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5 Elements of Decorative Images for Home Wall Displays

To create an elegant but minimalist interior impression, you can add decorative picture elements to the house. Decorative images themselves are patterns or motifs that can be used to decorate or decorate. The inspiration for decorative images is usually from human, plant and animal forms but they are not similar to the original form. The purpose of this decorative image is of course to beautify the room in your home. Decorative images can be said to be dynamic and abstract art. Even so, the manufacturing process cannot be haphazard. It requires certain techniques and creativity so that the resulting image has aesthetic value. Apart from being a decorative image, this decorative image can help convey certain messages so that they are easy to convey. The process of making decorative images is influenced by several elements which will be explained further below.

Decorative Image Elements

Decorative images consist of five elements, namely points, lines, planes, colors and structures that form an image. In the process of creating decorative images, it is mandatory to present these five elements. This is because these elements are interrelated, thus providing aesthetic value to the results. Further explanation regarding these elements will be explained below.

1. Point

Unsur Gambar Dekoratif TitikActually points have no dimensions. The most common point shape is a simple roundabout. However, if the process of creating this point is modified, it will produce a shape in the form of a roundabout, compressed, cornerless, square, triangular, oval, and so on. These connected points produce various spatial shapes which become references in the process of creating decorative images. In other words, this decorative image would be impossible if there was no point in the manufacturing process. Therefore, this point element is a very important element. Also read: Decorative Images: Definition, Function, Examples & How to Make Them

2. Line

Unsur Gambar Dekoratif GarisApart from points, there are lines which are the result of real strokes or limits of an object, space, series, mass and color. In general, the shape of lines can be divided into straight, curved and bent/broken. When connected, these lines will produce various spatial shapes. Connecting lines and points is the main asset in the process of creating decorative images that have aesthetic value. For those of you who have high creativity, just modifying the points and lines can produce decorative images that have selling value.

3. Field

Unsur Gambar Dekoratif BidangFields are one of the decorative image elements that you should not miss. A plane is a flat shape without thickness. In this case, the plane only has dimensions of length and width (area). Planes also have positions and directions and are limited by lines which are commonly referred to as two-dimensional shapes. Some decorative images are also identical to two-dimensional images which provide additional aesthetic value. Decorative images with two-dimensional shapes generally have no volume and can only be seen in one direction. This is because decorative images are also part of an artist's idealism in conveying his messages. Therefore, the thing that appears more prominent is its aesthetic value. Also read: Types and Elements of Decorative Images for Room Interiors

4. Color

Unsur Gambar Dekoratif WarnaIn decorative arts, color is the most important element among other elements. The function of color here is to show the differences between fields. The aesthetic values contained in this decorative image can of course be felt because there is a touch of color. Colors that are mixed and matched generally look like they clash with each other. Even so, the resulting decorative images still provide beauty and meaningful selling value. For those of you who like bright colors, you can have this decorative picture to decorate your home,

5. Structure

Unsur Gambar Dekoratif Struktur Structure is the arrangement or result of the organization of three basic elements, namely points, lines and planes which then give birth to a new form called a work of decorative art. Structure can also be said to be an aspect that concerns the overall value of art. This artistic value is useful for showing the existence of certain relationships between the composed elements. Also read: Types of Office Layouts that You Need to Know

Characteristics of Decorative Images

To differentiate between various art images, you need to know their various characteristics, including decorative images. What are the characteristics of decorative images? Let's look at the explanation carefully below,

1. The image has a line pattern

Gambar Memiliki Pola Kegarisan This decorative image, which consists of dots and lines, will of course be identical to an image that has a line pattern. Even though the image is abstract, the lines that appear will stand out more. This later became a characteristic of decorative images. Also read: 12 “DIY” Children's Room Decoration Ideas that Add Fun

2. Rhythmic Images

Gambar BeritmePatterned and rhythmic images are synonymous with decorative images. The rhythm in question means that there are certain patterns in the decorative image. This means that the process of making decorative images will pay attention to patterns to form an image that has aesthetic value.

3. Even colors

Warna yang RataDecorative images have even and perfect colors. This color has the aim of updating the decoration to make it look more attractive. That's why decorative pictures are suitable as decoration in your home. Also read: 7 Recommendations for Aesthetic and Contemporary Room Colors

4. Decorative Images for Decoration

Gambar Dekoratif untuk Hiasan The basic purpose of making decorative images is to decorate, beautify and beautify an object. Therefore, this decorative image prioritizes the values of beauty. Those are the decorative image elements that give aesthetic value to an image. You can keep this decorative image which functions as decoration in rooms such as the living room, family room, and private room. Decorative images give the impression of an elegant minimalist home, especially if supported by furniture from PEXIO. PEXIO furniture designs will make your home more organized and orderly. Contact PEXIO now for service and decoration solutions for your home.


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