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10 Examples of Home Office Furniture that You Must Have

Having to work from home due to the pandemic? There are several office pieces of furniture that you need to have so that you can still complete your work as if you were working in the office. What are some examples of office furniture that you must have? Tables and chairs are definitely mandatory pieces of furniture that must be present in the home to encourage productivity. To find out what kind of furniture you need to have, you can immediately read the information below.

Understanding Office Furniture

Pengertian Perabot KantorOffice furniture can simply be defined as items needed to support the operational activities of a company. Of course, these items must be able to be used for a long period of time so that the company does not have to spend large amounts of money regularly just to replace furniture. There are quite a lot of materials that can be chosen for office furniture, such as wood, glass, and so on. The existence of these items in the office space is definitely very important. Everything in an office space is put in place to help employees complete their work the way it should be done. Also read: 12 Types of Office Furniture and Tips for Choosing Them

Examples of Office Furniture at Home to Make Work More Productive

Contoh Perabot Kantor di Rumah agar Kerja Makin ProduktifYou definitely know what furniture is in an office, right? Tables, chairs, whiteboards, markers, printers, storage cabinets, and so on. As you already know, all furniture in the office is needed to support company operations. But when you have to work from home, do you also have to have all the office furniture? Find the answer in the following points.

1. Workbench

Meja Kerja Amby PEXIO FurnitureYou definitely have to have a work desk to support working from home activities. The work desk you must have is not just an ordinary table. It would be better to buy a desk specifically designed for work such as the ergonomic desk from PEXIO. One of them is a quality AMBY table that has a button to adjust the height according to needs. There are already hundreds of AMBY table units sold on the market because of their quality and comfort. Also read: What is a good work desk arrangement when WFH?

2. Work Chair

Model Kursi Minimalis LuxioChoosing a work chair at home is just as important as a table. Choose an ergonomic chair that has been specifically designed to support your entire body well. So working for a long time will not make your waist and shoulders hurt. PEXIO also has a line of ergonomic chairs that are definitely quality. For example, LUXIO chairs and REGENT chairs.

3. Storage Cupboard

Contoh Perabot Kantor di Rumah Lemari Penyimpanan A storage cupboard is needed to store all documents and work-related items. You can adjust the size of the cupboard to the number of documents and items you have. If the number of documents is very large then buying a large storage cupboard is the right choice. However, if space in your house is limited then buying a wall shelf could be a smart solution.

4. Various Electronic Devices

Contoh Perabot Kantor Berbagai Perangkat ElektronikOf course, electronic devices for work should not be missed. Working from home means having to do work online. You need a laptop or PC computer so that the work can be done well. If one is not enough then you can buy both to increase productivity. Also read: 10 Unique and Comfortable Computer Desk Designs

5. Quality Internet Modem

Modem Internet BerkualitasWhat is the meaning of electronic devices without an internet network, they definitely cannot function as they should. Therefore, you need to have a quality internet modem so that the work can be done well.

6. Safe

Brankas sebagai Contoh Perabot KantorA safe is actually not mandatory to have. If there are no confidential documents that need to be kept safe then you don't need to buy a safe. On the other hand, if there are important documents that must be safeguarded then buying a safe is a wise choice.

7. Printers

Perabot Kantor PrinterHaving a printer is actually not mandatory. Especially if all work tasks have shifted to the digital world. Of course, all important documents just need to be sent via e-mail or other online media. But if there are still documents that need to be printed and signed or wet stamped then having a printer at home will be very efficient. Also read: 6 Types of Furniture and How to Choose Them

8. Various Stationery

Berbagai Alat Tulis Even though many jobs have shifted to digital, various writing tools are still needed. If you are used to writing down your to-do list every day in a notebook, then having various writing tools is very important. Buy pens, pencils, sticky notes, highlighters, markers and other writing tools to support your work.

9. Footrest

Jenis Perabot Kantor FootrestThe purchase of a footrest is actually tentative according to your needs. But it is important for you to know that using a footrest is very important for maintaining body health. Especially if you have to sit for a long time. Footrest will help maintain body stability and reduce pain in the back. So it's a good idea to have a footrest at home to increase concentration and work productivity. Also read: What is Low Back Pain? Types, Causes and How to Prevent Them

10. Work Lights

Lampu Kerja untuk Pencahayaan di Ruangan Lighting when working from home is very important to pay attention to. Good lighting can improve mood and work enthusiasm. Often working from home feels very lazy because of the lack of lighting. That's why you need to choose additional work lights so that the lighting on your work desk is sufficient. Also read: These are the Standards for Room Lighting in the Workplace. These are various examples of office furniture that you need to have at home so that work productivity is maintained. Hopefully the information in this article can help you realize what is needed to maintain productivity while working from home. If you need a variety of work furniture that has been specifically designed for work, then ergonomic furniture from PEXIO is the right choice. If so, just contact the PEXIO team for a consultation and find out other ergonomic products that are suitable for you. Visit the PEXIO website now! Ergonomic Desk PEXIO


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