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9 Adorable Children's Bed Designs

Children's bed designs cannot be haphazard. The reason is, children have their own character, so the room where they spend their sleep must be able to make them comfortable. Therefore, you as a parent must be ready to make your child's bed as attractive as possible.

9 Cute Children's Bed Designs that You Can Apply

Desain Tempat Tidur Anak yang Lucu dan Bisa Anda Terapkan It is very important to make children feel comfortable in their room. The reason is, the bedroom is the place where your little one spends the most time during a day's activities. A comfortable room will make children's growth and development more optimal. Here are nine cute and adorable children's bed designs for you to take inspiration from!

1. Colorful, elegant children's bed

Tempat Tidur Anak Anggun Penuh WarnaThis children's bed design is very interesting to try. The combination of various colors on the bed will provide comfort for your little one. You can combine colors in the furniture, such as chairs, pillows, carpets and others. Use colors that are unique and liked by children, then combine them with pastel colors to make it more perfect. However, pay attention to the proportions of each color so that the room atmosphere is not too busy. If the color combination is right, the room will also be more comfortable for the child. Also read: 10 Best Ergonomic Chairs and Their Prices in 2022

2. Minimalist and natural children's bed

Tempat Tidur Anak Minimalis dan Natural If your child prefers simple designs, you can try this design. This children's bed design prioritizes functionality by reducing some of the furniture that can fill the room. Children will be more focused when studying because the room atmosphere seems calm. However, the drawback of minimalist design is that it can look boring for children. For this reason, don't forget to use pastel colors that children like to make them more comfortable. Giving these different colors can make the atmosphere of the room more cheerful.

3. Adventurer style children's bed

Tempat Tidur Anak ala PetualangChildren have extraordinary creativity. They were still at the stage where their adventurous instincts were very high. Therefore, give them a bed with an adventurous theme so that they are more enthusiastic about carrying out activities. Use natural nuanced ornaments such as fur chairs, grass-like carpets, or cabin beds.

4. Fairytale themed children's bed

Tempat Tidur Anak Tema Dongeng Children have very high imagination. Fairy tales can easily come to mind. Therefore, create a fairy tale atmosphere that they like in their child's bed. Provide decorations with magical stars, rainbows, flowers, and other fairy tale-style visualizations that your little one likes. Also use dominant colors from fairy tales that your child likes in various furniture. These colors can be placed on blankets, pillowcases, or curtains. Also read: 7 Tips for Choosing Minimalist Home Furniture

5. Bunk Bed Children's Bed

Tempat Tidur Anak Bunk BedFor those of you who have limited space but have to provide a room for two children, you can use this children's bed design. Use a bunk bed in your child's room so that both of them can sleep in one room in peace. Decorate them with bright pastel colors to make them more comfortable in their room. This design is able to save space in limited areas.

6. Dominant White Children's Bed

Tempat Tidur Anak Dominan Putih Children usually like bright colors. However, you can still experiment with monochrome colors like white. Use the dominant color white on various elements of the bed such as walls, blankets, pillows and other furniture. Even so, you still have to provide furniture in other colors so that the bedroom atmosphere is more cheerful. Also read: 10 Inspirations for Elegant Black and White Room Designs

7. Children's Bed and Study Room

Tempat Tidur Anak Sekaligus Ruang BelajarThis children's bed design will allow you to save existing space. You can use under a high bed as a study place for your child. Some textbooks can be placed directly there so that it becomes easier for children to do school work.

8. Lesehan Children's Bed

Tempat Tidur Anak Lesehan For those of you who like the minimalist concept, this lesehan children's bed will be very suitable at home. Position the mattress in the lower area, close to a place that provides light such as a window. Then, put a carpet nearby for the child to do various activities. This cross-legged bed can save a lot of space in the room. Also read: 10 Cool and Comfortable 3x3 Lesehan Bedroom Designs

9. Children's Bed with Pink Shades

Tempat Tidur Anak Nuansa Pink The pink color is very suitable to be placed on a child's bed. The soft pastel pink color makes the room adorable. Usually, pink or pink-dominant bedding is the hallmark of girls' rooms. Add some cute furniture that can make children more comfortable when resting in their room. The design of a child's bed must be adapted to the character of your little one so that they are more comfortable when resting there. Apart from paying attention to the adorable and cute design, you also need to use some furniture that is functional and makes them comfortable. You can use ergonomic furniture from PEXIO for additional furniture needs in your child's room. PEXIO provides a variety of premium quality furniture that is suitable to meet your needs. The Wendy Multifunction Chair and AMBY Ergonomic Table, for example, will support your child's comfort in their room. Contact PEXIO immediately to consult on the interior design of your child's bed! 


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