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6 Recommendations for Comfortable Living Room Interiors

The interior of the living room of your house is one part that you should pay attention to. A well-arranged living room will make people who visit your home feel comfortable.

In this article, we will discuss tips and tricks for decorating the interior of the living room of your home to make it more comfortable. However, before that, it turns out there are various living room interior designs that you also need to know about.

Living Room Interior Design

For those of you who are curious, here are various types of living room interior designs that you can use as inspiration and apply at home:

1. Minimalist living room interior

Interior Ruang Tamu Minimalis A minimalist style living room appearance is the most appropriate and safe choice for the millennial generation. Minimalist interiors aim to eliminate unnecessary items and apply neutral color combinations. Apart from that, minimalist furniture using a gray sofa or white table will make your home feel more contemporary. Also read: 8 Recommendations for Modern Minimalist Sofas for Small Living Rooms

2. Small living room interior

Interior Ruang Tamu Kecil The interior design of a small living room is suitable for those who have limited residential space. Arrange lighting through windows to make the room appear more open. Apart from that, make sure to choose bright colors to get the maximum appearance of the living room. You can also provide accessories or wall decorations for the living room such as mirrors, so the room will look more spacious.

3. Luxurious Living Room Interior

Interior Ruang Tamu Mewah If you want a luxurious living room appearance, marble could be the solution. The reason is, the full marble design is very suitable for you to apply to a modern minimalist house or a classic style house. Marble is known for its charming luster and color gradient. Apart from that, you can combine other furniture such as leather sofas, wooden tables and hanging lamps so that it gives off a luxurious, elegant and charming feel. Also read: Tips for decorating living room tables that you can try

4. Scandinavian Living Room Interior

Interior Ruang Tamu Skandinavia This Scandinavian interior inspiration can be a suitable reference for those of you who want a neat and clean impression but without reducing aesthetic value. With the dominance of monochrome colors and the use of minimalist Scandinavian style furniture, the Scandinavian interior style will make your living room interior look much neater and more attractive.

5. Aquatic Living Room Interior

Interior Ruang Tamu Akuatik This living room is perfect for those of you who like the feel of the sea. Why not, you can create an aquatic concept living room by maximizing the blue color on the living room walls, furniture and even the color of the sofa. Also read: How to Arrange a Living Room that Integrates with the Family Room

6. Industrial Living Room Interior

Interior Ruang Tamu Industrial In fact, industrial design concepts generally seem cold and rigid, so they are more widely used in popular building architecture or commercial building interiors than living room interiors. However, there's no need to worry, you can use wood materials and natural elements in the furniture in the living room, such as rocking chairs, tables and drawers to get a warmer impression. So, if you need interior furniture that can match this industrial living room design, you can get it at Pexio. Visit this link to get the complete catalog.

8 Living Room Interior Tips

The following are some tips that can help you to decorate the interior of the living room of your home:

1. Combine Light and Dark Colors

Warna Terang dan Gelap untuk Interior Ruang Tamu When your living room is all white and bright, it can feel too “clean” and make guests uncomfortable because they are afraid of dirtying the room. But, when everything is dark, it can also make guests feel uncomfortable because it feels like a cave. Mixing light and dark colors can create a dynamic look that has depth and balance. If your living room walls are white, try using dark colored furniture, or vice versa. Also read: 4 Types of Office Interiors that You Must Have

2. Use contrasting colors

Warna Kontras pada Ruang Tamu In addition to incorporating some white and some black, decorating a living room with a variety of contrasting neutral colors really helps make it feel luxurious and welcoming. For example, you can decorate your living room with white walls, a caramel-colored leather sofa, a gray lounge sofa, a brass coffee table, and grayish blue shelves. All of these examples are in contrast to each other, which will highlight the different finishes and tones. If you need interior furniture that can match any living room design, you can get it at Pexio. Visit this link to get the complete catalog.

3. Add a Mirror

Cermin di Ruang Tamu
Mirrors are a highly recommended choice if you have a fairly narrow living room. This object can bring decorative and psychological benefits to a space, including the living room. A room with a mirror can be added as decoration so it will be more attractive and people will feel at home. Psychologically, the benefits of mirrors can make the sound feel wider. So, consider adding a mirror to your living room.

4. Add a Patterned Carpet

Karpet Bermotif di Ruang Tamu A patterned rug can energize a living room and minimize the appearance of stains or wear. Patterned carpets can also create a lively feeling floor. Even if you already have carpet, consider adding a small, patterned rug to your seating area. Also read: 7 Ways to Decorate a Living Room with Simple Steps

5. Choose tables and benches that can be moved

Meja dan Bangku yang Dapat Digerakkan Tables, benches, and similar furniture that can be moved easily make the living room of your home much more comfortable. This can give you and your family plenty of options to simply put your feet up, set down drinks, or provide additional seating for guests. Use some smaller furniture, such as an upholstered footstool stored in front of the main bench. This will make the living room of your house have a luxurious impression. Apart from that, of course you will also get additional comfort.

6. Arrange the Furniture to Make It Easy to Have a Conversation

Mengatur Perabot di Ruang Tamu The living room is a space for gathering, so use a furniture arrangement that makes the people in it comfortable when having conversations and interactions. Position the seats or benches away from the wall and arrange them so they face each other. If you have a large living room, divide it into two so you can have two groups when visiting to make it more comfortable and intimate. Tables, chairs and/or sofas that can be moved as needed allow you to expand your circle and still maintain intimacy. Also read: 10 Recommended Elegant Sofa Colors for Your Home

7. Add ornamental plants

Tanaman Hias di Ruang Tamu Nowadays, many people collect ornamental plants. Apart from being able to beautify the house, ornamental plants are also believed to make the room more lively. Green ornamental plants will give a cool and beautiful impression, right? Not only beautiful from a visual perspective, ornamental plants placed in the living room can also improve air circulation. Therefore, you should not miss these living room interior tips. One thing you need to pay attention to is making sure your ornamental plants are occasionally exposed to direct sunlight, so they don't wilt.

8. Add room accessories

Aksesoris Tambahan untuk Ruang Tamu Living room walls come alive when you use them to display works of art such as paintings or collections that you like. Group items appropriately to look neat, and hang them low enough to match nearby furniture or architecture. The most common mistake in hanging accessories is placing them too high. Those are some design recommendations and living room interior tips that can make the room more comfortable. If you need furniture for your living room, Pexio is the right choice to find ergonomic furniture for your living room. Visit our website here for more information.


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