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10 Ways to Arrange a Narrow Room to Make It Look Spacious and Comfortable

Most people may think that a comfortable room with various decorations according to the design they dream of can only be applied to a large and spacious house. In fact, narrow rooms can also be arranged in such a way as to create the desired comfort. You just need to pay attention to several ways to arrange a narrow room to make it look comfortable and spacious. See complete information below.

How to Arrange a Narrow Room?

Bagaimana Cara Menata Ruangan Sempit Having limited space doesn't mean your room can't be a comfortable room. You can create comfort by arranging the interior layout and all the items in the room by following several tips and ways of arranging items. Tips for organizing a narrow room that you can apply include:

1. Use of Mirrors

Penggunaan Cermin To give a spacious impression to the room, you can use mirrors in the corners of the room or on the walls. Apart from having aesthetic value, using mirrors can also create the illusion that a room looks more spacious. Face the mirror at the door or window of the room to maximize the function of the mirror illusion.

2. Avoid using lots of items

Hindari Penggunaan Banyak Barang Making a narrow room comfortable can be done in the easiest way, namely maintaining neatness and using only the necessary furniture. You need to sort all items and furniture that are outdated or unused so that the room is not too full. Even though it requires quite a lot of time, this method can have a big impact on the comfort of the room. Read more: History of Ergonomics in the World of Furniture that You Need to Know

3. Use Windows

Gunakan Jendela untuk Menata Ruangan Sempit Many people think that windows only function as a place for light and air to enter and make it easier to see outside. In fact, windows can help provide a wide effect in a room. A room without windows will look crowded and cramped, especially when there are lots of things in it. Try to choose a room that has windows because there will be many benefits compared to a room without windows.

4. Avoid too many wall decorations

Hindari Terlalu Banyak Hiasan Dinding Providing lots of wall decorations can indeed be an interesting decoration idea, but in narrow rooms it is recommended to avoid using excessive decorations. This will give the impression of being full and messy, which will disturb the comfort in the room. Instead, you can leave the walls clean and make the most of it by adding some attached furniture that is enough to store things. This way, the room will look neater and more spacious. You also have additional storage space if you ever need it.

5. Use multifunctional furniture

Gunakan Furniture Multifungsi PEXIO In today's modern era, many innovations are found in furniture, such as beds with various storage spaces to sofas that can be converted into mattresses. You can use this innovation when purchasing furniture for narrow spaces. Having one piece of furniture with various functions will save space. So, the room has a lot of space that you can use for other needs. You can find this multifunctional furniture at PEXIO. The multifunctional ALICE sofa can be used to fill any room in your home. This ALICE product consists of a three seater sofa, cupboard and storage shelf in one piece of furniture. Read more: 7 minimalist and comfortable main bedroom furniture that you must have

6. Using tall furniture

Menggunakan Furniture Tinggi Furniture that is almost or even touches the ceiling can be a solution for those of you who don't have storage space, but the distance between the roof and the surface is quite high. This furniture can also be a solution for those of you who tend to have difficulty keeping things tidy. The downside is that you need additional tools to take items from the top of the furniture.

7. Create a Hidden Room

Membuat Ruang Tersembunyi sebagai Cara Menata Ruangan Sempit Creating a hidden space for large items can give the impression of a neat and spacious room. For example, you can create a hidden storage space for a washing machine and other laundry equipment. Try to make the storage space appropriate to the size of the equipment that will be stored in it so that it doesn't take up too much space if the size is not appropriate.

8. Avoid large furniture

Hindari Furniture Berukuran Besar In a small room, it will feel narrower if you choose to use large furniture that takes up a lot of space. When designing the interior of a room, try to calculate the size of the room correctly so that you can choose the right furniture. If you want to have furniture that can accommodate a lot of items, choose one that is taller and taller because you will need more space at the bottom than at the ceiling. Read more: 10 Ways to Choose a Sofa for a Small Living Room

9. Use flexible furniture

Menggunakan Furniture yang Fleksibel sebagai Cara Menata Ruangan Sempit If you have a narrow space, avoid using lots of items that are inflexible and difficult to arrange and move. This will make the decoration and renovation process difficult. Apart from that, maintaining and cleaning the room also tends to be more complicated and takes longer to move each item in the room. Even with some large furniture, you need additional personnel to help. You can use furniture that is flexible and easy to move when cleaning a room, such as the Warren table and the Vlad ergonomic chair from PEXIO which can provide comfort when doing activities at the table and sitting for long periods without feeling sore. Read more: Ergonomic work chairs to prevent the effects of sitting too long

10. Clean the room regularly

Membersihkan Ruangan Secara Rutin The most important thing to maintain the comfort of a room is to clean the room regularly. If you feel that the room feels cramped and uncomfortable, it could be because the room is dirty and dusty. So, it is highly recommended to clean the room as a whole, both the floor and the furniture in it, so that the room feels fresher, cleaner and more comfortable. Read more: 10 Odor-Absorbing Plants that are Easy to Care for at Home. These are some ways to organize a narrow room so that it remains comfortable and feels spacious. Once you know this method, you can turn a narrow room into a favorite room that is more comfortable to use for various activities. Apart from comfort, pay attention to the health aspects of your body when sitting for too long. You can use ergonomic furniture provided by PEXIO. PEXIO ergonomic furniture is designed to provide comfortable use even for long periods of time. Contact PEXIO immediately for a consultation on the best product for your space! Ergonomic Chair PEXIO


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