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11 Good and Comfortable Sofa Materials for You to Use

There are several things you need to pay attention to when choosing home furniture. Starting from choosing the right sofa with the concept of the house, to good sofa materials. Determining the right type of sofa material can be said to be quite confusing, especially when faced with so many choices. It's not surprising that in the end the choice of sofa is only based on the model and color, rather than knowing the materials used.

In fact, knowing the material of a good sofa is very important, because the period of use of a sofa is relatively long. When you know the sofa material used, it will make it easier to maintain it. Apart from that, the right sofa material can determine your comfort while using the sofa.

11 Good and Durable Sofa Materials

Bahan Sofa yang Bagus dan Awet There are various types of sofa fabric materials that you can find on the market. So it is important for you to understand the various types of sofa fabric in order to find the material that suits your needs. Then let's look at some of the following sofa materials.

1. Cotton

Bahan Sofa Yang Bagus Katun One of the sofa materials that you often find on the market is cotton. This material, made from natural fibers, easily absorbs color, so you will find many design choices from this material. Cotton fabric has a smooth and soft texture and is one of the sofa materials that many people are looking for. The use of cotton fabric for sofas is usually combined with other fabrics to provide maximum comfort and last longer. Therefore, it would be better if you buy a sofa with a combination of two fabrics and has a synthetic cotton blend. Apart from that, try to choose fabric that has been treated with a water-repellent coating. Also read: 10 Ways to Choose a Sofa for a Small Living Room

2. Linen

Sofa Berbahan Linen The linen sofa material has a smooth, soft and comfortable texture. This material is considered more environmentally friendly than other natural fiber materials. Usually, sofas are made from linen mixed with other synthetic materials. The goal is to make it more durable and long-lasting in use. It is recommended to buy a sofa made of thick linen, so it is safe from stains.

3. Skin

Sofa dengan Bahan Kulit For those of you who still have young children who play actively, having a sofa covered in leather is the right choice. Why is that? Leather sofas are easy to clean, especially when exposed to dirt or food spills. Maintenance also tends to be easy. Not to mention that sofas made from leather are known to be durable and long-lasting. Leather has limited colors, so you need to match it appropriately according to the concept and style of the house. Our color recommendations, you can combine a pastel or gray sofa with a white minimalist house. Also read: 10 Newest Beautiful Minimalist Sofa Colors for 2022

4. Polyester

Sofa Polyester Polyester is a form of plastic that can be spun into fabric, so it has fibers that can maintain its shape. Polyester material is also considered environmentally friendly like linen, because it is very easy to recycle. Polyester has a high level of resistance to stains, making it easier for you to carry out regular maintenance. Polyester is a sofa material that is durable and has good absorption. Sofas made from this material tend to be comfortable when you try to relax on the sofa. Sofas made from polyester are suitable for use when relaxing with the family.

5. Velvet

Bahan Velvet Velvet material, also known as velvet, can be the right choice for those of you who want a luxurious impression in your home. Sofas made from velvet are not easily scratched and this material has fibers that are less likely to break down. The color of the velvet sofa is also bolder compared to other materials which tend to be soft in color. The care itself requires quite a bit of extra care, because the characteristic of velvet material is that it absorbs water. Even so, velvet is still a good sofa material. Also read: 17 Comfortable Living Room Sofa Options for You

6. Wool

Wol Sofas made from wool are quite rare to find, even though wool is very comfortable and looks natural. The characteristics of the wool material which is quite thick makes the sofa have strong resistance. Apart from that, wool has a variety of colors that you can match to the theme of the room. Wool fabric that does not carry static electrical charges means that dust and hair will not stick to the sofa. This certainly makes it easier for you to carry out maintenance.

7. Chenille

Chenille Chenille comes from French which means caterpillar. The chenille material has a ribbed knit that is quite prominent and resembles the characteristics of a caterpillar. This material can be said to be a sibling of velvet, but it is thicker. The thickness of this fabric provides a comfortable and soft feel for you to sit on. Just like velvet, chenille tends to be stronger and more durable. However, if you have pets such as dogs and cats who like to scratch, you should keep this sofa away from these animals. Pets scratching will get their nails caught in the fabric. As a result, the knitting of the sofa may be damaged and the seams come out. Also read: 10 Recommended Elegant Sofa Colors for Your Home

8. Silk

Jenis Bahan Sutra Silk sofas are one of the recommended materials for decorating your home. Not without reason, this is because a silk sofa can give a luxurious impression. The fabric structure is finer so it feels softer. For this reason, silk sofas are often used at formal events. Also read: 7 cool meeting hall interior designs that you can copy. Apart from the advantages offered by this sofa material, you also need to pay close attention to how to clean it, because this material is prone to getting dirty.

9. Nylon

Jenis Bahan Nilon The next good type of sofa material is nylon. Nylon is a type of fabric made from synthetic fibers, so it is more elastic and does not tear easily. For those of you who live in areas that are quite humid, choosing chairs made from nylon sofa material is a smart choice because this material is resistant to mold and is easy to clean.

10. Rayon

Jenis bahan sofa rayon Rayon fabric is one type of fabric most often used as upholstery material for sofas. At first glance, it looks the same as cotton and linen, but rayon tends to be cheaper. One thing you need to pay attention to when using rayon fabric as upholstery for a sofa is to avoid it from open flames because this sofa is flammable.

11. Kagawa Fabric

Jenis Bahan Kagawa A good sofa material that you can use to give the impression of a Japanese interior is kagawa fabric. It is known as a multifunctional fabric because it is suitable for application on various furniture, including pillowcases and sofas. Many people even use this cloth for hamper purposes. This type of material is also highly durable and most importantly your sofa will not look boring because this fabric has a two-tone color.


So, that's a good and comfortable sofa material for you to use. Buying a sofa is not only about matching the model, color and harmony with the concept of the house. More than that, you can buy a modern sofa that is versatile, such as the Alice sofa bed from PEXIO which features a coffee table, storage bench, movable shelf and drawers. This sofa is suitable for a minimalist home concept that carries a multi-purpose theme too. Apart from sofas, you can buy ergonomic furniture for your work desk. Like the Amby table which you can lower according to your needs when using it. There are also multi-purpose chairs like the Wendy that you can fold up when traveling. PEXIO is a furniture provider company that uses premium materials in its class in producing products, including sofas. Apart from providing furniture, PEXIO provides interior design services. Contact the PEXIO Team now to consult about choosing the right sofa. Ergonomic Desk PEXIO


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