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10 Recommendations for Attractive and Comfortable Living Room Paint Colors

Choosing the paint color for your living room is an important thing to pay attention to. When looking for the best color for the family room, you need to remember that this room is the room you will use to relax after coming home from work, gather with family, or even entertain guests.

Chances are, you'll spend a lot of time in your living room. Which means, you have to choose the right colors for the paint and even the furniture. Don't let yourself feel uncomfortable in the family room because of the existing color combination. In this article, we will discuss recommendations for living room paint color schemes that are suitable for combining with any color.

10 Inspirations for Comfortable Living Room Paint Colors

The following are recommendations for comfortable living room paint colors for you to use as inspiration:

1. Bright White Living Room Paint Color

Warna Cat Ruang Keluarga Putih yang Cerah According to many interior designers, white is the most popular living room color in recent years. Although white wall paint seemed ordinary and even boring in the past, it seems that in recent years most people are looking for a color that symbolizes calm. Because white is a versatile color, it can be matched with a variety of furniture styles and design aesthetics. So, even if your interior design tastes change over time, you don't have to worry about repainting your walls. White is a color that you can make warmer if you choose yellow lighting. You can also stay within a more controlled living room color scheme when you pair it with white lighting and monochromatic accessories. White is the perfect living room paint color for those who are unsure about the final style or design they want for their home. Also Read: 10 Ways to Decorate a Small Room to Make It Look Spacious and Comfortable

2. Modern Living Room Gray Paint Color

Warna Cat Ruang Keluarga Modern Gray Modern gray will be a living room paint color idea to get a trendy and elegant modern look. This color is a more modern take on the traditional solid white. When someone visits and sees your living room, they might think that the color of your living room walls is white which gives the impression of calm, but when they look in more detail they will realize that it is gray. So, this color will give the impression of calm like white, but will also add a modern impression that is trendy and elegant. If you want to look even better, you can try combining it with this choice of living furniture from Pexio. Also Read: 12 Latest 3×3 Minimalist Living Room Designs for 2022

3. Olive Green Living Room Paint Color

Warna Cat Ruang Keluarga Olive Green Olive green or olive green is perfect for anyone who wants to show off a stronger color. This color is ideal for those with a living room with a mid-century interior who still want to have a natural, home-inspired feel. The color olive green symbolizes the serenity and serenity of nature, two feelings that we really want to have in our living room. Green will always be a great accent color for your living room walls to add a touch of color to your home. Also Read: 8 Great Ergonomic Benefits for Work Space Furniture

4. Elegant Blue Living Room Paint Color

Pilihan Warna Cat Ruang Keluarga Biru Blue is a color that is timeless, adaptable, and always calming to look at. This color will also make your living room stand out in the eyes of people who come to your home. This color will exude a feeling of comfortable elegance. The calming blue color can instantly transport you to another place. As if you were on a plane.

5. Cheerful yellow living room paint color

Warna Cat Ruang Keluarga Kuning Ceria The next paint color inspiration is yellow. For those of you who like bright colors, yellow could be one of your choices. This color can make your family room more fun and cheerful. Also read: 10 Living Room Paint Colors to Make It Look Spacious

6. Light Brown that Looks Minimalist

Cokelat Muda yang Nampak Minimalis Light brown or beige is a family room paint color that is currently widely chosen. Not without reason, this is because beige is very suitable for family rooms or minimalist Japandi style living rooms. Apart from that, applying beige color can also create a calm feel in the room.

7. Bold Black Living Room Paint Color

Warna Cat Ruang Keluarga Hitam Applying black in the family room is indeed a bold decision. However, black has proven to be one of the popular colors in 2022. Apart from that, this color is also suitable for you to use as a living room paint color and to maximize the color, you can combine it with yellow chairs. Don't forget to put small ornamental plants in the corner of the room to make it look beautiful. Also read: 10 Odor Absorbing Plants that are Easy to Care for at Home

8. Brick Family Room Paint Color

Warna Bata For those of you who want to emphasize natural elements in your family room, you can choose the paint color for your brick family room. Apart from being unique, the soft tone of the brick color can give a fresh and charming impression.

9. Combination of Green and White

Kombinasi Hijau dan Putih The next paint color is a combination that is often used as a house paint color, you know. This is because green and white present a cool and bright feel at the same time. You can use this color combination as an inspiration if you are confused about what paint color to choose to decorate your family room.

10. Feminine Pink

Warna Cat Ruang Keluarga Pink The final living room paint color inspiration is a very feminine color. Yes, this pink color displays a cheerful and beautiful atmosphere. Apart from that, it is suitable to be combined with ornamental plants so that it creates a natural feel. Also read: 11 Choices of Decorative Water Plants for Tables to Liven Up the Atmosphere


After knowing the good living room paint colors, now is the time for you to look for the furniture. PEXIO is the right choice for looking for living room furniture for your home. Visit our website here for more information.


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