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10 Ways to Care for Hanging Ornamental Plants So They Are Always Fresh

Hanging ornamental plants can be an interesting additional element to your room design. Apart from creating a more beautiful and shady atmosphere, the presence of green plants in the room also creates better air quality in the room. To keep hanging ornamental plants always fresh, you must often carry out some simple maintenance. Come on, check out 10 ways to care for hanging ornamental plants so they are always fresh!

10 Ways to Care for Hanging Ornamental Plants

Cara Merawat Tanaman Hias Gantung AdalahThe good news is, caring for hanging ornamental plants is not as difficult as you might think. The key is intention and consistency in carrying it out. Here are ways you can care for hanging ornamental plants so they are always fresh!
1. Occasional pruning
So that hanging ornamental plants always look beautiful and pleasing to the eye, parts of the plant that are wilted, discolored or dry must be pruned. That way, you can save parts of the plant that are still in good condition to avoid disease. Pruning can also indirectly stimulate growth by allowing more light to penetrate the plant. Also read: The benefits of ornamental plants are for decoration and health
2. Don't water it too often
Different plants, of course, also require different types of care. It's best to avoid watering indoor plants too often. Plants growing in soil that is too wet can lack oxygen, causing root death and loss of plant vigor. Slow growth with yellowing leaves is a symptom of overwatering. Watering plants too often can also cause the roots to rot. Therefore, just water enough until the water comes out of the pot's drainage holes.
3. Wipe the leaves regularly
The beautiful leaves are the attraction of hanging ornamental plants. To keep the leaves looking attractive, fresh and not wilted, you can clean the leaves by wiping them. Wiping the leaves of hanging ornamental plants regularly also aims to clean the dust on the surface of the leaves.
4. Give Vitamins
Just like humans, plants also need vitamin intake. Plants need vitamins, minerals, and energy produced from sunlight to carry out every bodily function. The functions in question include respiration, photosynthesis, cell formation, production of enzymes and hormones, absorption and transportation of water and nutrients, and so on. You can give plants vitamins containing phosphorus, potassium and nitrogen which are useful for the growth of roots, stems and leaves. Also read: 10 Odor Absorbing Plants that are Easy to Care for at Home
5. Pay attention to temperature
Paying attention to the required temperature is also a way to care for hanging ornamental plants so that they are always fresh. You have to know the temperature each plant needs. If there are types of plants that cannot tolerate hot temperatures, immediately secure them in a shady place.
6. Use a Larger Container
So that your hanging ornamental plants are always fresh, also make sure to use a larger container. The number one reason hanging ornamental plants die in the dry season is that the container is too small. If the container is too small, the plant will grow root-bound in the pot within a month or two. When plant roots become thick and tangled, they have difficulty absorbing nutrients and water. Low nutrition and water retention can quickly cause hanging houseplants to die. If you are still using a small container, now is the time to replant it into a larger container so that the plant continues to grow well. Simply lift the roots of the plant, then plant it again using a container filled with quality soil.
7. Choose the Right Location
One of the biggest mistakes in caring for hanging ornamental plants is placing them in a location that is not suitable for the type of plant. For example, placing a type of plant that likes shade in a location that is hot and sunny all day will cause it to wilt. Vice versa.
8. Use the Right Hanging Rope
Using the right hanging rope is also important to support the weight of the plant and pot. There are many types of hanging ropes that you can use for hanging ornamental plants. Choose according to your needs, except for wire rope because it tends not to be strong enough to support the weight of the pot.
9. Change Planting Media
The planting medium for hanging ornamental plants must also be replaced occasionally because the conditions of the planting medium can change over time. Changing the planting medium functions to ensure hanging ornamental plants continue to get the nutritional supply they need. Try to use planting media that is organic and can absorb water. You can make a mixture of sand, soil and fertilizer in a 1:1:1 ratio.
10. Know the Plant Type
Lastly, make sure you know the type of plant so you can provide the appropriate type of care. Almost all types of plants can be used as hanging ornamental plants. However, it is important to know the plant you choose so you can provide the right care method. For example, types of climbing plants such as pothos certainly have different water needs than petunia plants. You need to know differences like these so that hanging ornamental plants receive appropriate care and are always fresh. Also read: 11 Choices of Decorative Water Plants for Tables to Liven Up the Atmosphere
Recommendations for Hanging Plants for Health
Rekomendasi Tanaman Hias Gantung Not only are they pleasing to the eye, several types of hanging plants can freshen up your home and help improve health, some of which are:

  • Million Hearts
  • Tradescantia
  • Dischidia Nummularia Variegata
  • Dyschidia Ovata
  • Hoya Compacta
  • Heartleaf Philodendron
  • Bright moon
  • English Ivy
  • Peperomia Hope
  • Dyschidia Geri
These are various ways to care for hanging ornamental plants so they are always fresh. By carrying out the various treatments mentioned above, your hanging ornamental plants at home will be healthier and better cared for. If you want to relax at home while enjoying the beauty of hanging ornamental plants, make sure you have the best furniture. You can use ergonomic furniture that meets your every need. No need to be confused about looking for ergonomic furniture because you can find it at PEXIO. Various ergonomic chairs and tables at PEXIO are ready to enhance the comfort of your home. By using ergonomic furniture, you won't get sore easily because you can sit in an optimal position. You can try various good quality ergonomic products from PEXIO such as the WARREN Ergonomic Desk, MARLO Ergonomic Office Chair, or LUXIO Office Mesh Chair. If you are interested in having one for your residence, contact the PEXIO team now! 


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