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10 Unique and Comfortable Computer Desk Designs

Technological developments make the role of computers or other electronic devices increasingly important. Not only teenagers, parents have now switched to using computers for work activities, searching for information, communicating, and so on. Thus, of course you need a computer desk design that is comfortable and still has a unique appearance.

10 Unique and Comfortable Computer Desk Design Options

Desain meja komputer yang unik dan nyaman diantaranya adalah meja komputer futuristik dan meja komputer kaca. Ketahui selengkapnya desain meja komputer di sini!The table design can be adjusted to suit the style of the house and usage needs so as not to reduce comfort and increase productivity. This is certainly necessary when selecting a table considering that some activities with the computer will be carried out at that table. The following is a computer desk design reference for you:

1. Minimalist computer desk

Desain Meja Komputer MinimalisThe minimalist table design creates a simple but still beautiful impression. This design also offers comfort through the table shape and simple color combination. A minimalist computer desk design helps save space, is neat, and makes the room look more spacious. Even though it is called minimalist, this computer desk design still has many functions. In the open part, it can be used as a CPU holder. On other shelves, it can be used as a book holder or something else.

2. Wall Computer Desk

Desain Meja Komputer DindingThe wall computer desk design is a design that attaches to the wall without using table legs. All you need is a table base of a certain thickness and strong hook material for the table. This design is suitable for buildings with a modern industrial style. However, there are several things that must be considered about wall computer desks. Installing this computer desk must pay attention to the surface area of the table. Make sure the surface area is appropriate so that the distance between your eyes and the screen is neither too close nor too far. Also read: What is the ideal height of a work desk? This is the complete explanation!

3. Lesehan Computer Desk

Desain Meja Komputer LesehanA computer desk with a cross-legged design allows you to have a desk underneath and work sitting on the floor. This computer desk gives a flexible and relaxed impression. Use a sitting pillow as a base so you can use the computer desk design comfortably for long periods of time.

4. Iron Computer Desk

Meja Komputer Besi A computer desk made of iron is a table that can withstand loads. This table gives an antique impression combined with a modern design. The use of iron makes this computer desk last for a long time. To create an antique design, you can add decoration in the form of a table lamp. So the computer desk looks more unique. Also read: Minimalist office work desk design with good arrangement

5. Futuristic Computer Desk

Meja Komputer FuturistikA futuristic computer desk is a desk with a design that presents a future and sophisticated look. Usually there are several drawers in several parts and there are not many additional decorations on the table. This is done to create a modern, sophisticated and unique impression.

6. Modern Computer Desk

Meja Komputer ModernModern computer desks are easy to find because most of the computer desks around use modern designs. Modern computer desks are equipped with drawers, so you can store all your items in the available drawers. The size of a modern computer desk is also relatively large and has a large surface area. Apart from being a computer desk, this desk design is suitable for desk needs in the office industry as well as personal study desks. On the surface of the table, various items or additional shelves can be placed. Also read: 7 Simple Study Table Options for Small Rooms

7. Computer Desk with Lamp

Desain Meja Komputer Lampu Since the rise of videos of gamers using computer desks with lights of various colors, now many people are starting to be interested in computer desk designs with additional lights, especially neon. This computer desk with lamps is designed in a minimalist style with additional lights on several sides. By using colored lights, this design creates an aesthetic impression in the room through the colors of the lights. Especially when the main lights are turned off. Basically, neon lights can be combined with a variety of basic colors. Also read: 10 YouTuber Gaming Equipment for Beginners to Become Successful YouTubers

8. Closet Computer Desk

Desain Meja Komputer Lemari A cupboard computer desk has the shape and size of a cupboard but is smaller. This computer desk can accommodate all computer items and equipment in one place. This is because there are several shelves in it. This makes it easier for you to do things because all the computer equipment is in the same place. This table design offers two options. First, you can use the door as a whole cupboard. The advantage of the door as a whole is that the room will look neater and more unique when the door is closed. Second, use of doors on half of the part. The door will function as a cover for the shelves in the cupboard.

9. Single Drawer Computer Desk

Meja Komputer Single DrawerA single drawer computer desk has one drawer with four legs. This design suits the needs of today's minimalist homes. The room will look more beautiful and aesthetic. Usually single drawer tables are designed in white, so they are easy to combine with various table decorations. Also read: 11 Choices of Decorative Water Plants for Tables to Liven Up the Atmosphere

10. Glass Computer Desk

Desain Meja Komputer Kaca Glass can help the minimalist concept of a room look unique. A computer desk design using transparent glass is a unique design and gives a luxurious effect to the room. Apart from that, glass tables are also easy to clean and have various glass thickness options. This design is also suitable to be placed in any room with any concept. In the end, the room will look wider and brighter because the glass can reflect light entering the house.


Based on the various computer desk designs above, you can determine the design you choose according to your needs. When purchasing tables and other necessities, make sure the furniture is of the best quality so that it can be used for a long time. PEXIO provides various furniture of the best quality and interior design services. Contact PEXIO now to get the ergonomic desk of your dreams. Ergonomic Desk PEXIO


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