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10 Living Room Furniture You Must Have

When buying or building a new house, you must have determined the use of each room in it. You have also thought about the layout and arrangement of each room. As is the case in choosing furniture. Let's take the example of living room furniture. You must have thought about what furniture is needed or must be in the living room. At least there must be a sofa as a place to sit for family and guests. There is also a table as a place to put drinks and other entertainment for guests who come. At least these two pieces of furniture are the most important and must be in the living room. "What kind of furniture should be in the living room?" Glad you asked! Just find out the answer by reading this article to the end.

Get to know the various living room furniture that you must have

Mengenal Berbagai Furniture Ruang Tamu yang Wajib AdaThe living room is usually intended to welcome visiting guests. The living room can be a place to simply exchange information or discuss various topics. There are people who specialize in the living room only for receiving guests and then create a separate room for the family to chat. However, it is not uncommon to combine the living and family rooms into one. Having complete furniture will make your living room functional, both for guests and family. If you are one of those who likes the concept of a living room combined with a family room, then here are some furniture that must be in the living room.

1. Sofa

Sofa Furniture Ruang TamuA sofa definitely has to be in the living room. Its presence provides comfort for all family members to be able to sit and relax. Family comfort when sitting on the sofa is very important. That's why you have to choose a sofa that is soft and comfortable to sit on for a long time. So don't just choose a sofa based on its color or aesthetic design. Also read: 7 Good and Comfortable Sofa Materials for You to Use

2. Small table or coffee table

Meja Kecil atau Coffee TableYou've seen the small table between the sofa and the TV, right? This small table is known as a coffee table. The name might make you wonder "Why is it called a coffee table and not a coffee table?". This term comes from a person's need to put down the coffee they drink for a moment. Apart from placing your coffee in the morning, the coffee table is also used to serve various meals to visiting guests. No less important, the coffee table is also furniture that provides an aesthetic touch to the living room.

3. TV rack

Furniture Ruang Tamu Rak TVA TV shelf is definitely needed to place the TV. Its presence beautifies the atmosphere of your living room. Currently TV shelves have various designs that are unique, attractive and aesthetic. There is a TV shelf design that is very simple and plain. But there are also those that have various shelves for storing books or other decorations. You just need to choose it according to your needs. Also read: 9 Simple TV Room Design Ideas Without a Sofa in 2022

4. TV

Furniture Ruang Tamu TVTV or television should not be missing in the living room. The living room which is also used as a relaxing area for the family certainly needs a television as entertainment. Families can spend time together watching their favorite shows. You can also hold a movie night so that relations between all family members become closer. You can choose various types, features and designs of the TV you need. If you dream of having your own cinema room, you can choose a TV with the largest screen size. Currently the largest TV size is 1000 inches. Is this the kind of TV you're looking for?

5. Storage Rack or Award Rack

Rak Penyimpanan atau Rak PenghargaanApart from TV shelves, there are also storage shelves which are generally placed in the living room. This storage shelf is used as a storage area for items such as books, bags, or other necessities. It is not uncommon for people to use shelves like this to store awards and achievement certificates. Apart from being a source of pride for the family, keeping various plaques on a shelf is one way to decorate the living room. Your living room that looks monotonous will become full of emotion and pride. Also read: 15 Recommendations for Minimalist Living Room Designs

6. Ornamental Plants

Tanaman Hias untuk Ruang TamuFurthermore, the living room also requires decoration that not only provides aesthetics but brings fresh air into the house. Did you know that ornamental plants can bring freshness to the room? Ornamental plants will make the air circulation in the house healthier and cleaner from pollution. You can place ornamental plants at several points in the living room so that the freshness spreads throughout.

7. Various Pillow Shapes

Berbagai Bentuk BantalA sofa without pillows feels like an aspect is missing in the living room. Apart from providing comfort for family and guests, pillows can also be beautiful decorations. You can decorate pillows using pillowcases of various colors, designs or motifs to make the living room look more lively.

8. Carpet

Karpet Ruang TamuDon't forget to put a carpet under the coffee table. Carpets are useful for making family members comfortable when they want to sit on the floor. So you need to use a carpet that is not only pleasing to the eye but also comfortable to use.

9. Wall Decoration

Dekorasi DindingThere are many wall decorations for the living room that you can try. The most widely used decoration is photo frames. Whether it's family photos, aesthetic designs, or motivational quotes. You can also put wall clocks, small ornamental plants, or various other items. Just create it according to your and your family's preferences.

10. Mirror

Cermin Last but not least is the mirror. Mirrors are good furniture to put in the living room. Every family member who wants to go out can tidy up their appearance once again. The placement of mirrors can also make your living room feel larger than it actually is. Placing it in the living room is highly recommended, especially for those of you who have a small living room. Also read: 10 Ways to Arrange a Narrow Room to Make It Look Spacious and Comfortable. These are 10 living room furniture that you must have. Is your living room furniture complete? Just like the living room, other rooms also require complete furniture so that daily activities can run smoothly. In the work space for example. You need an ergonomic desk and chair so that working at home remains as comfortable as in the office. Looking for premium quality ergonomic tables and chairs? You can choose ergonomic furniture from PEXIO. PEXIO is a company that provides various ergonomic furniture that is comfortable and meets your body's needs. One of them is the LUXIO chair which has back, head and arm rests that can be adjusted according to needs. Say goodbye to back and waist pain caused by sitting for long hours all day. Now working at home is still as comfortable and professional as in the office. The PEXIO chair design will support your entire body so that work productivity can increase. Have questions or need a consultation? Contact the PEXIO team now! Ergonomic Chair PEXIO


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