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9 Minimalist, Comfortable and Beautiful Master Bedroom Furniture

"Actually, what bedroom furniture needs to be in the room?", we will discuss the answer to this question in this article. Maybe you feel uncomfortable when you look at your own bedroom. Actually, you don't need to have a lot of furniture in the bedroom. You don't need to put a sofa if the bedroom space is small. There is also no need to put a large cupboard that takes up quite a lot of space. Through the information in this article, you can understand what the main furniture that needs to be in the bedroom is.

9 Beautiful and Comfortable Minimalist Bedroom Furniture

In choosing what furniture should be in the bedroom, there are actually no standards that must be followed. You can adjust it to your needs and desires. Apart from that, you need to adjust all the furniture that will be placed to the size and design of the room. If the bedroom is not too spacious, it's a good idea to use multifunctional furniture, such as the ALICE sofa bed from PEXIO. On the other hand, if the bedroom is large enough, you can add a sofa or other furniture that will fulfill your needs. So, here are seven master bedroom furniture that you must have:

1. Comfortable and Suitable Bed

Tempat Tidur yang Nyaman dan Sesuai An appropriate and comfortable bed is the first bedroom furniture that you must have. Even though it is clear that a bedroom must have a bed, there are still some of you who have inappropriate and uncomfortable beds. What is meant here is that the height of the bed needs to be adjusted to suit your comfort and needs. To make you comfortable when lying down, the height of the bed needs to be adjusted to the height of the bedroom ceiling. It's a good idea to have a bed height of around 22-25 inches from the floor. If you don't want to fall out of bed, then a bed without a frame could be an option. You can make a small bedroom more spacious by placing a bunk bed, where the mattress is at the top and the study table can be placed right beneath it. Also read: 10 Secrets of Simple and Simple Bedroom Renovations that You Can Copy

2. Bedside Table has many functions

Bedside Table Banyak Fungsi Having a bedside table or small table next to the bed will add an aesthetic impression. Apart from that, you can use the bedside table as a place to put a night light which will make you sleep deeper. To give a comfortable and pleasing impression, you can choose an elegant and simple bedside table design. There is no need for a fancy design, when the color and shape match the bedroom theme, then the bedside table is suitable for you to use.

3. Storage Cabinet with Simple Design

Lemari Penyimpanan dengan Desain Simpel Storage cupboards are certainly very crucial. However, there are still many people who do not choose storage cabinets well. However, storage cupboards need to be chosen taking into account the number of items you have and the size of the bedroom. If you have quite a lot of items, a large storage cupboard can be used. You can also use several storage cupboards that function as stairs or decoration in the room. This cupboard can later be used to store items as well as to store clothes or accessories that you have. Also read: 8 Romantic Room Decoration Ideas for New Couples

4. Minimalist open hanging cupboard

Lemari Pakaian Terbuka The next bedroom furniture is an open hanging wardrobe. You can use this furniture if you feel that the wardrobe like the previous point is still too big. The advantage of using a clothes hanger like this is that it makes it easier for you to organize your clothes. The tip is that you can organize the color of your clothes by color to make them look more aesthetic. You also don't need to worry about getting this type of furniture because it is widely available on e-commerce which you can buy online.

5. Multifunctional Table and Chairs

Set Meja dan Kursi Belajar Anak Multifungsi The next bedroom furniture is a table and chairs. So, to save space in the bedroom, it's a good idea to use the existing table and chairs as a place to study or work and make up. You can choose a table with various storage drawers to store beauty products and accessories while making it a place to work. To be able to use these two functions, you can choose a wide table with a flat surface. Then you can hang the mirror on the wall so it doesn't take up space on the table. For chairs, you just need to make sure that the chair is comfortable for working (such as an ergonomic chair), because when applying makeup, any chair can be used. Also read: 12 “DIY” Children's Room Decoration Ideas that Add Fun

6. Large Mirror

Furniture Kamar Tidur Cermin Besar Apart from placing a mirror hanging on the wall, you can place a large mirror on the cupboard door or in the corner of the room. Using a mirror is important when you want to see your appearance before leaving the house. A large mirror is not only for looking at your appearance, but can also make the room feel more spacious than it should be.

7. Nightlight

Furniture Kamar Tidur Lampu Tidur Using a small night light on the bedside table can make the bedroom feel very comfortable. At night, using a night light will make the bedroom atmosphere calm. There are also many types of night lights that can be used. You can use a small night light or Tumblr lamp hanging on the wall to make the bedroom warmer. Also read: 7 Ways to Decorate a Small Room

8. Dressing Table

Furniture Kamar Tidur Meja Rias Next you can add a dressing table. This is of course bedroom furniture that women must have. You can combine small night lights or Tumblr lights on the dressing table by circling them. Choose a dressing table with a minimalist design and shape so that it doesn't take up too much space in your room. To keep it aesthetic, choose a dressing table with a motif that matches the other furniture.

9. Carpet with a Unique Pattern

Karpet dengan Motif Unik The last bedroom furniture is a carpet. Adding a carpet to the bedroom will make you comfortable spending time in it. Carpets with unique motifs will be additional decorations that match the minimalist theme. When you're bored, you just need to change the carpet pattern and the room will have a different feel. Placing a carpet is also useful as a mat before you get into bed. Very functional, right?

Benefits of Using Bedroom Furniture

Keuntungan Menggunakan Furniture Kamar TidurAfter knowing what furniture you need to prepare for the bedroom, also know some of the advantages of using this furniture. Here are some of the benefits of using bedroom furniture, namely:

  1. Creating a more aesthetic bedroom
  2. Adds comfort to the bedroom
  3. Maximize space
  4. Sharpening creativity
  5. Adds enthusiasm and joy if you have to work in your room


These nine bedroom furniture can complete all your needs while you are in it. The presence of some of this furniture is enough to make you feel comfortable in the bedroom. If you are looking for furniture that is comfortable to use for working from home, ergonomic furniture offered by PEXIO could be the right choice. There are various products with their own specifications and uniqueness to meet your needs. Please visit the PEXIO website to see the price list and various other ergonomic products. Ergonomic Chair PEXIO


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