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11 Ways to Organize a Small House to Make It Neat

Many people think that having a small house will look messy because there isn't much storage space, are you one of them? However, this is not always the case. If you know how to organize a small house so that it is neat, the limited size of the house will not be a problem. The advantage of having a small house is that the family feels closer and you don't need a lot of energy to clean it. Even though it's challenging, that doesn't mean creating a small house that is clean, tidy and comfortable is impossible. There are several things you need to pay attention to when arranging a small house, one of which is avoiding using excessive furniture. Too many things at home will only make the house feel crowded. Instead of making it crowded, you can provide more space so that the house feels more spacious. This tip is just one of many ways to organize a small house so that it is neat. To find out various other ways, read complete information in the following article.
How to Organize a Small House to Make It Neat
Bagaimana Cara Menata Rumah Kecil Biar RapiArranging a small house cannot be said to be easy. You have to carefully look at an item and determine the location to place it so it doesn't look messy. If you have a limited house and want to make it more comfortable, apply the following ways to organize a small house to make it tidy:
1. Avoid using wallpaper with motifs
Hindari Penggunaan Wallpaper dengan MotifThe first way to organize a small house so that it is neat is to choose plain wallpaper. Wallpaper that is too busy with lots of motifs will make the house feel messy and cramped. Apart from that, it will be more difficult for you to mix and match furniture with wallpaper colors. If you can't find plain wallpaper, you should just use wall paint. Apart from the price being much cheaper, you can also choose various colors according to your wishes. To create a home with a warm and comfortable impression, cream is the right choice. Also read: Living room wall paint decoration options that can be used as inspiration
2. Choose multifunctional furniture
Memilih Furniture MultifungsiInstead of buying a lot of furniture and making the house too full, you can use multifunctional furniture. Recently, many furniture models have been discovered that do not only have one function, but two or even more. For example, many beds or cots are now equipped with drawers underneath. So apart from functioning as a bed, you can also store lots of things underneath it. This multifunctional product is also called ergonomic furniture which makes every job and your needs easier. If you are interested in using ergonomic furniture, PEXIO Alice could be the right choice. You will get a sofa, storage space, shelves and table with just 1 product.
3. Avoid using lots of partitions
Hindari Menggunakan Banyak SekatLimiting the room with partitions or partitions will make the space for movement smaller and the house will feel narrower. It's best to reduce the use of partitions, especially in rooms that have similar functions and can be used simultaneously. For example in the kitchen and living room areas. If possible, it would be better if you leave these two rooms open without partitions. However, if you need to create a partition between one room and another, use curtains or folding doors so that they remain flexible and can be opened and closed. Also read: 9 inspirations for living rooms and family rooms without partitions
4. Adjust the size of the furniture
Sesuaikan Ukuran Furniture A common mistake that often occurs when arranging a small house is buying furniture that is too big. Considering the limited space in the house, furniture that is too big will actually make the house more crowded. It is recommended to choose smaller furniture so that the house feels more comfortable and has room for the family to move around.
5. Store items in their proper placeSimpan Barang Pada TempatnyaThe thing that is often forgotten in creating a tidy house is putting things back in their place. Even though it sounds trivial, putting things back in their proper place can help the house look neater, cleaner and more comfortable. For example, after cooking, all the equipment is left without being washed and returned to its place. When you return to the kitchen, you might be lazy to cook again because of the mess. Not to mention, scattered items will also affect your mood at home.
6. Keep all items organized
Menjaga Seluruh Barang Tetap TertataAs previously known, a messy house will make the house feel cramped. So, make sure all your needs and equipment are stored neatly and in an orderly manner. You can use storage boxes in drawers and cupboards to place items, so they are better organized according to their groups. Also read: Definition of Filling Cabinet, Functions and Types
7. Use a table with drawers as decoration
Memanfaatkan Meja dengan Laci Sebagai Dekorasi The small size of a house with limited furniture doesn't mean it can't look beautiful. To keep it looking attractive, you can add a table that has lots of drawers as living room decoration as well as storage. On the table, you can place a TV and photos to complete the home decoration. That way, the small house will be neater but still charming.
8. Choose a minimalist window stylePilih Gaya Jendela yang Minimalis The open space house concept in a small house can be a smart choice because this concept will make a small house seem spacious by taking advantage of the use of windows. Create a house with large windows that are minimalist but still stylish and unique. This will also make the house brighter in the morning and during the day because there is lots of light coming in and better air circulation.
9. Create Vertical StorageMembuat Penyimpanan VertikalIt would be a shame if some parts of the walls were left empty and not utilized. For this reason, vertical storage is an attractive option for small homes to keep things tidy and beautify the house. Use some wooden planks and attach them to the wall, that way you will have a new storage area. However, don't overdo it with vertical storage. You can install it in certain locations such as the living room, bedroom, kitchen or bathroom. Also read: 17 open and simple small kitchen designs for minimalist homes
10. Clean the house regularly
Rutin Membersihkan RumahThe main key to a neat house is regularly cleaning and tidying it. To make tidying the house more enjoyable, invite family members to clean the house. Apart from having a clean and tidy house, this activity can be a way to strengthen relationships between family members.
11. Adding Supporting Decorations
Menambahkan Dekorasi Pendukung Did you know that there are several room decorations that can expand your home? Apart from house windows, mirrors can also make the house look more spacious and neat. Installing a mirror in the middle of the room or living room and installing a canopy on the terrace can also be smart choices. Also read: 15 Small House Decorations, Still Creative with Limited Space Apart from that, you can also use ergonomic furniture in various rooms. For example, in the bedroom area, use ergonomic tables and chairs to support family work and study activities. Apart from providing comfort, ergonomic furniture also maintains spine health due to sitting for too long. So those are 11 ways to organize a small house so that it is neat and still beautiful. Are you interested in using the multi-purpose living room furniture mentioned above? You can directly visit the PEXIO website or get other ergonomic products from PEXIO on your favorite e-commerce.


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