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10 Recommended Elegant Sofa Colors for Your Home

In choosing each piece of furniture to complement your home, there must be a certain theme or criteria that you choose so that the home atmosphere is comfortable for your entire family. Not only the theme, but also the material, function, size and color need to be determined well.

On this occasion, we will share several recommendations for elegant sofa colors that are suitable for your home. For those of you who are still confused about choosing the color of a sofa, hopefully by reading this article you will be helped in choosing the right sofa for your home.

10 Recommended Latest Elegant Sofa Colors for 2022

Here are ten recommendations for elegant and minimalist sofa colors that are suitable for you to apply at home:

1. White Sofa with Wood Combination from PEXIO

Sofa Warna Putih dengan Kombinasi Kayu A white sofa is always the color of choice that never goes wrong. The plain white color placed in your home can be a calming color for all family members when they are tired. A white sofa combined with wood material as the sofa frame can also add a sense of elegance to your home, such as the ALICE Sofa Bed from PEXIO. Apart from color, the ALICE Sofa Bed is often chosen because you can use this sofa as a bed and a place to store things. With the two additional functions in it, you no longer need to buy additional storage space. Apart from that, when you want to watch in the living room, you can watch films comfortably while lying down. Also read: 7 Recommendations for Modern Minimalist Sofas for Small Living Rooms

2. Navy Blue Sofa

Sofa Warna Biru Dongker Navy blue is the second recommended color for an elegant sofa. Navy blue is known for its elegant and very aesthetic color when combined with beige. If your house has a beige or earth tone theme, this dark blue sofa will be the perfect choice for you. Even though it tends to be dark in color, this will not make your room feel stuffy or full. The dark blue sofa color actually makes your room more unique and comfortable when you are sitting on it.

3. Brown or Beige Sofa

Sofa Warna Cokelat Atau Beige Sofas in brown or beige are very elegant when combined with other neutral colors. For example, in a white or gray room, where a beige or brown sofa will give an aesthetic impression that looks elegant. A sofa in this color will provide comfort at a different level than other colors because beige is also a neutral color.

4. Gray Sofa

Sofa Warna Abu-abu A gray sofa can also be your choice to make the room more elegant. You can combine a gray sofa with a white room color, gray with a different contrast from the color of the sofa and beige. Giving a touch of another color to your pillowcases and coffee table will bring perfection to your room. If you have a room with a natural theme, this gray sofa is also very suitable for you to choose. Also read: 4 Recommended Living Room Paint Colors

5. Red Sofa

Sofa Warna Merah A bright red or maroon sofa with velvet material will look very elegant in your home. As soon as you enter the room where this sofa is located, your room will have a different feel than before. You can combine a sofa with this color with various colors from white and neutral gray to navy blue and sea green.

6. Green Sofa

Sofa Warna Hijau The elegant green color can also be applied to sofas. You can choose a pastel green or turquoise sofa for a fresh look to the eye. The fresh atmosphere of this color can increase enthusiasm. To make the sofa look more attractive, combine pastel green with white or brown wooden sofa accessories (pillows). Well, this color seems simple so it will support the fresh and elegant impression of the color of your sofa.

7. Minimalist and elegant black sofa
Sofa Minimalis dan Elegan Warna Hitam To reduce boredom, you can choose a black living room or family room sofa. This sofa is suitable to be placed in a white painted room so that it contrasts with the black sofa. Black sofa products have several types of colors such as glossy black and matte. You can choose a glossy black sofa to show a more luxurious impression. Meanwhile, matte black gives a more relaxed impression. Also read: 7 Types of Office Chairs and Their Functions

8. Yellow Sofa

Sofa Warna Kuning Want to choose a living room sofa color that is simpler, but still elegant? Try using an ivory colored sofa whose tone is a bit dark. Apart from that, combine it with a room of the same color, but with clear gradations. Don't worry about looking monotonous. In fact, combining an ivory yellow sofa with walls that are yellow or brown in color can make the atmosphere feel more elegant. So, to create an extra comfortable atmosphere, you can add curtains in a room with matching colors.

9. Orange Sofa
Sofa Warna Orange The orange color on the sofa can give an elegant impression to your home. Apart from that, this color can increase a person's sense of enthusiasm and cheerfulness. Using orange on a sofa can also make your room look more spacious and help make the lighting brighter. This is what makes many people use orange as the color of their rooms and furniture, including modern minimalist sofas.

10. Light Blue Sofa

Sofa Warna Biru Muda The last elegant sofa color is light blue. Many have supported the idea that colors can have psychological effects, and blue is no exception. This color can be a good choice as a way of self-healing. Yes, to get peace of mind and heart, use this elegant sofa color, especially for those of you who plan to use it as a place to rest for a while. Also read: Tips for Buying the Best Modern Minimalist Corner Sofa

Tips for Caring for Elegant Living Room Sofa Colors

After knowing what colors you can choose for your elegant sofa. Next, you need to know how to care for the color of an elegant sofa so that it doesn't fade quickly. Here's how to care for a sofa so it doesn't fade quickly:

1. Clean Up Spills Immediately
Bersihkan Tumpahan dari Sofa When eating and drinking on the sofa, it's not uncommon for your drink to spill or spill. The first thing you need to make sure of is to immediately clean up the spill because if you don't clean it up immediately it can affect the color of your elegant sofa. You also have to clean your sofa regularly at least once a month using a vacuum cleaner to get maximum cleanliness.

2. Don't sit in the same spot

Jangan Duduk di Spot yang Sama Without realizing it, sometimes we choose one corner of the sofa and don't move to sit or lie down. This turns out to be not good because it can destroy the sofa fibers more quickly. Apart from that, the color of an elegant sofa can also fade. So, you should change your position by not putting weight on the same point. Also read: 9 Choices of Living Room Sofa Models for You

3. Avoid Sun Exposure
Hindari Paparan Matahari Sometimes the windows in a room are designed to allow the sun to enter. However, the sun hitting the sofa directly can actually make the color of the sofa fade. Therefore, it is a good idea to rearrange the placement of your sofa so that it is not exposed to direct sunlight. These are the colors of elegant sofas that you can choose according to the color of the room and the colors of other decorations in your home. Also pay attention to how to care for the sofa so that it still looks shiny and free from dirt and dullness. When choosing a sofa, make sure you come to the showroom to see the color of the sofa, because the color of the sofa product in the photo and the real one can be different. Therefore, if you want to buy other living room furniture, you can visit the PEXIO showroom. For more complete information about PEXIO, you can directly visit the website here.


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