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9 Attractive and Comfortable Lesehan Study Room Designs

The emergence of the pandemic since 2020 has meant that all teaching and learning activities must be carried out from home. If at first children studied in the dining room, now they need a study room that is comfortable to use. Are there any comfortable floor-to-ceiling study room design options? Of course there is! Talking about design, there will definitely be a lot of answers. You just have to choose one of the many designs. In this article, PEXIO has collected several floor-to-ceiling study room designs that can be used as inspiration. Just read in full below!

9 Lesehan Study Room Design Inspirations

Inspirasi Desain Ruang Belajar Lesehan Creating a new study space will definitely require you to rack your brain to find the best solution. Especially if the area in the house is not too large. How do you customize your home area to create a comfortable study space? Creating a cross-legged study area can be a smart solution! Creating a cross-legged study area is very quick and easy to do. Starting from just buying a folding table to complete decorations to make the learning atmosphere enjoyable. If so, just take a look at the following designs.

1. Simple with a folding table

Simpel dengan Meja Lipat Creating a study room design does not require you to carry out major renovations. You can make it simply by buying a folding table for children. Buy a folding table that has an aesthetic, unique design and of course comfortable to use. Just by buying a folding table, children can study in any area they want. The learning atmosphere will not get boring because you can carry the folding table to all areas of the house. Also read: 5 Tips for Choosing a Comfortable Study Chair for Online Schools

2. Japanese style lesehan

Lesehan Ala Jepang You can also choose a Japanese-style study room design. The Japanese-style design has its main uniqueness, namely a simple wooden table. Don't forget a wooden cross-legged chair so your child can lean back comfortably. Your child's waist and back won't hurt if they have to sit and study for a very long time. This Japanese style table and chair design is very simple and suitable for any area in the house. You just need to determine the most appropriate position to put it.

3. Leshan Studying with Aesthetic Lights or Tumblr

Lesehan Belajar dengan Lampu Estetik atau Tumblr The study room area must be able to provide a feeling of comfort and positive aura to children. You can create both of these things by using aesthetic lights or Tumblr as decoration and lighting. Installing lights always succeeds in improving the mood and making the room feel warm. Installing this lamp is also not difficult. You can stick it with paper tape for easy cleaning. Also read: 12 “DIY” Children's Room Decoration Ideas that Add Fun

4. Bedside Study Area

Area Belajar Samping Tempat Tidur Creating a study area next to the bed may also be an option. Creating a cross-legged study area in the bedroom will ensure the child's privacy is maintained. Children can learn in silence so that the lesson material can be absorbed easily. No need to add a lot of items and decorations. Just put a folding table or lying table in an empty corner of the room. Add a seat mat so your child doesn't sit on the cold floor.

5. Natural with plants

Natural dengan Tanaman Want to create a study space that is comfortable but still aesthetic and fresh? You can add one or two small plants so that your child's eyes don't hurt when they stare at a laptop screen for hours. Ornamental plants will make children's study time more enjoyable and calm. You can place this study area near a window so that sunlight can enter the study room. Also read: 11 Choices of Decorative Water Plants for Tables to Liven Up the Atmosphere

6. Table shelf in the corner of the room

Rak Meja di Sudut Kamar Currently, lesehan table designs are very diverse. If you are bored with a folding table, you can buy a shelf that provides a table for studying. Furniture like this is very functional for storing various textbooks as well as a place for children to study. The room also looks cleaner because all the books are neatly arranged. Say goodbye to books that often get lost somewhere. Multifunctional furniture is the right investment because it can be used for several years to come.

7. Comfortable with Carpets and Pillows

Nyaman dengan Karpet dan BantalJust using carpets and pillows is actually enough to create a comfortable study room for children. What kind of carpet can be used? Any type of carpet you have at home can certainly be used. Fluffy carpets, matt carpets such as for babies, and other types. Then just add pillows as decoration and support on the wall and the study area is ready to use. Also read: 15 bedroom wall paintings that are suitable for various styles

8. Study Area Near the Window

Area Belajar Dekat Jendela Have an empty corner near the window? You can immediately put a table and seating mat for your child to study. Studying near a window is the right place because children have a view outside the house. Sunlight entering the house can also increase children's enthusiasm when studying. Apart from that, you can reduce the use of lights because sunlight is enough to illuminate the entire room. Also read: 5 Standards for Room Lighting in the Workplace

9. Study Room with Folding Table on the Wall

Ruang Belajar dengan Meja Lipat di Dinding Don't have much room left? You don't need to worry because placing a folding table on the wall can be an option. When you need a study table, your child can immediately unfold the table. Then when you have finished studying, the table can be folded back. The room in your house won't get stuffy or cramped because of the addition of a children's study area. These are some comfortable and interesting cross-legged study room designs to try. Did you find the right design? Creating a suitable study area that suits the child's needs should be done. If you have more funds and a large enough room, there's no harm in making a better study area. For example, you can add a Castle table and chairs from PEXIO. These two pieces of furniture have been specially designed to meet children's learning needs. The chair is equipped with various important features such as a backrest and seat cushion that can be adjusted according to needs. Castle tables and chairs can even be used for years to come because you can adjust the height according to the child's growth. How? Interested? Or do you need a consultation first to ensure the best ergonomics of the furniture? Just contact the PEXIO team right now!Ergonomic Chair PEXIO


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