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10 Latest Gypsum Ceiling Models in Minimalist Style

There are various materials that you can choose as a ceiling. However, the material that is often used by many people is the gypsum ceiling model because it is famous for its affordable price and the various advantages it has. The ceiling is an aspect of the house that is important for you to pay attention to. On the other hand, the function of the ceiling is to protect the house from all kinds of weather, cover various house electrical cables, and so on. Actually, the ceiling also really influences how the room itself looks. Confused about determining what kind of ceiling model is attractive? Don't worry because the following information will help you determine the gypsum ceiling model that suits your home.

10 Minimalist Gypsum Ceiling Models

Model Plafon Gypsum MinimalisBefore we discuss the various existing gypsum ceiling models, you should first know what the advantages are of ceilings made from gypsum material. The advantage of gypsum ceilings is that there is no need to doubt the durability of this ceiling, the design is relatively minimalist and will be suitable for various residential concepts, mold-proof and leak-proof. Very impressive, right? So you will definitely be more confident about using this type of ceiling. Next, you don't need to worry anymore about deciding what style of gypsum ceiling for your room to make it look attractive, you can see the list below!

1. Simple Square Gypsum Ceiling Model

Model Plafon Gypsum Persegi SederhanaA simple square ceiling model is very commonly used in homes. Because in the manufacturing process, this rectangular ceiling is also very easy and suitable for various types of housing. To make it more beautiful, you can add a hanging lamp ornament right in the middle of the room. In an instant, your room will look more luxurious even with this simple ceiling. Also read: 10 Best Living Room Gypsum Ceiling Models

2. Multi-level Gypsum Ceiling Model

Model Plafon Gypsum BertingkatIf you feel that a minimalist square ceiling is still too simple for your home, this multi-level ceiling is another quite interesting option. Because, with a tiered ceiling arrangement it will certainly add a more iconic appearance but not be excessive.

3. Circle Gypsum Ceiling Model

Model Plafon Gypsum LingkaranIf we have discussed the square ceiling model earlier, of course there are still options that are no less unique that you can try. You can choose a circular gypsum ceiling to make the room in your house attractive. Additional hanging lights or LED lights will enhance the appearance of this model ceiling.

4. Minimalist Gypsum Ceiling Model with Reflective Elements

Model Plafon Gypsum Minimalis dengan Unsur ReflektifDo you have a room in your house that is not too large? Minimalist gypsum ceilings with reflective materials can help your room look more spacious. Additional materials used on this ceiling can be mirrors, metal, ceramic, or other materials that have a shiny surface. Also read: 12 Beautiful Bedroom Ceiling Designs

5. Patterned Gypsum Ceiling Model

Model Plafon Gypsum BermotifThis beautiful patterned ceiling seems to take you into the feel of the British Empire. It looks very luxurious, majestic and classic when you see it for the first time. It's even more perfect if you add a hanging lamp in the middle of the room. Interested in using this type of ceiling?

6. Colorful Gypsum Ceiling Model

Model Plafon Gypsum Warna-WarniFor those of you who love bright colors and don't hesitate to use them in every corner of the house, this gypsum ceiling can be applied. The combination of purple and white as in the picture, perhaps you have never thought of using it as the ceiling of your house before. It still looks interesting, doesn't it? This colored ceiling can make your home room livelier and look more cheerful. Don't worry, there are many more beautiful colors that you can use and mix and match according to your wishes.

7. Gypsum Ceiling Model Combination of Boxes

Model Plafon Gypsum Perpaduan KotakThe combination of boxes for the ceiling model turns out to be interesting to implement. This ceiling makes your room look more modern and contemporary. Apart from that, you can also be creative by using supporting lights to liven up the atmosphere in the room.

8. Classic Minimalist Gypsum Ceiling Model

Model Plafon Gypsum Minimalis KlasikWant a home atmosphere that reminds you of a room in a summer vacation scene from your favorite western series? Pay attention to the iconic and aesthetic cone shape of this ceiling, so a classic minimalist ceiling is very suitable for use. When you apply it indoors at home, apart from making the room warm and thick with a tropical atmosphere, you will feel as if you are in a scene from the series. It's not surprising that this ceiling model is often used as a concept for tropical-style villas in various holiday destinations. So, want to try it?

9. Minimalist Gypsum Ceiling Model with a Touch of LED Lights

Model Plafon Gypsum Minimalis dengan Sentuhan Lampu LEDDo you like minimalist ceiling designs but want to still look attractive? You can choose a plain white ceiling model that doesn't have too many ornaments. Even though at first glance it looks simple, in fact this ceiling can still beautify your room with the presence of a touch of LED lights. Also read: 10 Luxurious and Comfortable Private Work Spaces, Make You Focus on Work

10. Gypsum Ceiling Model with a Wooden Touch

Model Plafon Gypsum dengan Sentuhan Kayu Who says wood elements can't be used for house ceilings? Of course, I can! Wood can actually add an elegant impression to the feel of your room. As in the picture, the fairly simple white gypsum ceiling design when combined with brown wood and yellow lights will magically make the room much warmer and more beautiful. So, those are the recommendations for various minimalist gypsum ceiling models that you can choose for your home. Don't forget to make sure to adapt it to your residential concept too! Need furniture products to complement the comfort of your home? You can really rely on PEXIO in providing living furniture for home needs and ergonomic furniture for office needs with the best quality. To get more information about this product, you can contact PEXIO now! 


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