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9 Live Streaming Equipment that Beginners Must Have

The current digital era allows people to carry out various activities on the internet. Users are given a wide choice of interesting features by various internet-based applications, one of which is live streaming. As a beginner, there are several live streaming equipment that you need to produce good broadcast quality. Live streaming is a new thing that is currently being widely used as a communication tool, broadcast media, and so on. Before preparing your needs, first know what live streaming is. Live streaming or live broadcast is a broadcasting activity carried out at the same time as the video is recorded.

Live Streaming Equipment You Must Prepare

As a beginner, of course you are expected to have good live streaming quality and be interesting for many other users to watch. When doing live streaming, the following equipment is needed:

1. Camera

Kamera Live StreamingWhen carrying out broadcast activities, of course the first thing needed as the main equipment is a camera. When running live streaming, it is recommended to use a camera with good quality. Good camera output quality attracts viewers during live streaming because the aesthetics and visuals are comfortable to watch. There are various types of cameras that can be used as recording devices when doing live streaming, including mirrorless cameras, webcams and cellphone cameras.

2. Device

Laptop dan KomputerFor some live streaming activities, if you choose to use a webcam or mirrorless camera, a laptop or computer is needed. This is because the media used to carry out live broadcast activities are applications and websites which can be accessed via a laptop or computer. A laptop or computer can help make it easier for users to interact with other users during live streaming activities. Both are also easier to process data using a capture card. Apart from that, other devices that can be used to carry out live streaming activities are smart phones or smartphones. Cell phones can be used for personal live streaming activities. In general, live streaming with mobile devices is carried out only as a medium of communication with other users. Selecting a device for live streaming activities requires certain specifications. Whether laptop, computer or cellphone, good and appropriate specifications are needed so that the output displayed is optimal. Also read: 8 Recommendations for the Best Comfortable Computer Chairs (Latest 2022)

3. Microphone

Peralatan Live Streaming MicrophoneIn live streaming activities, the microphone is quite important. Apart from visuals, sound is one of the attractions in broadcasting activities. Even in research conducted by Vtrep, some audiences prioritize audio quality over visuals. The microphone helps create a clear sound to hear during the broadcast. Even if the live streaming display experiences broadcast interruptions caused by decreased internet speed, the sound will still be heard by the audience. To make broadcasting easier, a clip on microphone can be the right choice. Apart from being flexible, the clip on microphone is also easy to use and the distance from the camera or device used is not controlled by cables.

4. Audio Monitors

Audio Monitor Another equipment whose function is no less important is the audio monitor. An audio monitor functions as a tool to monitor the quality of the sound produced. As a beginner, audio monitors that are easy to find and use for live streaming are headphones, in ear monitors, or speakers.

5. Lighting 

Lighting untuk Live Streaming Lighting is an important factor in a broadcast display. Good lighting helps the audience see the content of the broadcast more clearly. Therefore lighting is needed in live streaming activities. The lighting used can be a ring light or LED light. Both tools are easy to find and easy to use for beginners. Especially with ring light type lighting. This tool has an economical price and is easy to use without requiring a lot of equipment. Also read: 5 Standards for Room Lighting in the Workplace

6. Capture Cards

Capture CardThe next tool needed to do live streaming is a capture card. A capture card is a tool used to capture data received from HDMI which will then be sent to the laptop. This data is then broadcast via a live streaming application.

7. Live Streaming Software

Perangkat Lunak Live StreamingIn practice, live streaming requires software to manage how the live streaming will be broadcast. For example, the software will help in setting the background, editing the green screen, placing the logo, and other editing processes. The editing process in live streaming activities is needed to add aesthetics to the live streaming appearance. This software also functions as a data processor that is received from the capture card and sound capture device, then produces output that will be displayed on broadcast activities.

8. Internet

Peralatan Live Streaming InternetTalking about live streaming activities, of course it cannot be separated from the importance of using the internet in its implementation. The internet is an important thing that must be present in preparation for broadcasting. Internet speed and stability determine the quality of live streaming. In this case, the recommended internet speed is above 5 mbps. Also use an internet network with fiber optic technology to create a stable internet. Based on that, the quality of live streaming will be better.

9. Property Premises and Equipment

Peralatan Live Streaming Kursi Ergonomis Something that is no less important in implementing live streaming is choosing a comfortable place. Especially if the live streaming will be carried out for a long time. Apart from that, the place chosen must also look neat and clean. So that the audience gets a good and comfortable view during the broadcast. The property equipment used also needs to be considered considering that this will be visible in the live broadcast. For example, if a live broadcast is carried out indoors, the properties needed include a table and chairs. Also read: Standard Sizes of Ideal Work Desks and Chairs. The choice of tables and chairs must be considered in terms of comfort and aesthetics. Live streaming is generally carried out over a long period of time, so use a chair that is comfortable and looks good, such as an ergonomic chair, when broadcasting. You can still sit comfortably without disturbing the display of the broadcast image. By preparing the live streaming equipment above, you are ready to start a good and interesting live stream. Visual appearance is important to pay attention to, therefore choose a property that is comfortable but still attractive to use. PEXIO provides ergonomic chairs and living furniture with various neat appearance options so that they are suitable for use in your broadcast activities. Contact PEXIO now and find your favorite ergonomic furniture options! Ergonomic Chair PEXIO


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