic tables and chairs to give the impression of comfort. Examples of ergonomic furniture such as the Regent chair from PEXIO can give a comfortable impression when holding meetings. This sliding chair allows participants to feel freedom and comfort. PEXIO is a company providing ergonomic furniture which provides various types of tables and chairs. To choose furniture that matches the interior design concept of the meeting hall, you can consult by contacting the PEXIO team right now! Ergonomic Chair PEXIO


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