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11 Anti-Mainstream Dining Table Designs

Is your home dining table design out of date? Why not try a unique and anti-mainstream design? It doesn't need to be expensive or luxurious to buy a table with this design. You can be creative with various objects and accessories to sweeten things up when eating together. However, there is nothing wrong if you want an anti-mainstream table that is expensive and gives a luxurious impression. Just adjust the design to the budget you have to buy a new dining table. Then let's see what table designs you can choose. In this article, PEXIO has collected various cool table designs for inspiration. Read more below!

12 Anti-Mainstream Dining Table Designs

Desain Meja Makan Anti-MainstreamTalking about good and anti-mainstream design actually comes back to each person. If this is your first time buying a new dining table, it's natural to be confused. You need various examples of dining table designs as inspiration and reference when you want to make a purchase. Here are some dining table designs that PEXIO has managed to collect.

1. Black Round Dining Table

Meja Makan Bulat HitamThere may be many round dining tables sold on the market, but what if they were black? Have you ever seen it? This black dining table looks very luxurious and elegant when combined with a white interior theme. The existence of this table presents a new impression that is completely different from the other furniture in your home. The material made from wood will definitely be very durable in use for a long time. Also read: 8 Good and Attractive Ways to Arrange a Dining Table

2. Magnificent dining table like in a restaurant

Meja Makan Megah Seperti di RestoranIt still has a round dining table shape, but you rarely see it in homes. You often find this tiered round table design in Chinese-style restaurants that offer a variety of dimsum and other menus. There's no harm in buying this dining table at home. In fact, its existence will give a unique impression that is anti-mainstream from most dining tables owned by the community.

3. Dining table that blends with the wall

Meja Makan yang Menyatu dengan DindingDining table attached to the wall? Doesn't it look strange? Of course not! In fact, combining the dining table with the wall gives a different impression from other designs. The mobility of you and all your family members will also be freer because there are no tables blocking the road.

4. Thin but classy oval dining table

Meja Makan Oval Tipis Namun BerkelasFor those of you who like minimalist designs, this dining table is suitable to choose. The uniqueness of this table is its oval shape and very thin thickness. Combined with a wooden chair which also has a minimalist design, making both of them very aesthetic to the eye.

5. Vintage Dining Table

Meja Makan VintageIf you have a warm vintage interior theme and vintage style then this dining table design can be a reference. Made using wood and then decorated with white lacy cloth, it makes the vintage impression even stronger.

6. Dining Table and Island

Meja Makan Sekaligus IslandNext, there are unique table designs that you can try. This dining table design can also be used to prepare food ingredients. So the design is a combination of a dining table and an island. Made from marble, the impression of your home will definitely feel luxurious but still elegant.

7. High dining table like a cafe

Meja Makan Tinggi Layaknya CafeIf usually a dining table has a medium height, which is equal to the waist, then this design is quite different. The dining table is even higher, like when you are in a bar or cafe. Not reducing its function as a comfortable place to eat, this design certainly brings a new color to your home.

8. Classy Small Dining Table

Meja Makan Mungil Classy There is another dining table design that is black and round in shape. This time it is not made of wood, but a very durable metal material. The appearance is no less cool because of the simple design. You can combine a dining table like this with a comfortable velvet sofa. It is very suitable for those of you who like to spend time with loved ones in the dining room area.

9. Corner dining table

Meja Makan Pojok Ruangan MenarikThe dining table is usually always placed in the middle of the room so that everyone can sit around it. But there's no harm in setting the dining table in the corner of the room. Combined with two different types of chairs, the appearance of your dining room will be very different and anti-mainstream. Also read: What is the Difference Between Sofas and Chairs? Let's find out here!

10. Modern Glass Dining Table

Meja Makan Kaca yang ModernCombining wood and glass materials is never wrong. You can see the proof from the dining table design above which combines both materials. The elegant leg design also gives a very unique anti-mainstream impression. Moreover, the combination of unusual chair designs gives a strong impression that is truly attractive.

11. Pandemic Dining Table

Meja Makan Masa Pandemi It's been a long time since you last entertained guests, hasn't it? The pandemic means you and your neighbors cannot visit each other to spend time together. However, the decreasing number of COVID-19 cases means you can entertain guests again. A dining table design like this can be an inspiration and reference. The shape is not only rectangular but oval, giving a different impression to your room. Anyone who sees it will definitely be interested in coming closer and lingering. Of the 11 design examples above, what kind of dining table do you like? Choosing furniture to fill a room in the house cannot be done carelessly. If it is not suitable, it will make the room atmosphere uncomfortable to use for a long time. In fact, every room in the house should be able to provide comfort for all family members. Moreover, the pandemic means you and your family spend a lot of time at home. Of course you have to make it very comfortable. Talking about comfort, do you have ergonomic furniture for working from home activities? The existence of ergonomic furniture is very important so that the waist and back do not cause excessive pain. If you are confused about choosing quality ergonomic furniture, then just visit PEXIO. There are a variety of types and types of ergonomic furniture available that are ready to support your body. The Russell Ergonomic Chair and the MIKE Ergonomic Chair are examples of superior products owned by PEXIO. Just consult all your needs by contacting the PEXIO team now! Banner Ergonomic Chair PEXIO


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