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17 Comfortable Living Room Sofa Options for You

Bonding activities with loved ones at home are even stronger with the presence of a family room sofa. This furniture provides comfort when relaxing and unwinding while enjoying entertainment.

Comfort is an important factor when choosing a sofa. Apart from that, sofas have a big influence on the aesthetics or design of the family room. The varying shapes of sofas must also be taken into consideration when choosing a sofa.

17 Recommendations for Living Room Sofas

You will find sofas of various shapes and sizes when shopping at a furniture store. The choice is easy to make if you already know the sofa you want to buy. It's a different story if you haven't decided on the right type of sofa for the family room. Don't just think about comfort, choose a sofa that is durable and will last for years. Apart from that, the choice of sofa shape should be adjusted to the style of the family room. The shape of the sofa also determines its capacity, whether it can fit all your family members. The family room sofa options below are suitable for relaxing with the family. What are the sofa models commonly found in furniture stores?

1. Corner Sofa (L-Shaped Sofa)

Sofa ruang keluarga l-shaped It is shaped like the letter L or U and is a combination of various sofas. One part of the sofa is longer than the other parts and is designed with a minimalist concept. This type of sofa is suitable for homes with large family members. Also read: 5 Best Modern Minimalist Corner Sofas and Tips for Choosing Them

2. Cabriole Sofa

Sofa Cabriole Fans of 18th century European style rooms should have this cabriole sofa. The wooden frame of the sofa has carvings as a decorative pattern on the curved legs, typical of the feel of classic furniture. The comfort of the sofa can be equipped with soft sofa cushions.

3. Classic Arm Sofa

Sofa Minimalis Berlengan Klasik The shape is characterized by classic round arms. This model lasts for years, earning it the nickname "grandma's couch". In the past, this sofa was covered with a floral patterned cover. Over time, plain fabric covers have become upholstery for this classic sofa. Also Read: 5 Models of Narrow Living Room Chairs

4. Sofa Bed

Sofa Bed If you want an extra bed or two, then a sofa bed might be a good choice for you. The typical style of sofa bed usually has an English feel at the beginning of the 20th century which always prioritizes comfort. This sofa bed has a built-in bed, where you can pull out the bottom to become a long bed. This sofa is a great addition to your home if you don't have a guest room or want the luxury of a place to sleep while watching your favorite shows on TV. Sleeping on a regular sofa can make you uncomfortable and damage your sofa cushions. So a sofa bed is the right alternative when you want to buy a new sofa.

5. Loveseats

Sofa Minimalis Loveseat This sofa is designed for two people – two family members, friends, or a romantic couple as the name suggests. The characteristic of this sofa is its straight back and small size. For small family rooms, love seats are usually the choice because they are much smaller than most furniture. You can place this sofa in a narrow corner, then add a table as an companion.

6. Chesterfield Style Sofa

Sofa Gaya Chesterfield Chesterfield sofas are synonymous with leather and their long, thick shape. This sofa model is able to add a luxurious impression to the family room, especially when it is equipped with a bookshelf beside it. The advantage of a Chesterfield sofa is that it is easy to clean by wiping it if it gets dirty. Also read: 10 Recommended Elegant Sofa Colors for Your Home

7. Lawson Style Sofa

Sofa Gaya Lawson The shape is more sturdy and upright than other types of sofas. This sofa is equipped with back cushions and is made for a capacity of three people. This type of sofa is popular and you can find it in a variety of sizes, materials and colors.

8. Tuxedo Sofa

Sofa Tuxedo The uniqueness of this model is that the back height is the same as the height of the sofa arms. Tuxedo sofas are designed with symmetrical shapes and geometric lines, generally rectangular in shape. Tuxedo sofa upholstery is generally made of cloth, so you can change the cover if you get bored with the existing style. Also read: 7 Recommendations for Modern Minimalist Sofas for Small Living Rooms

9. 3 Seater Sofa

Sofa 3 Seater As the name suggests, this family room sofa has a capacity of three people, very suitable for those of you who have just had a baby. You can complete the 3 seater sofa with a table or leave it empty to maximize the family space so you can chat freely with your little ones. Apart from that, you can use this sofa to watch TV with your small family.

10. Half Circle Sofa

Half Circle Sofa This anti-mainstream sofa choice makes the atmosphere of your living room different. Unlike sofas in general, the shape of this sofa is a semicircle, very unique, isn't it! You can add a round table to add a minimalist impression in the middle of the room. By using a semi-circular sofa, the atmosphere of the house will be warmer because you and your family can communicate face to face.

11. Cheerful Orange Sofa

Sofa ruang keluarga berwarna orange Want to make the atmosphere at home more cheerful? This sofa is the right choice. With an orange sofa, the sense of optimism and adventure will be greater. Your children will certainly really like this sofa because it can increase their joy and enthusiasm for playing together. Apart from that, the orange color in your living room makes it brighter and more spacious. This is why many people use orange in various furniture, such as the living room sofa.

12. Combining Sofas and Chairs

Ruang Keluarga dengan Sofa dan Kursi You can combine sofas and chairs if you have a large family room. You can choose dark colors for the sofa and chairs, while using bright colors for the table, it is guaranteed that your living room will not look boring. Also read: 11 Types of Office Chairs and Their Functions

13. Modular Sofa

Sofa Modular Modular sofas are sofas that can be connected and separated from each other. Using this type of sofa will not be boring because you can freely change the placement of the sofa. You also don't need extra effort, such as dismantling using a screwdriver and other tools. Practical, right? You can use this sofa by putting it together or placing it face to face. If you are the type of person who gets bored quickly, maybe this type of sofa is the right choice!

14. Colorful Sofa with Decorative Plants

Sofa ruang keluarga berwarna warni The next inspiration for a family room sofa is to add bright colors to the room so it looks festive. There is a difference with the sofa in point 13, this sofa actually combines chairs and sofas with different colors from each other, bright colors! Apart from that, there are ornamental plants around the chairs and sofas which make the atmosphere cooler. Also read: 11 Choices of Decorative Water Plants for Tables to Liven Up the Atmosphere

15. Floral Sofa

Sofa Floral Don't be afraid to experiment with sofa motifs that are fun and give a comfortable impression in your living room. Try combining your living room wallpaper motif with a floral sofa to create a shabby chic feel – a soft, romantic and elegant feminine feel – so that it can strengthen the vintage impression of your room.

16. Georgian sofa

Sofa Gergio This sofa has a compact and upright style. This can be seen from the back of the sofa which is high, straight, with slender and tapered sofa arms. This Georgian sofa is suitable for your living room if it is small.

17. Multipurpose Living Room Sofa

Sofa serbaguna PEXIO yang minimalis modern The final choice is the ALICE living room furniture from PEXIO. This sofa is superior because it is equipped with shelves, storage drawers and a coffee table that can be separated. You don't need to bother choosing various furniture to complement the sofa, just determine the right layout for this sofa. Not only can it be placed in the family room, you can also use this sofa in the living room, you know! From the various lists above, which living room sofa are you interested in? If you choose the ALICE sofa, contact our team immediately to get complete information including the ALICE living room sofa price list.


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