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10 Examples of Ergonomics in Everyday Life

Have you ever used a broom stick with a tall wooden handle? If so, it means you have carried out one example of ergonomics in everyday life. Basically, ergonomics is all things related to understanding humans with appropriate and balanced work systems. The aim of applying ergonomics in work and daily life is to increase work productivity, make work easier, eliminate work risks, discomfort and excessive fatigue. Find various other examples of ergonomics in everyday life below.

What is the Role of Ergonomics in Daily Life?

Peran Ergonomi dalam Kehidupan sehari-hari With the aim of increasing productivity, the application of ergonomics in everyday life has a significant role, especially in physical and mental health. The following are the roles of ergonomics that you should know:

1. Improve work quality

Meningkatkan Kualitas KerjaErgonomics plays an important role in improving the quality of work of a company's employees, especially in providing workloads that are adjusted to abilities. Because when the workload given is too large, the greater the errors that may occur.

2. Reduce Costs

Mengurangi Biaya Using ergonomic principles in everyday life also plays a role in reducing costs in the health sector. Treating both physical and mental disorders costs quite a bit. If you complete various activities with ergonomics, then health costs can be diverted into savings funds or other needs.

3. Improve Skills

Meningkatkan KeterampilanEveryone basically has to have basic skills to complete a job, both professional and daily homework. Ergonomics helps improve skills through a good environment and increased productivity. Also Read: 8 Great Ergonomic Benefits for Work Space Furniture

Examples of Ergonomics in Everyday Life

Examples of ergonomics in everyday life can be found in various fields, especially work. The following is an example of the application of ergonomics in everyday life:

1. Computer Desk Design

Desain Meja Komputer A computer desk with an ergonomics concept has requirements such as an appropriate distance, the surface must not use material that reflects light, adequate leg movement space, the keyboard surface is parallel to the elbow, and includes all the necessary equipment. Also read: These are various sitting positions that people rarely know about!

2. Computer Chair

Kursi Komputer Ergonomic computer chairs help keep the spine in an optimal position and use supportive features to provide comfortable sitting for long periods of time. Usually, ergonomic computer chairs are made with a backrest from the lower back to the head, the shape of the chair back resembles the posture of the spine, has armrests, and has a soft seat cushion. Like the MARLO ergonomic chair from PEXIO which is made according to these provisions.

3. Keyboard Use

Penggunaan Keyboard Correct use of the keyboard is done by placing the wrist and fingers parallel to the forearm. This is useful for providing a relaxing effect on the hand muscles used for typing.

4. Computer or Laptop Screen

Layar Komputer atau Laptop Most of the work today is completed using digital devices. This means that you will be dealing with a computer or laptop every day, so it is important to place it according to the concept of ergonomics. The device screen is adjusted at eye level to avoid pain in the neck.

5. Use of Mouse

Penggunaan MouseApart from the keyboard, using a mouse also has its own conditions. If you use a mouse with your arm, wrist and hand aligned, then you are unconsciously implementing an example of ergonomics in your daily life. Also Read: 10 Principles of Office Spatial Planning and Steps to Arrange Them

6. Table Layout

Tata Letak Meja Another example of ergonomics in everyday life is the layout of tables in a room that is adjusted to ergonomic principles, such as arranging the table in a position where there is no glare and placing the table in a part of the room that has sufficient space for movement.

7. Work Environment

Lingkungan KerjaThe work process in an environment that applies ergonomics can be seen from the accessibility of all the equipment needed and completing work easily. A good work environment increases worker productivity in carrying out all tasks, so that all work is completed on time and the results are maximum.

8. Provide Boundaries

Memberikan Batasan While doing work, providing pauses and limits and limiting the same movements repeatedly are also examples of ergonomics in everyday life. Make sure to always do small stretches to prevent tense muscles and pain from sitting for too long.

9. Use appropriate techniques

Menggunakan Teknik yang SesuaiIn jobs that involve the ability to lift objects, applying proper weight lifting techniques is an example of ergonomics as well. In order to avoid diseaselifting weights, make sure the part of the body that bears the greatest load is the knees, not the muscles in the back.

10. Train your posture

Melatih Postur Tubuh

You must have considered correct body posture to reduce the risk of pain in several parts of the body. This activity is an example of practicing correct body posture and is an example of ergonomics in everyday life. Also read: This is the Correct and Healthy Sitting Position and Attitude. This is information about the role and examples of ergonomics in everyday life. Basically, ergonomics is something that must be implemented because being in an unfavorable work or social environment will increase the possibility of physical and mental fatigue. If fatigue occurs continuously, it will cause dangerous clinical symptoms such as pain in the back and neck, frequent dizziness, difficulty sleeping, reduced levels of concentration, slowness, decreased desire to get things done, lethargy, and even depression. Therefore, you should always apply ergonomics to your daily life to avoid these dangers. If you need ergonomic furniture, PEXIO can be the right solution. All ergonomic products available at PEXIO have premium quality and designs that suit body posture, so they are comfortable to use even for long periods of time. What are you waiting for? Contact PEXIO now for the best ergonomic products with a beautiful appearance. Ergonomic Chair PEXIO


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