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10 Ways to Become a YouTube Content Creator

YouTube is one of the broadcast media which is currently the main choice for entertainment media, finding information, and even a place for creativity that makes money. How to become a YouTube content creator is not difficult, but it is not easy either. Maybe creating YouTube content is easy, but it takes a long time to attract an audience and make your YouTube grow. You will find many types of content on YouTube, such as vlogs, news, music, comedy, and so on. So you must have a unique appeal to attract other users to visit and watch your videos. So how do you become a YouTube content creator? Check out the full review below.
How to Become a YouTube Content Creator?
Bagaimana Cara Menjadi Content Creator YoutubeEven though it's easy to do, there are several things you must pay attention to before starting to become a content creator on YouTube. Here are the ways to become a YouTube content creator that you should know:
1. Learn Good Video Making Techniques
Teknik Pembuatan Video yang BaikFor those of you who are new to the world of content creation, the first step you must learn is good video creation techniques. Video quality is one of the reasons people watch YouTube, so shooting and editing techniques are basic skills that a content creator must have. You can learn to record and edit videos using a smartphone. Nowadays, cellphone cameras are no less sophisticated and produce quality videos like professional cameras. Smartphones also have many editing applications with complete features, making it easier for you to create videos according to your wishes.
2. Determine the Target Audience
Tentukan Target AudiensTo become a content creator, it is important to determine the target audience because it will influence the style of the video presented. You can do a little research about the likes and viewing interests of your target audience and start combining your creativity and pre-existing concepts with their interests. It cannot be denied that success in the world of YouTube is determined by the number of audiences interested in the channel and the videos presented. Also Read: 10 YouTuber Gaming Equipment for Beginners to Become Successful YouTubers
3. Create Interesting Content
Buat Konten yang MenarikContent is the key to how YouTube channels are introduced. To attract a large audience, you must create interesting and original content. This can also be influenced by the consistency of the type of content uploaded, because usually the audience for a video is divided according to its target audience. Creating content that is light and easy to understand will be an added value for your channel.
4. Always updated with developments
Update BerkembanganBeing a content creator who presents a variety of content and is seen by many people requires you to always be updated with whatever is happening or you could say follow trends. You don't always have to create content with relevant trends and change the entire video concept, but insert a small part of it and combine it with the concept and content idea you have created.
5. Practice Public Speaking
Public SpeakingNot only MCs and important people have to practice their speaking skills, but a content creator must also have the ability to speak well. If the articulation and pronunciation are not correct in the video, the ideas that have been prepared beforehand will be wasted. Because repeated halting and inaccurate delivery will reduce the audience's comfort in viewing and the message will not be conveyed properly.
6. Use appropriate keywords
Gunakan Keyword yang sesuaiProviding titles, descriptions and hashtags on YouTube cannot be done carelessly. To display your video on the search page, take advantage of the use of keywords in that section. For example, if the content is about skincare, then look for the most searched keywords on Google and use these keywords in the title, description and hashtags of your YouTube content.
7. Create an interesting title
Judul yang menarikRelated to the previous point, content creators must be able to create interesting titles while still including the specified keywords. This is because the title is the first component seen by YouTube users before selecting content to watch. Also Read: 8 Recommendations for the Best Comfortable Computer Chairs (Latest 2022)
8. Collaborate
BerkolaborasiCollaboration is one way that can be done to introduce a YouTube channel to a wider audience. Try to join communities and build great connections to enable mutual collaboration.
9. Prepare Equipment
Mempersiapkan peralatanCreating content requires several equipment that supports video quality. Equipment needed by content creators includes:
  • Camera for recording and taking pictures. It can be a cellphone camera or a professional camera
  • A tripod helps to place the camera during the shooting process and keeps the camera stable.
  • Microphone to capture sound more clearly. If possible, you can use an external microphone, but the microphone on your cellphone is also clear enough to pick up sound.
  • Video editing application to change, cut and add certain effects to videos.
Photo editing application to create interesting video covers.
10. Use Ergonomic Furniture
Menggunakan Furniture Ergonomis A good visual appearance of the content presented will be a plus. Therefore, to create an attractive and aesthetic appearance in the room, you can use various ergonomic furniture products, such as tables and chairs that you use for recording. Apart from that, ergonomic furniture, especially chairs, will help you feel comfortable even when shooting and editing videos for a long time. Ergonomic chairs are very suitable for content creators, especially gamers, such as the Brighton ergonomic chair from PEXIO which is equipped with a 2D headrest and 4D armrest. So, those are some ways to become a content creator that you can try and apply. Even though it has great benefits, there are also consequences that must be felt, namely feeling tired due to the large amount of content that has to be created. Therefore, it is highly recommended to use ergonomic chairs to reduce pain caused by sitting for too long. PEXIO provides various chairs and various ergonomic furniture with superior quality and beautiful and attractive designs. Contact PEXIO now and find the comfortable ergonomic furniture of your choice. Ergonomic Chair PEXIO


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