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10 Ways to Arrange an Elongated Living Room

How to arrange an elongated living room is a bit challenging, because it looks like a hallway. You have to be smart in decorating it so that it doesn't look cramped and stuffy. Your living room will still look neat if the existing furniture is arranged properly. How to? You can try arranging an elongated living room like below.
How to Arrange an Elongated Living Room
Bagaimana Cara Menata Ruang Tamu Yang MemanjangThe elongated living room is a unique architecture, because the construction process can be quite complicated. In some houses, the owners want this concept because of limited land, so the arrangement must be balanced. Following are the steps for arranging an elongated living room that you can implement at home.
1. Long Sofa
sofa panjangFor an elongated living room, avoid using an L-shaped sofa, because it will take up a lot of space and make the house narrower. Instead, you can use an elongated sofa. You don't need to add more chairs because it makes the room more full. If the number of guests coming to your house exceeds the capacity of the sofa, you can spread out a carpet as a sitting mat. Also read: What is the Difference Between Sofas and Chairs? Let's find out here!
2. Install large windows
large windows Minimalist rooms usually ignore lighting, circulation and comfort. To prevent the impression of being dark and narrow, make the opening in the form of a window quite large in size. This window can be applied at the end of the living room, so that sunlight can enter more optimally. Also read: 11 Ways to Organize a Small House to Make It Neat
3. Use Sliding Doors
pintu geserSliding doors do not take up much space when opening and closing compared to ordinary doors. To prepare it, you only need to provide the sliding door track and rail. If possible, install sliding doors in all small rooms, such as bathrooms and bedrooms. The goal is so that the room has more spacious space.
4. Place the lamp in the corner of the room
lampu di sudut ruangan If you want to beautify the interior appearance of the living room, you can add lights in the corners of the room. This lamp can only illuminate certain parts with controlled intensity. Avoid using hanging lights, because if applied in an elongated room it will give the impression of being full even though the size is proportional. Apart from that, when you watch television at a fairly close distance, the light in the middle of the room will interfere with your vision.
5. Take advantage of corner tablesmeja sudutSofas are usually identical to tables. However, don't use a center table so that there is room for you to walk in the living room. You can use a small table that can be placed in the corner of the room, so it doesn't take up much space. The shape of the table itself can be adjusted to suit your needs, be it round or square. Also read: 15 Work Desk Designs at Home, Guaranteed to Increase Work Enthusiasm
6. Choose a slim LED TV
TV LED How to organize an elongated living room can be by choosing a slim LED TV if you want to install a TV. This type of TV will really help reduce the volume on the wide side of the room. Because, if the TV in your living room has a curved screen, the volume of the room will decrease. If you want to store the TV on a shelf, then use a slim shelf too. At least use a shelf that is just enough to accommodate the TV and various supporting equipment. However, it is more recommended to install the TV on the wall using a bracket.
7. Make sure the bathroom is located in a cornertoiletSome large houses place the bathroom in the middle between the living room and kitchen or dining room. The location of the bathroom in the middle will give a narrow impression to the living room of your house. In addition, a bathroom in the middle will create useless space right in front of the bathroom door. To be more efficient, make sure the bathroom is located in a corner using a sliding door.
8. Use a long shelf shelf
rak ambalanTo add other decorations such as figures or synthetic flowers, you can use an elongated shelf shelf. This shelf shelf model is a shelf that can make your living room tidier and more aesthetic without reducing space, because it can be mounted on the wall. You can also apply it not only in the living room, but in the bedroom and bathroom. Also read: 10 Comfortable 1 x 1 Bathroom Designs
9. Don't have too many decorations
Cara Menata Ruang Tamu Yang Memanjang dengan tidak banyak dekorasiAs the owner of an elongated living room, you should not add too many decorations. This will make your living room look narrow and full. However, if you feel the living room decoration is too monotonous, you can use a patterned sofa, while the other furniture is natural.
10. Give a Natural Touch
sentuhan natural Carrying a natural concept in an elongated living room could be the right option, because it will make the room less stuffy. You can use white paint or other earth colors for the entire interior. For furniture selection, you can choose a multifunctional chair that has storage to make it easier for you to store things. In this case, you don't need to buy additional shelves or cupboards anymore. PEXIO provides the Alice sofa as a multi-purpose sofa that has storage space. Visit the official PEXIO website for more information. So, that's how to arrange a living room that is longer and more efficient. So, has it been described enough? If you still feel confused, you can consult with PEXIO, a company that provides ergonomic furniture, living room furniture and premium quality room interiors. Apart from that, there is also several multifunctional furniture available that can be applied in your elongated living room. If you need an ergonomic work chair, you can also rely on PEXIO. Contact PEXIO now for your home interior solutions.


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