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The Ultimate Manager Chair Price List

How much is the approximate price of the manager's chair? As a personal manager, you certainly need a comfortable chair that can relax you. High job demands make you have to focus when working.

Therefore, you must start looking for recommendations for the best manager's chair to support your work. To facilitate research, below we provide a price list for manager chairs that are ergonomic and durable.

Manager chair price list

A manager has a task that takes work. They have to make sure things run more effectively and efficiently. For this reason, office equipment that can support its performance is needed.

One of them is a comfortable work chair. A work chair with ergonomic features will make users feel relaxed and free from back pain, especially if they have to sit for hours.

Need help determining the price of a chair manager? What kind? Let's look at the price list for the best manager chairs, which have a modern design and the best features.

1. Jervis Ergonomic Chair

Harga Kursi Manager Jervis Ergonomic Chair

Ergonomic manager chair at an affordable price. Equipped with various features that can maintain your body posture while working and arm and headrests that prevent muscles from becoming tense.

The premium chair material makes it look sturdy. The price of this chair is IDR 3,090,000.

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2. Sydney Ergonomic Chair

Harga kursi manager Sydney Ergonomic Chair

If you are looking for a manager's chair at a price under IDR 4 million, this chair could be your choice. Equipped with various complete ergonomic features, such as adjustable back support that can support the spine, precise armrests, and features that allow you to add additional seating space.

The seat material is made of premium foam. Meanwhile, the back of the chair is made of soft mesh material. Available in two color choices, black and grey, this chair is very suitable for those of you who have to sit in front of a laptop for a long time but still prioritize comfort.

The price of this manager's chair is IDR 3,819,000. Buy Sydney Ergonomic Chair at a discounted price on Shopee!

3. Rhodes Ergonomic Chair 

Harga kursi manager Rhodes Ergonomic Chair

This chair will make you think and work better. Manager chairs are equipped with features that support body posture while improving body circulation. A WorkMode position allows you to lie down with your back still upright.

The design is slim and edgy, thus making it look aesthetical in any modern workspace. This ergonomic manager chair is available in three colors, namely black, gray, and blue.

The price of this manager chair is IDR 4,050,000. Get 36% discount Rhodes Ergonomic Chair here!

4. Mike Ergonomic Chair

Harga kursi manager Mike Ergonomic Chair

Super comfortable chair specially designed for busy managers like you. The model is stylish, and the premium material makes it look elegant. Say goodbye to back pain because this chair has ergonomic features that will make you comfortable sitting for long periods.

Some features can adjust the height of the chair, headrest, and armrests. The chair's flexible wheels will make it easier for you to shift places. Interested in this manager's chair?

The price of this manager's chair is IDR 4,200,000. Buy Mike Ergonomic Chair 22% discount here!

5. Regent Ergonomic Chair 

Kursi Manager Regent Ergonomic Chair

A flexible work chair equipped with complete ergonomic features. This chair, inspired by the Eiffel Tower, has a sturdy and robust appearance. The shoulder rest can support body posture so that users can move right and left freely.

Regent Ergonomic Chair is made from premium materials. The chair seat is very soft and is claimed to be resistant to scratches. This chair also has a headrest and footrest that can be adjusted to suit your needs.

Apart from that, the mesh material on the seat can increase air circulation, giving a cool sensation when using it. The price for this manager chair is IDR 4,750,000 with a choice of two chair colors, namely black and grey. 

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6. Taylor Ergonomic Chair

Kursi Manager Taylor Ergonomic Chair

You can now feel focused while working with this chair. Equipped with features such as back support, which is reliable, this chair will keep your body posture ideal. There is also a 3D feature armrest, which is flexible so that it keeps your arms comfortable while working.

This chair model is very modern, and the aluminum material on the legs makes it visible and stylish. Of course, this is the right job for a manager like you. The price for this manager's chair is IDR 4,725,000. 

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7. Oxford Ergonomic Chair

Kursi Manager Oxford Ergonomic Chair

This ergonomic chair is equipped with a gas lift class that adjusts the chair's height and a sliding seat feature that can be used if you want additional seating space.

The back of the chair is made to follow the lower spine area so that the chair does not need to be readjusted. The soft chair seat will add to user comfort. Apart from that, you are also free to move because the position of this chair can be adjusted in four different directions.

If you are interested in buying it, the price of this manager's chair is appreciated: Rp6.350.000. Buy now 35% discount on Tokopedia!

8. Vernon Ergonomic Chair

Kursi Manager Vernom Ergonomic Chair

When you are very much interested in aesthetics and comfort, this manager's chair is right for you. The model is slim and modern, giving the impression of being sturdy and robust. The best aluminum material used on the chair legs further enhances its appearance.

The price of this manager's chair is IDR 7,800,000. You will get exciting features at this price, such as an adjustable headrest arranged up and down. This backrest automatically follows the shape of the user's body and armrests that can be adjusted to the height of the table.

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9. Stanley Ergonomic Chair

Kursi Manager Stanley Ergonomic Chair

A manager chair that can increase your productivity while working. Ergonomic chairs are equipped with advanced features to prevent back pain and other complaints when sitting in a chair for hours.

The back of the chair is made of flexible mesh material adjusted to the user's body posture. In addition, the chair legs are made from Full aluminum, which also gives a sturdy impression.

The price of this manager's chair is IDR 8,400,000. Buy the Stanley Ergonomic Chair at a 30% discount here!

10. Maxim Ergonomic Chair

Kursi Manager Maxim Ergonomic Chair

Work is no longer stressful thanks to this sophisticated chair. An ergonomic chair with complete mesh material and aluminum on the legs will make your working experience calmer.

This chair is also supported with soft, solid lumbar support. Anyone who uses it will be comfortable. Interested in this manager's chair?

The price of this manager's chair is IDR 8,950,000. Of course, this is a price commensurate with the quality offered. Click now to buy Maxim Ergonomic Chair with a 38% discount on Tokopedia!

That's the chair price list manager that you can consider. This information will be helpful for you.

So, you decide which chair to buy. Make sure you buy a chair that suits your budget and needs to create a comfortable and calm working atmosphere.


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