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10 Ways to Choose a Sofa for a Small Living Room

How to choose a sofa for a small living room? A small living room area is always an obstacle that makes many people confused. When they find a sofa design and color that they like but then it doesn't match the size of the living room. Or when you have found the right size, but the color and design don't match. Have you ever experienced an incident like this? If yes, then you are at the right place. On this occasion, PEXIO will invite you to find out how to choose the right sofa for a small living room. Just read in full below!

Understanding How to Choose a Sofa for a Small Living Room

Choosing a sofa for a small living room is actually not difficult when you have done what you should prepare. For example, clear planning regarding a sofa for the living room of your house. You can start from measuring, choosing color tones, and looking at various references on the internet. Apart from this planning, here are the complete things you should practice to choose the best sofa.

1. Take Measurements

Lakukan Pengukuran Ruang Tamu As a first step, you need to take measurements. What needs to be measured? You need to measure the area of the living room and entrance. Measure the length, width and height of the living room so you don't have trouble finding a sofa. Later you can use the results of these measurements to estimate the maximum size of sofa that can fit in the living room. Then also adjust the size of the sofa to the door of the house. Don't buy a sofa that you can't fit into the house. Also read: 15 Comfortable Living Room Sofa Options for You

2. Select the theme you want

Pilih Tema yang Anda InginkanChoosing a theme is important so that you don't get confused by the many design and color choices sold on the market. There are many small living room themes that you can choose from. Starting from Bohemian, Scandinavian, Monochrome, Rustic, Modern, and others. In fact, you can even choose almost any theme. Just adjust what kind of atmosphere you want to bring into the living room. Is the atmosphere comfortable, cheerful, warm, and so on.

3. Determine the desired sofa material

Tentukan Material Sofa yang Diinginkan Don't stop when you find the theme you want. Next, you need to find out what sofa material is suitable and suits your needs. For example, assume that you have a 1 year old toddler, it would be better to choose a sofa made of leather or microfiber. Using this material is easy to clean when there is a spill of milk or other food.

4. Determine the Sofa Design

Tentukan Desain SofaAlso determine what kind of sofa design you like. From the theme you have previously chosen, there are definitely several sofa designs that are suitable for use. Is the sofa design simple, elegant or unique? But for a living room that is not too large, it is recommended that you choose a simple sofa design. The reason is that a sofa design that is too busy will make the living room feel cramped.

5. Choose a sofa color according to the theme

Pilih Warna Sofa Sesuai Tema What color do you prefer? Is it neutral or colorful? The choice of sofa color can influence the atmosphere of your living room. That's why color selection cannot be arbitrary. You need to match the color of the sofa to the living room theme and preferences. Also read: 10 Recommended Elegant Sofa Colors for Your Home

6. Avoid curved or round sofa shapes

Hindari Bentuk Sofa Melengkung atau Bulat The recommended sofa shape for a small living room is square. The square sofa shape that is generally found will look most suitable for a small living room. A small room area cannot accommodate a sofa that has a curved or round shape. This shape will take up a lot of space. As a result, there will be remaining space at several points that you cannot use. Also read: 5 Best Modern Minimalist Corner Sofas and Tips for Choosing Them

7. Choose a Multifunctional Sofa

Memilih Sofa Multifungsi If you really want to maximize all the available space then a multifunctional sofa could be the right choice. Multifunctional sofas are no longer a new design. You can easily find multifunctional sofas that can be expanded into a bed or additional storage area. The ALICE Sofa Bed from PEXIO is one of the candidates you can choose. The ALICE Sofa Bed has a separate sofa design so you can arrange it according to your needs. You can even store various items in the stand area. Very functional, right? Also read: 10 Modern Minimalist Furniture for the Futuristic Style of Your Home

8. Don't rush to decide

Jangan Terburu-buru Memutuskan Don't rush into making a purchase. Remember that the sofa must meet all the needs of you and your family. Choosing a sofa from various themes, colors, materials and functions is certainly very important. However, the comfort of you and your family when sitting on the sofa is still the main priority. So don't just look at the product from the picture.

9. Compare with Other Sofas

Cara Memilih Sofa Ruang Tamu Kecil Bandingkan dengan Sofa Lainnya Found several sofa choices that meet your criteria and preferences? Don't be confused about choosing it! Make a comparison between all the sofas you want. Starting from price, material, design, quality and durability. If so, choose the one closest to your needs. Also read: 6 Minimalist Sofa Models for Your Small Living Room

10. Adjust to the budget

Cara Memilih Sofa Ruang Tamu Kecil Sesuaikan dengan Budget The last way that will make it easier for you to choose a sofa is budgeting. Adjust all prices for the sofa you choose with available funds. You don't need to spend too much money just on a sofa. Plan the maximum funds you can spend on purchasing a sofa so you can buy other necessities. Those are some ways to choose a sofa for a small living room. Hopefully the information above can help you find the most appropriate sofa. If you need a reference for living room furniture with the best quality, then PEXIO could be one of the best candidates. Not only that, PEXIO also has ergonomic furniture that is suitable and comfortable for the best working experience at home. There are various features, types, designs and colors that you can choose to increase work productivity. Need a consultation? Don't hesitate to contact the PEXIO team because we are ready to help you. Improve the quality of life for you and your family with PEXIO now!


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