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10 Cafe-style Dining Room Designs for You to Imitate

Do you have a hobby of hanging out in cafes? Unfortunately, since the pandemic hit, gatherings with friends and family at cafes have been limited. However, you don't need to worry, because you can bring a cafe atmosphere to your home with a cafe-style dining room design. Come on, take a look at some of the recommendations below to use as a reference.

10 Cafe-style Dining Room Designs

10 Desain Ruang Makan Ala Cafe To design a cafe-style dining room, you can add several decorations such as decorative lights, candles, add a touch of nature, and determine the theme and color according to your wishes. To get an idea of how to decorate it, let's look at some of the dining room designs below.

1. Minimalist dining room design with hanging lights

ruang makan lampu gantungTo create this atmosphere is actually quite easy to imitate. You only need to change one side of the chair to make it longer. Then place a sofa with colorful motifs on it. Then, add a floor carpet and hanging lamp to create an aesthetic impression. As a result, the appearance of your dining room will be fresher and less boring. Also read: Actually, what size is the dining table according to ergonomic standards?

2. Outdoor dining area with a touch of nature

ruang makan outdoor sentuhan alam The dining room can also be set outside the house to get a natural atmosphere. You can build a terrace behind the house that is roomy enough to accommodate a table and chairs. Then, place the table and chairs close to the wall to make it easier to decorate. Complete it with natural flower decorations to add a more real natural impression.

3. Dining Room with Pastel Colors

ruang makan warna pastelYou can decorate the dining room with various pastel colors, starting from silver tableware and pastel pink or green decorations. If you have a bar near the dining table, you can decorate it too with matching colors. Don't forget to choose neutral colors for chairs and tables, for example white or brown wood.

4. Dining room design with a Scandinavian feel

Desain Ruang Makan dengan Nuansa Skandinavia The Scandinavian nuance is synonymous with elements such as wooden decorations, rattan and green plants. Don't forget to complement it with a hanging lamp covered with rattan to make it look even more attractive. The design of this dining room is similar to the atmosphere of a cafe which wants to create a semi-vintage impression. Also read: 11 Choices of Decorative Water Plants for Tables to Liven Up the Atmosphere

5. Small and Simple Dining Room Design

ruang makan minimalisIf the dining room in your house is small, you don't need to worry, because you can still create a cafe-style dining room design. The way to do this is by using an island table with a stone motif or other motif that you like. To make the cafe atmosphere even more pronounced, you can add rattan chairs without backrests so they are easier to store. Also read: 10 Contemporary Minimalist Dining Table Designs

6. Gray Dining Room Design

ruang makan nuansa abu This gray dining room was inspired by Gilang Dirga's kitchen. This design looks masculine, but gives a warm impression because of the dominant use of gray. On one side of the dining table, the chairs were replaced with an elongated sofa with soft cushions. Then, along the walls, use wooden frames as room decoration.

7. Dining Room Design with Beach Decor

ruang makan ala pantai For those of you who like the beach atmosphere, you can copy this beach-style dining room design. Use blue and white colors which are identical to the beach scene. On one part of the wall, you can add a wooden wheel-shaped decoration that is similar to a ship's rudder and emergency tires. Don't forget to add a brown wooden table in the middle.

8. Dining Room Design in the Corner of the Room

ruang makan pojok ruangan Do you have a minimalist house? If so, you can implement a dining room design in the corner area of the room which is very similar to the feel of a cafe. You can attach the table to the wall. Then the chairs can only be placed on one side of the dining table. A dining room design like this looks aesthetic and comfortable for everyday use. In fact, you will feel like you are not eating at home, but at a cafe.

9. Industrial Theme Outdoor Dining Room Design

Desain Ruang Makan Outdoor Tema IndustrialTo present a cafe-style dining room design not only indoors, but also outdoors. Especially if you have a large enough area on the back terrace of the house. One design that you can imitate is a minimalist industrial theme. Leave the walls of your house still in rough cement to present this theme. Then, use wooden furniture to decorate your dining room. Also read: 20 Open and Simple Small Kitchen Designs for Minimalist Homes

10. Dining Room Design by the Swimming Pool

ruang makan dekat kolam renang Does your house have a swimming pool? If there is, you can design a dining area on the edge. Bring a natural impression by adding vines to the roof. When night falls, you can turn on the lights to create a warm atmosphere with your family. Eating events will be even more enjoyable with this poolside dining room design. That's information about cafe-style dining room designs that you can copy. One important thing in creating a cafe atmosphere in the dining room is choosing aesthetic and comfortable furniture. So, to add to this comfortable atmosphere, you can use living room furniture from PEXIO. The furniture available at PEXIO ranges from sofas, chairs, multipurpose tables and coffee tables. Get a one year guarantee after purchasing ergonomic furniture. One of our products that you can try is the very interesting Alice Multifunction Sofa. Curious about the features? Contact us now to get more information.


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