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The Best Ergonomic Meeting Chairs for Your Office

Are you looking for meeting chair prices? Meeting chairs must be adjusted to the meeting or conference room size. The right choice will create an image of a prestigious and professional company.

Today's meeting chairs are generally offered in modern styles and calmer color choices. Most of them are equipped with wheels, making them more ergonomic and flexible.

So, for those looking for price recommendations for meeting chairs, check out the following list.


Tips for choosing meeting chairs

Meeting chairs are an essential part of the meeting room. Choosing the proper meeting chair will make meeting participants feel comfortable and able to focus on the material.

Research has proven that an employee's productivity can increase if given a chair as a comfortable and ergonomic place to sit. Before determining the price of meeting chairs, you should know the tips below for choosing the right one for an office room.

1. Consider the size of the room

Looking for meeting chairs adapted to the room's size is essential. If the room is too small, you have to choose a compact and not too big chair. On the other hand, if the room is too big, choose a more oversized and more comfortable chair.

2. Consider the needs of meeting participant

Apart from considering the size of the room, you also have to think about the meeting participants' needs. Choose a chair that can support various body postures. Choose a chair that is easy enough or soft because it can make meeting participants uncomfortable.

3. Consider price and quality

Don't just buy the cheap price; you immediately buy meeting chairs for the company. When choosing a meeting chair, you have to ensure that the chair you choose is of high quality and can last a long time.

If the seats are too cheap, the possibility of changing seats shortly is very high. Meanwhile, if you choose a chair that is too expensive, you may cost the company more money. So, choose a chair that fits your budget but still prioritizes quality.

4. Consider aesthetics

When searching for meeting chair prices, aesthetic considerations are also important. The meeting chair chosen must match the design of the meeting room. If the model is not suitable, it can disrupt the aesthetics of the meeting room itself.

You also have to ensure that the chair you choose matches the color and other textures in the room.


Prices for the best ergonomic meeting chairs

After knowing the tips for choosing meeting chairs, it's time to adjust the price to the criteria for ideal meeting chairs stated previously. Below, we provide information about recommended meeting chair prices that can be taken into consideration.

1. Hervey Ergonomic Chair

Harga kursi rapat Hervey Ergonomic Chair

The Hervey Ergonomic Chair meeting chair is highly recommended for those seeking a meeting chair. The simple model makes it suitable for work or meetings.

Available in three color choices, namely black, black, grey, and white, the price of this meeting chair is IDR 2,100,000.

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2. Linden Ergonomic Chair

Harga Kursi Rapat Linden Ergonomic Chair

You can choose this chair if you need a meeting chair with a simple and classic model. This meeting chair combines aesthetics and user comfort and is available in two color choices, namely black and grey.

The leaf motif on the back of the chair is designed to support the lower spine of your body. Suitable for use in rooms that are just a little smaller. The price of meeting chairs is IDR 2,294,250. 

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3. Sydney Ergonomic Chair

Harga kursi rapat Sydney ergonomic chair

This meeting chair has a three-way adjustable headrest: up and down, back and forth, and swing. Apart from that, some features can support the user's spine.

Available in black and grey, the Sydney Ergonomic Chair has a soft seating cushion so that meeting participants feel comfortable even if they have to attend meetings for hours. The price of this meeting chair is IDR 3,819,000. Interested in buying it? 

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4. Milson Ergonomic Chair

Harga kursi rapat Milson

Next is the Milson Ergonomic Chair, which prioritizes aesthetics and comfort. Milson was designed with an ergonomic model. This meeting chair can support the body posture of meeting participants exceptionally well.

This slim and modern meeting chair is also equipped with a comfortable headrest. This meeting chair is available in three colors: black, gray, and beige, which is priced at IDR 3,500,000. 

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5. Rhodes Ergonomic Chair

Harga kursi rapat Rhodes Ergonomic Chair

The Rhodes Ergonomic Chair can also be one of the meeting chairs you can consider. The price of this meeting chair is IDR 3,850,000. At this price, you can get a comfortable meeting chair that can support the participants' body posture.

The premium material can also improve air circulation when sitting so that meeting participants can focus more on listening to the meeting material. This chair is available in three color choices, namely black, gray, and grayish blue. 

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6. Mike Ergonomic Chair

Harga kursi rapat Mike Ergonomic Chair

A comfortable chair for meetings with complete ergonomic features. Starting from the headrest, armrest, and chair height, which can be adjusted according to needs, as well as soft seat cushions. The back of the chair is also made flexible so that anybody can move right and left freely.

The price of this meeting chair is IDR 4,200,000. 

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7. Taylor Ergonomic Chair 

Harga Kursi Rapat Taylor Ergonomic Chair

Taylor Ergonomic Chair is the answer to your meeting chair search. The simple and minimalist design will make the appearance of the office meeting room more aesthetic. This chair is equipped with feature support that perfectly maintains body posture.

Interested in buying it? The price of this meeting chair is IDR 4,725,000. 

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8. Regent Ergonomic Chair

Harga Kursi Rapat Regent Ergonomic Chair

Need a meeting chair with a more luxurious appearance? The Regent Ergonomic Chair is the right choice for you. Inspired by the Eiffel Tower, the appearance of this chair is very sturdy and elegant.

The ergonomic features of this meeting chair will support the body posture of meeting participants comfortably. This chair cushion is very soft and is claimed to be scratch-resistant. The price of the Regent Ergonomic Chair is IDR 4,750,000. 

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9. Stanley Ergonomic Chair 

Harga kursi rapat Stanley Ergonomic Chair

This premium meeting chair is available in two colors, namely black and grey. The chair's back is made of full mesh, which is flexible to adjust to the user's body posture. The chair frame is made of aluminum, which also makes this chair look very sturdy.

The price of this premium meeting chair is IDR 8,400,000. Buy now here!

10. Maxim Ergonomic Chair

Harga Kursi Rapat Maxim Ergonomic Chair

Need an extra budget to get chairs for this meeting. Even though the price is expensive, the quality is top-notch. This chair will support the user's lower spine, ensuring meeting participants' comfort during the meeting.

The price for this meeting chair is IDR 8,950,000. Get 37% discount here!

That is the recommended price for meeting chairs that can be considered. So, of the meeting chairs mentioned above, which chair is your choice?

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