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10 Cool and Aesthetic Gaming Bedroom Designs

Now e-sports are no longer looked down upon as just a tool to entertain oneself. In fact, there are already various e-sports competitions being held with cash prizes amounting to millions of rupiah. Are you one of those who wants to start a career as a professional e-sports player? If yes, then it's time to design the most complete gaming bedroom. Having a bedroom with a complete gaming setup is the dream of all e-sports players. It has a large screen, a special gaming keyboard and mouse as well as a super comfortable seat for sitting all day. But how to arrange it if the room size is not large? Is there an alternative to still set up comfortable gaming equipment? Of course there is! On this occasion you will be invited to see various gaming bedroom designs that can be used as inspiration. Let's see an example of the design below!

10 Gaming Bedroom Design References that You Can Try

Referensi Desain Kamar Tidur Gaming yang Bisa Anda CobaDesigning a gaming bedroom with all the complete equipment is definitely the dream of all gamers. However, you need to prepare a lot of funds to have all the existing equipment. There's no need to force it if you don't have the funds because there are still simple gaming bedroom references that you can try. Just take a look at the various designs below.

1. Minimalist Gaming Bedroom

Kamar Tidur Gaming MinimalisThere must be a lot of gaming equipment. Some need a computer, tablet, or television. If you only like gaming to play with friends then you can try this bedroom design. The cost to make it will definitely not be too expensive because the only tools needed are a television, console and VR equipment. There is no need for excessive decoration because the existing interior design is enough to make the room comfortable. Also read: 10 YouTuber Gaming Equipment for Beginners to Become Successful YouTubers

2. Gaming Bedroom with LED Lights

Kamar Tidur Gaming dengan Lampu LEDDo you like cool LED light decorations? Take a look at this bedroom design. The appearance of the room immediately changes after the LED lights are turned on. Especially if you use unusual light colors such as pink, blue, green, and so on. You will definitely feel a different gaming sensation than you have ever done before.

3. All Dark Gaming Bedroom

Kamar Tidur Gaming All DarkIf you don't like room designs that use LED lights, then using ordinary lights is actually not a problem. This gaming bedroom design seems calmer but still has complete equipment. The gaming atmosphere is still felt even though it has a dark theme which is quite different from the previous design. Which design do you like more?

4. Gaming Bedroom and Streaming Studio

Kamar Tidur Gaming Sekaligus Studio Streaming Nowadays games in the digital world are not just for entertaining yourself. As time goes by, various applications and software have emerged that specifically provide a platform for gamers to share their excitement when playing. This bedroom design provides a reference for streamers for arranging gaming and streaming equipment. There is a microphone in the middle of the table, then the camera and tripod are neatly installed on the left. Don't forget a comfortable gaming chair so that sitting for a long time doesn't cause you excessive back and hip pain. Also read: 10 Unique and Comfortable Computer Desk Designs

5. Bedroom for Gaming and Working

Kamar Tidur untuk Gaming dan BekerjaApart from just being used for gaming, you can of course use it when working. If you intend to use this setup for 2 different activities then you can organize it better. For example, there is no need to use a gaming chair because an ergonomic chair can also be used when playing games. Then tidy up the table and arrange the computer along with other necessary hardware. When you need to work later, the gaming equipment can be stored first. Once it's time to play, all the equipment can be immediately taken out onto the table.

6. Simple but classy gaming bedroom

Kamar Tidur Gaming Simpel Namun BerkelasBedroom design for gaming doesn't always have to be festive with lots of decorations, accessories or the addition of other equipment that makes the gaming sensation more pronounced. You can make it simply like this design. Placing it in the corner of the room makes the room feel more spacious. Your space for mobility also becomes wider without having to bump into things around you.

7. Boarding School Style Gaming Bedroom

Kamar Tidur Gaming Ala Anak KosDo you still have to live in a dorm room for the next few years until you graduate from college or get a new job? Don't worry because you can still create a bedroom with gaming equipment. You can arrange the computer and laptop screens side by side. Then put the keyboard and mouse in the middle so that operating both screens is easy. Then the gaming setup at the boarding house is complete!

8. Animated Character Themed Gaming Bedroom

Kamar Tidur Gaming Bertema Karakter AnimasiGaming bedrooms are also not always decorated with LEDs or gaming posters mounted on the walls. If you have a hobby of collecting frames, action figures or dolls then all of these can be used as perfect decoration items. Like this example of a bedroom design filled with Japanese animated characters. From the largest to the smallest size, you can arrange it in such a way that it becomes a fun gaming place.

9. Game Console-themed Themed Gaming Bedroom

Kamar Tidur Gaming Bertema Konsol GameBedroom design themes that can be used are not only animated character themes. Use whatever theme you like to arrange your bedroom so that it is comfortable but still fun when used for playing games. If you really like a console brand then there's no harm in using the logo and writing to decorate your room. You can also try playing with the colors of the console logo as in the image above. Also read: 4 Ways to Use Technology Wisely

10. Sultan's Gaming Bedroom

Kamar Tidur Gaming Sultan For those of you who have an unlimited budget, aka children of sultans, you can try this gaming bedroom design. Apart from mattresses, computers, hardware and gaming chairs, you can place a sofa for relaxing as well as several other gaming equipment. Without having to worry about existing funds, you can turn your bedroom into a very enjoyable private fantasy space. Guaranteed you will not leave the room with all the most complete gaming equipment ever available. So how? What kind of gaming bedroom design do you like? If asked about their favorite design, most likely the majority of people will answer the gaming sultan's bedroom because it has very complete equipment. But remember, don't force yourself to buy various equipment if you don't have sufficient funds. Just adjust it to the funds you can spend now. If buying a gaming chair is very expensive then you can choose an alternative by using an ergonomic chair. Using various ergonomic furniture is not only because of aesthetic value, more affordable prices or popularity among the public. However, its further use is useful for keeping your body posture in good condition. PEXIO has a line of ergonomic furniture that is definitely quality and suitable for use for work and playing games. Examples include the MARLO Ergonomic Office Chair and the BRIGHTON Mesh Chair. So don't miss out on the best ergonomic furniture by contacting the PEXIO team now! Banner Ergonomic Chair PEXIO


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