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12 Ways to Arrange Your Room to Make It Look Beautiful

How to arrange a room so it looks beautiful is a tip you need to know. Why? This is because the room is everyone's favorite comfort zone, of course you want the best place to rest. Apart from that, the way you arrange your room can also show your personality. Room arrangement does not only prioritize aesthetic value, but comfort and safety. A neat, clean and orderly room can also affect air circulation and impact your health. Wow, it turns out it's quite important, huh? For this reason, you need to apply various ways to arrange your room so that it looks beautiful.
12 Ways to Arrange Your Room to Make It Look Beautiful
The beautiful visuals of a room do not only come from the complete furniture, it is the arrangement that is the main key. When arranging a room, you need to pay attention to various things so that the room will feel more comfortable. Let's see how to arrange a room to make it look beautiful here.
1. Calm color wall paint
Cat Dinding Warna TenangBefore making arrangements, make sure the paint on the walls of your room matches the concept you want. If you want it to look beautiful and not out of style, you can use paint with neutral and not eccentric colors. Choosing this color can make it easier for you to place furniture with natural colors. If you want wall paint with an eccentric color, maybe you need to consider choosing furniture that needs more attention. Apart from that, eccentric colors will also provide obstacles when you want to repaint the walls of your room someday.
2. Add a Decorative Carpet
Tambah Karpet DekoratifThe second way is to add a carpet to your room. Carpets can make a room look neater and more decorative. If you don't want to bother cleaning it too often, it's better to use a carpet that tends to be dark in color.
3. Proper Lighting
Pencahayaan Yang TepatLighting should also be considered when you arrange your room. Don't let your arrangement make the lighting minimal and feel stuffy. It is better to arrange natural lighting so that your room will look brighter and more pleasing to the eye. Also read: 5 Standards for Room Lighting in the Workplace
4. Utilization of Large Wardrobes
Cara Menata Kamar Agar Terlihat Indah dengan Lemari BesarIf your room is not too spacious, then you should try this method. No need to use various storage containers, but maximize storage in one large cupboard in the corner of your room. This will make the room more spacious and comfortable for activities.
5. Select Ceiling
Cara Menata Kamar Agar Terlihat Indah dengan Mengguakan PlafonThe next thing you can apply is to make sure you use the right ceiling design. Apart from its aesthetic value, the ceiling can also help you adjust a comfortable temperature in the room. Therefore, you also have to pay attention to whether the type of ceiling is suitable for the weather conditions of the environment where you live. Also read: 12 Beautiful Bedroom Ceiling Designs
6 . Put the Sofa
Letakkan Sofa If your room has quite large dimensions, then place the sofa in the corner of the room. A sofa will make your room look more homey and comfortable. If you are receiving guests, you don't need to worry about the bedroom arrangement being messy because you can switch it to relaxing on the sofa. Also read: 11 Good and Comfortable Sofa Materials for You to Use
7. Install Wall WallpaperPasang Wallpaper DindingDo you like decorative rooms? You can add wall wallpaper that matches the feel of your room. This wall wallpaper makes the appearance more aesthetic. Apart from that, wall wallpaper can also be changed at any time, although it is not recommended too often because it can affect the quality of the wall paint.
8. The bed must not face the window
Ranjang Tidak Boleh Membelakangi JendelaFurthermore, if your room has a window then make sure not to place your bed facing the window. Apart from the fact that the lighting will be dazzling in the morning, this is also beneficial for the security of your room. It is more advisable to place the bed next to the window, making the room look better to look at.
9. Use minimal furniture
Gunakan Furniture yang Minim Want your room to look beautiful but have plenty of space? So you can use this method, use a little furniture to arrange your room. Maximize the function of any furniture that is deemed necessary.
10. Elegant matching nuancesNuansa Senada EleganMany people want their rooms to look elegant and classy. You can create an elegant and classy appearance by applying matching shades to all existing furniture. This includes choosing the color of wall paint, curtains and so on.
11. Add Aesthetic Wall Decor
Tambahkan Wall Decor Estetik Install aesthetic wall decor in your room, wall decor can add a decorative impression. Not only that, wall decor can also make you more comfortable looking at the walls of your room when you are resting. Starting from interesting paintings or posters to various souvenir photos. Even now there is a trend of using motivational sentences as decoration on bedroom walls. Who knows, you might get additional motivation from here. The addition of this decoration can make the room more comfortable and beautiful, while also appearing perfect according to your wishes. Also read: 11 Contemporary Teenage Bedroom Designs that are Functional
12. Use multifunctional furnitureGunakan Perabot Multifungsi Utilizing multifunctional furniture can help make your room more spacious, but not lacking in storage space. The PEXIO multifunctional sofa can be a comfort solution for your room. Not only is it comfortable for relaxing, it will also be more practical for you to store various items in the available drawers. Well, that's how to arrange your room so it looks beautiful that you can apply. Apart from being more comfortable in your room, you can show your perfect personality through the arrangement of your room. Wow, very interesting, isn't it? Come on, immediately arrange the right room arrangement for you. To increase your comfort, you can also add ergonomic furniture from PEXIO to complete your room arrangement. Sleek design, prioritizing comfort and efficiency of use. Contact PEXIO now, the best furniture for you. Banner Ergonomic Chair PEXIO


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