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10 Ways to Organize a Small Work Space

Do you feel uncomfortable with the current workspace design? You can apply ways to organize a narrow work space so that the work process feels more comfortable. One way is to choose furniture of the right size. Because, using furniture that is too large makes the room narrower. So, how do you design a narrow work space so that you still feel comfortable? So that you have an idea and reference for arranging a narrow work space into a comfortable workplace, let's look at the inspiration for arranging office space below.
10 Ways to Organize a Small Work Space
Bagaimana Cara Menata Ruang Kerja yang SempitEven though the available space is quite small, you can still organize the work space into a comfortable place. You can balance your work space by using ergonomic and multifunctional items, such as choosing a work table and chair. Below are several examples of office space arrangements that you might be able to use as a reference.
1. Choose Ergonomic Furniture of the Right Size
Pilih Furniture Ergonomis Berukuran Tepat Unsuitable furniture is one of the oddities in the work space. For example, using tables and chairs that are too large will make the room narrow. To overcome this, choose the right sized table and chairs. The table should be not too big, but have lots of storage space. Likewise with the chair you want to use. It would be better if you measured the chair first before buying furniture for your work space. Also read: 10 Examples of Home Office Furniture that You Must Have
2. Maximize the function of the room
You can use various sides of the room in the office room. For example, by using the walls of the room as a place to store items, such as documents, ornamental plant decorations, and so on. To make the desk look neater, don't have tangled cables on the work desk. Make a hole to tuck the cable under the table.
3. Install a mirror in the work space
Using walls in the work space can be the right way to make the room more spacious. This is because of the reflection from the mirror that you installed, so it can give the impression that the work space is larger than its actual area. Using mirrors in the work space is one of the simple ways you can do it, but is still effective.
4. Pay attention to window placement
The work space needs to have natural lighting and fresh air, so the presence of windows and other ventilation is very important. Adjust the window size to the size of the workspace. If possible, you can choose a window size that is not too large. Not only that, you also need to pay attention to the shape of the window you want to use. If there is always light and air coming in, your work space will feel more comfortable and spacious.

5. Maximize work space design
One easy and effective way to make your work space more attractive is to play with color. You can use a combination of wall paints to paint the walls of your workspace according to your wishes. You can also use attractive wall wallpaper. Don't forget to choose a bright wallpaper color, because using dark colors will make the room seem cramped. Also read: 10 Principles of Office Spatial Planning and Steps to Arrange Them
6. Don't put lots of patterned decorations
Apart from choosing the color of the workspace walls, the motif is also important to pay attention to. When you want to add wall wallpaper, make sure the wallpaper doesn't have decorations with too many motifs and colors. You can choose plain or simple wallpaper, so that the room doesn't look more crowded and cramped. If necessary, use decorations that provide functional value, so that there is not too much furniture stored in the work space.
7. Don't keep unimportant items in the work space
How to organize a narrow work space to make it more comfortable can be by minimizing the decorations you want to use. The reason is, adding more decorations will make the work space look cramped. So, you need to make sure that all items that have no functional value are not stored in your workspace. Too many items can even disrupt your work process. Also read: 5 Comfortable Narrow Work Space Designs
8. Avoid using partitions
If your room is quite narrow, make sure you don't create a partition in the work space. The partition makes the room look like it takes up too much space. If you want to use partitions, you can use shelves as a substitute that has more functional value. This could be one way that you can minimize items that are less useful to become more useful.
9. Use a long table
You can use a long table for a work space that is used by more than one employee. This will be more compact, rather than having to buy a large number of tables. Apart from that, you can also save money while decorating your work space to be more relaxed.
10. Place the work desk near the window
A table placed near a window will make the work space appear more spacious. Employees will also feel more comfortable, because they can see the view outside when they feel tired from various jobs. Placing a desk near a window also provides a place for employees to find inspiration when they are bored. Also read: 15 Work Desk Designs at Home, Guaranteed to Increase Work Enthusiasm Even though your work space may seem cramped, working comfort is an important thing to pay attention to. So, you can be more efficient and productive in completing work. For this reason, you need to do this way of arranging a narrow work space. One of them is by presenting ergonomic chairs designed for work efficiency. Get this ergonomic chair only at PEXIO, one of the providers of ergonomic furniture with the best quality in its class. Contact us to experience an effective, comfortable and efficient work experience using this ergonomic chair.
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