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10 Ways to Maintain Eye Health for Computer Users

Information on how to maintain eye health for computer users is very important for you to understand. This is because the emergence of the pandemic since 2020 means you have to do all your work using a computer.

Teaching and learning activities, courses, work, sports, even hobbies, are all done while staring at a computer screen from home. Every day you stare at a computer screen for approximately 10-12 hours non-stop. This certainly allows work to be done more efficiently and effectively because time wasted on the road can be used to carry out other activities. But staring at a computer for a very long time can harm your eye health. Therefore, it is very important to understand what steps you can take to keep your eyes as healthy as they should be. On this occasion, PEXIO has collected various ways that can be done to ensure good eye health. Just look at all the information below.

How to Maintain Eye Health for Computer Users

Bagaimana Cara Menjaga Kesehatan Mata Bagi Pengguna Komputer Have you ever felt your eyes sting to the point of tears? This indicates that your eyes are tired and need rest. Realize that your eyes also need rest after staring at a computer screen for a long time. If you don't realize it, your eye health can decline. Your previously normal eyes can become minus, plus, or cylindrical. Of course you don't want your eye health to continue to decline, right? Be aware that your eyes can go blind if you don't take good care of them. Even though medical technology is advanced, completely damaged eyes cannot be repaired easily. There are no artificial eyes that can replace your real eyes at this time. So make sure that you understand how to look after it well. Here are several ways you can maintain eye health.

1. Have your eyes checked by a doctor

Periksakan Mata ke Dokter For starters, having your eyes checked by a doctor is a very crucial step. This needs to be done so that you know your eye health accurately. Moreover, how to maintain eye health for each person is also different depending on their health. Therefore, it is very important to have your eyes checked by a trusted doctor. Also read: Ideal distance for watching TV for eye health, check here!

2. Set the computer monitor screen to the right height

Atur Layar Monitor Komputer dengan Ketinggian yang Pas Maintaining your eye health can be done by adjusting the height of the computer screen. Try placing your computer screen 5 inches below the line of sight. Try sitting up straight with your gaze straight ahead. From your current gaze, try aiming your sight 5 inches downward. That's the right height to place a computer screen. This view not only helps maintain eye health but also your body posture so you don't get sore.

3. Set the computer screen brightness level

Brightness level or the brightness of the computer screen is often the reason why your eyes feel sore. Light that is too bright will make your eyes tired. Likewise, when the light entering the eye is very dim. You need to set the right brightness level according to eye comfort.

4. Avoid placing the computer near a window

Hindari Menaruh Komputer Dekat Jendela This is what is often interpreted wrongly by many people. Often the study table is placed near a window to get maximum lighting from sunlight. It turns out that things like this are not good to do if you are using a computer. This lighting is good for reading or writing on paper but not for a computer screen. The problem is that the computer screen can reflect excessive sunlight back into your eyes. Therefore, you need to keep your computer away from windows so that the amount of light entering your eyes is not too much. Also read: 4 ways to use a computer so it doesn't cause back pain

5. Tidy Your Desk

Rapikan Meja Anda If you work using more than 1 gadget then it's a good idea to arrange the position at the desk. You'll often see people setting tablets and computer screens at different heights. At first glance, this looks aesthetic but in fact it is not good for the health of your eyes and neck. Position the tablet and computer screen at the same height so that your eyes don't have to look up to see the screen. This setting is also important so that your neck and head don't have to move forward or up and down when you want to look at the tablet and computer screen. Adjust the height of the tablet like your computer screen so that eye health can be maintained.

6. Include rest time between work periods

Masukkan Waktu Istirahat Pada Sela-Sela Waktu Kerja Of all the methods explained above and below, you need to remember to rest your eyes. Staring at a computer screen for hours or even all day definitely makes your eyes tired. Just as an engine needs to be turned off to prevent it from overheating or overworking, so do your eyes. So that your eyes can see well again, you need to set aside 10-15 minutes to look out the window, close your eyes, or compress using a warm towel. Also read: 10 Unique and Comfortable Computer Desk Designs

7. Don't Forget to Blink

Jangan Lupa Berkedip Don't forget to blink! Often you forget to blink because you are too focused on doing your work. Did you know that blinking is a way for your eyes to stay moist? Your eyes need to be moist to avoid irritation and dryness. The reason is that if left untreated, dry eyes can cause blindness. You can do the 20-20-20 technique, namely taking a break every 20 minutes by looking 20 feet away, for 20 seconds. That way your eyes will not get tired easily.

8. Ensure Good Lighting

Pastikan Pencahayaan Baik Although it is not recommended to place the computer near a window, good lighting must still be provided. Don't use lights that shine directly from overhead because the light can reflect onto the computer screen and then into your eyes. This will make your eyes tired and dry quickly. Try using a floor lamp that can provide indirect lighting but still has enough light for the eyes. Also read: 5 Standards for Room Lighting in the Workplace

9. Consume Vitamins Regularly

Not only the body, the eyes also need additional vitamin intake. You can start consuming foods rich in vitamin A such as carrots, eggs and milk. You can also take supplements that contain vitamin A and have been proven to be effective in maintaining eye health.

10. Make sure to keep a safe distance from the computer screen

Pastikan Jaga Jarak Aman dengan Layar Komputer Keeping the computer screen at a distance from your eyes is a must to avoid getting tired easily and causing tension. The reason is because computer screens emit blue light which is not good for the eyes. Blue light entering the eyes can cause tension. Instead of your eyes moving closer to the computer screen, it is better to increase the font size. So your eye health will be better maintained.


These are 10 ways to maintain eye health for computer users. Hopefully the information above can help you realize the importance of maintaining eye health. Please apply the newly learned information to keep your eyes in good condition as you age. But don't forget to also pay attention to other parts of the body. Your posture when using a computer for a long time also needs to be considered. That's why you need an ergonomic desk and ergonomic chair to make working more comfortable and productive. Your body posture is also maintained because the ergonomic design is designed to follow the shape of the human body and provide the best position. You can immediately look for a line of ergonomic products at PEXIO which always provides the best quality for its customers. Some examples include AMBY tables, MIKE chairs, STANLEY chairs, and many more. Contact the PEXIO team for more information about ergonomic products. Want to know more about PEXIO's ergonomic collection? Visit the PEXIO website now!


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