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8 Cara Menata Meja Makan yang Baik dan Menarik

The dining room is an important part of the house. In this room, there can be relaxed interactions with family members while eating food or snacks together. However, did you know that there is a good way to set a dining table to make it attractive? It's not just about the design, wall color, and dining room decoration, the arrangement of cutlery on the dining table is also something that needs to be considered. Especially if you provide dishes for guests or important meetings. For this reason, on this occasion, PEXIO will share how to set a dining table properly and correctly.

8 Ways to Set a Dining Table

Cara Menata Meja Makan Setting the dining table is often an overlooked activity. In fact, in some conversations or gatherings, setting the dining table is an important thing to do. Even at a family meal, you should not ignore the arrangement of the table so that dinner with the family remains interesting. To make the arrangement process easier for you, here is a good and attractive way to arrange a dining table:

1. Determine the type of event

Cara Menata Meja Makan denga Menentukan Jenis Acara The first way to set a dining table is to determine the type of event that will be held. This is an important step because it is used to determine the type of table setting. At formal and informal events, you need different ways of setting the dining table with different conditions.

2. Prepare Cutlery

Mempersiapkan Peralatan Makan Before placing it according to how to set a good dining table, you certainly need the equipment first. Some equipment you may need to set the dining table includes:

  • Spoon, fork and knife
  • Napkin
  • Plate or bowl
  • glass
  • Unfortunately the plate
  • Decoration (if needed)

3. Basic Dining Table Setup

Penataan Meja Makan Basic If it is only used at formal meetings, you can apply the basic dining table setting method. After preparing all the tableware needed, you can start arranging the table with the main rule being to arrange the position from left to right. First, place the fork on the far left, followed by the knife with the sharp side facing obliquely toward the plate, then place the plate next to it. Secondly, on the right side of the plate, you can put a spoon. Before starting to place the cutlery, don't forget to place the plate mat and napkin on the left side under the fork first. Read more: 7 Ways to Arrange a Simple Dining Table to Look Luxurious

4. Informal Dining Table Arrangement

Penataan Meja Makan Informal Different from the basic method, informal dining table arrangements can be realized in a more relaxed style for gatherings or just dinner with family or friends. Arranging an informal dining table has the same rules as arranging a basic table, namely starting from the left side. However, you don't have to use placemats. To set the dining table at an informal event, you can do it in the following way.

  • First, place the fork on the left side and continue by placing the plate on the right side of the fork. If necessary, you can use 2 forks of different sizes. Large forks are used for eating main dishes, while small forks are used for appetizers or desserts.
  • Second, in the informal way of setting a dining table, you need to place the napkin on the top of the plate.
  • Third, place the dinner knife on the right side of the plate with the sharp part pointing towards the plate.
  • Fourth, the spoon is placed on the right side of the knife. Unlike forks, there is usually only 1 spoon size in an informal dining table setting.
  • Fifth, basically arranging glasses in the basic and informal dining table setting models has the same method, namely on the top right side or on top of the dinner plate.

5. Choose the appropriate table shape and size

Memilih Bentuk dan Ukuran Meja yang SesuaiIn determining a good dining table arrangement, you must determine the right shape and size of the table. If an event is attended by many people, a long table could be the right choice. But if it is only done by a few family members and the dining room is not too big, you can choose a round dining table. This form of dining table can be used by approximately 4 to 5 people and can make the room feel more spacious.

6. Adding Decorations

Menambahkan Dekorasi To create a more attractive and beautiful appearance at formal events, you can add decorations or decorations when setting the dining table. The decorations used can be candles, flower arrangements, small lamps, or simply placemats specially designed with each member's name. Please remember that when adding flowers as dining table decorations, avoid using flowers that are too large because they can block the view and limit the conversation space. Read more: The benefits of ornamental plants are for decoration and health

7. Use matching colors

Gunakan Warna yang Senada Using matching colors when setting the dining table is no less important, especially if you are setting the table for a formal event. Make sure all the components on the dining table have matching colors. For example, combine brown wood with gold or white. This will make the appearance of the dining table more attractive.

8. Adjust the height of the table and chairs

Sesuaikan Ketinggian Meja dan Kursi Apart from the size and shape, you also need to choose the height of the table and chairs according to your comfort and body posture. You can imagine that when you eat at a table that is too high, you will have difficulty picking up food and of course, your hands will get sore more quickly and create discomfort. Read more: Standard Sizes of Ideal Work Tables and Chairs. As is known, all furniture should be able to function properly without ignoring the health side. So, it would be better if you continue to create an attractive dining table arrangement while creating comfort and body health. Based on the explanation of how to properly set a dining table above, have you started making appropriate arrangements? Please note that setting the dining table can add value to the food served. The food served will look more appetizing and interesting to enjoy. Do you need ergonomic furniture to complement the contents of your home to make it more comfortable and healthy? PEXIO is the solution. You can find a variety of ergonomic furniture that can increase comfort when sitting even for long periods of time and increase focus and productivity. Contact PEXIO now and discover the various benefits of ergonomic furniture with beautiful and attractive designs for your home. 


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