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10 Comfortable and Aesthetic Ways to Decorate a Study Desk

To raise your child's enthusiasm for learning which has fallen due to boredom, you must provide a comfortable and cheerful study table design in the room. This can be a surefire trick to encourage your child to focus on learning. How to decorate a study table can be done by using ergonomic chairs and tables combined with brighter and brighter wall colors. Apart from that, you can add several ornaments such as decorative lights, schedule boards, and choose other aesthetic objects. Children's study tables are certainly different from adult study tables. Generally, examples of study tables for children have bright colors.

How to Decorate a Children's Study Desk

Cara Menghias Meja Belajar AnakChildren's boredom that appears when they are in the study table area could be caused by outdated decorations. So, to restore your child's enthusiasm for learning, it's time to redecorate the study table to make it cleaner, neater, and more enjoyable. The following is the inspiration for how to decorate a child's study table equipped with an ergonomic chair and table.

1. Present a Monochrome Atmosphere

Hadirkan Suasana MonokromIf your child likes black and white, then a study area that presents a monochrome atmosphere is worth a try. Monochrome itself is always a suitable choice for decorating anything, because the results tend to be aesthetic and refreshing. To present this monochrome theme, you just need to collect white and black items. Then arrange it according to your child's wishes. Read more: 5 Tips for Choosing a Comfortable Study Chair for Online Schools

2. Hang Some Photos

Menggantung Beberapa FotoA study room that is aesthetic and full of memories can bring a special enthusiasm for learning for your child. To share memories with your family and friends, you can print several Polaroid size photos. Then you display the photo using hemp rope right in front of the wall while your child is studying. As a recommendation, you can display around 10-15 photos that are quite memorable for your child's life.

3. Add an Activity Board

Tambahkan Papan Aktivitas The cause of boredom and decreased enthusiasm for learning could be due to the child's schedule not being neatly arranged. For this reason, you can present an activity board or schedule board in the child's study table area. This will help your child remember important moments that need to be done. To add an aesthetic impression, you can write a schedule of activities using colorful markers. If necessary, you can add colored sticky notes to add an aesthetic impression that can restore your child's enthusiasm for learning. Read more: 12 “DIY” Children's Room Decoration Ideas that Add Fun

4. Elegant decoration

Dekorasi yang EleganChanging the color of items in the study table area can make your child excited again. So, to give a cheerful and elegant impression for children who don't like bright colors, you can present items that are dark or neutral colors. For example, you can choose a black ergonomic chair, then a white study table, and decorations in matching colors.

5. Tumblr-style study table design

Desain Meja Belajar ala TumblrThis Tumblr-style children's study table is currently trending among young people and is a favorite of many people. This design gives a strong aesthetic and instagrammable impression. The colors combined are usually soft colors, such as baby pink, cream, white and other colors. You can easily imitate this study table decoration. One of the important points in this Tumblr-style study table design is using neutral colored ergonomic chairs and tables. Like the Hervey ergonomic chair produced by PEXIO, it has a neutral color that is suitable for your child. Read more: 10 Best Ergonomic Chairs and Their Prices in 2022

6. Install Floating Shelves

Pasang Floating ShelvesFloating shelves are identical to storing books that are installed on your child's study table. The existence of floating shelves gives a neat, aesthetic and instagrammable impression. Although actually installing floating shelves is to maximize your child's narrow room space. Install these floating shelves firmly, so that your child's favorite book or photo collection doesn't fall.

7. Add decorative lights

Tambahkan Lampu HiasThe way to decorate a child's study table so that it looks aesthetically pleasing is by adding decorative lights. Actually, you can also use special study lamps with more unique designs and colors. So it still gives the aesthetic impression your child wants. So, this study lamp not only functions as lighting when your child is studying, but also as an addition to the beauty of the study table area. Read more: 7 Simple Study Table Options for Small Rooms

8. Give it a touch of bright color

Berikan Sentuhan Warna CerahChildren's study tables are synonymous with bright colors. In this case, you can choose furniture and wall colors that give a cheerful impression. Recommended colors that you can try include yellow, orange, pink, or other colors that give an active, cheerful and fun impression. For maximum decoration results, you can ask your child directly what bright colors they want to use. So that you decorate this study table according to your child's wishes.

9. Display posters of your idol figures

Pajang Poster Tokoh IdolaDoes your child have an idol? If there is, then you can buy a poster to display in your room. Usually, the presence of an idol figure will provide higher motivation to study, because your child is inspired by him. Apart from idol figures, you can also put up photos or pictures of your child's dream country that you want to visit so that your child's enthusiasm for learning continues to increase.

10. Store plants in the study desk area

Menyimpan Tanaman di Area Meja Belajar

To minimize stress due to too many assignments, you can keep several ornamental plants in your child's room. The green color of plants is said to provide new, fresher energy. Apart from that, you also need to choose the right furniture for your child, so that it matches the desired study table concept. Some ergonomic furniture from PEXIO could be your choice. Read more: 10 Odor-Absorbing Plants that are Easy to Care for at Home. These are some ways to decorate your child's study table that you can use to revive your child's enthusiasm for learning. The study table itself is quite a personal area, so you need to decorate your child's study table as comfortably as possible. Your child's creative ideas can even just appear at the study table. Whatever type of decoration you will apply, don't forget to use the best furniture so that your child's productivity will increase. Ergonomic furniture from PEXIO could be your choice. An example of an ergonomic study table product is the Amby table which can be adjusted in height and low according to needs. There is also a Luxio chair which is equipped with an adjustable eight feature and extra footrest. PEXIO is a company providing ergonomic furniture which provides various types of tables and chairs. To choose furniture that matches the study table design your child wants, you can consult by contacting the PEXIO team right now! Ergonomic Chair PEXIO


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