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4 Ways to Use a Computer to Avoid Back Pain

Did you know that there is a correct way to use a computer to avoid back pain? Sitting while staring at a computer for a long time is a position that is often done, especially for workers. It is not uncommon for pain to occur in several parts of the body and dry eyes. Sitting posture when in front of the computer must be considered and done correctly. Apart from taking too long, the pain that arises is also caused by the wrong sitting position and posture. In this article, PEXIO will share information about the dangers of using a computer for too long and how to use a computer correctly to stay comfortable and healthy. Check out the complete review below.

Dangers of Using a Computer for Too Long

The warning that using a computer for too long will cause danger both physically and mentally is a true statement. In fact, there are several risks of disease that may arise when you use a computer for too long. The following are various dangers that you must recognize in order to avoid them:

1. Low Back Pain

Low Back Pain Disebabkan Menggunakan Komputer Terlalu LamaTalking about the dangers of sitting for too long is definitely related to low back pain. Pain in the spine or low back pain is the appearance of pain in the lower back which also affects the condition of the waist. Even though it sounds trivial, low back pain has quite dangerous risks for the body. You will feel pain for some time, causing discomfort. This can certainly affect work productivity, even causing disability. Also read: 6 Ways to Overcome Low Back Pain to Be Free from Back Pain

2. CVS

Computer Vision Syndrome Computer Vision Syndrome aka CVS is a variety of symptoms that occur in the eyes as a result of using computers and other computing devices for too long. CVS affects the health of the eyes, neck area, and head and occurs because eye movements are only focused in one direction for a long time. Reading while looking at a computer screen are two different activities. Because, when looking at a computer, the eyes tend to rarely blink and are also influenced by the lighting on the screen. Symptoms generally include dry eyes, headaches, blurred vision, excessive pain in the neck and shoulders, and difficulty focusing on distant objects.

3. Muscle Pain

Nyeri OtotSitting for too long can cause muscle disorders. In the back and hip muscles, annoying pain occurs due to tense muscle conditions. Not only the waist and neck muscles, sitting for too long can trigger muscle wasting in the legs. In fact, large muscles function to stabilize the body when moving and walking. This is because the cardiovascular system and heart do not work optimally and cause a lack of oxygen supply to the muscles.

How to Use a Computer Safely and Comfortably

Cara Memakai Komputer yang Aman dan Nyaman To avoid the various risks above, make sure you use the computer in the correct posture so that it is always safe and comfortable. The ways to use a computer that you should apply in your daily screen activities are:

1. Arrange the Chair with an Ergonomic Chair

The first way to use a computer is to adjust the chair and sitting position. Make sure the chair is at the right distance, not too far and not too close, to keep your eyes comfortable when looking at the screen. Next, choose a chair that has a backrest that suits your body posture. This is done so that the chair can support all parts of your spine and avoid pain. It is recommended to use an ergonomic chair such as the MIKE type presented by PEXIO. Don't forget to adjust the height of the chair to the table, so that you can place your hands comfortably on the table and your feet touch the floor with your knees at 90°.

2. Set the Computer Screen

Atur Layar Komputer Position the computer screen directly in front of your face, so that your eyes can look straight ahead and your neck is also in a straight position. Using a computer or other digital device in a position that is too low or too high can cause a greater risk of neck pain. In this case, you can use a table with an appropriate height so that you no longer need to add a shelf to adjust the position of the screen to your eyes. Also read: 4 ways to use a computer so it doesn't cause back pain

3. Rest and stretch regularly

Istirahat dan Lakukan Peregangan Secara RutinAs previously explained, sitting for too long can cause pain in several areas. To avoid this from happening, you can rest and do small activities such as walking outside to straighten your bones and let your eyes look at things other than the computer screen. Apart from that, make sure to regularly do small stretches when sitting so that your muscles don't get tense and your bones stay moving. It is recommended to stretch every 1 to 2 hours for a few minutes to avoid diseases of the back and other parts.

4. Arrange the Lighting

Atur Penerangan When carrying out activities with a computer, make sure you are in a room with sufficient lighting. Staring at a screen in a dark room can be harmful to the eyes. This will provide other risks such as sore eyes, dry or excessively watery eyes, and being more sensitive to light. Also read: Understanding workplace lighting standards. So, those are the various ways to use a computer correctly, safely and comfortably. Applying this method will help you reduce the risks that arise as a result of using your computer for too long. To keep the body healthy, it is recommended to consume enough water and avoid using a computer with a brightness level that is too high. Interested in trying an ergonomic chair for a correct and comfortable sitting position? PEXIO is the solution. Various products with elegant designs are presented to support your work activities so that you remain comfortable, healthy and increase productivity. Visit PEXIO today and find your favorite ergonomic products. 4 Cara Memakai Komputer agar Tidak Bikin Sakit Pinggang


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