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15 Beautiful Bedroom Ceiling Designs

The ceiling is an important component in architecture and design. If there is no ceiling, then the appearance of a room will not look attractive. Likewise with the bedroom. Even bedroom ceiling designs can reduce heat if you use the right materials, so that the atmosphere in the bedroom becomes cooler.

Apart from beautifying the room, the ceiling functions as a barrier between the roof and the room. Also, it functions as a heat barrier from the roof, so that sunlight does not fall directly into the room. Behind its various functions, the ceiling must look attractive so that the room looks more aesthetic. How do you design a ceiling that looks beautiful, unique and attractive? Come on, take a look at some of the ceiling design recommendations below.

15 Beautiful Bedroom Ceiling Designs

Desain Plafon Kamar Tidur yang Cantik dan Menarik In determining a beautiful bedroom ceiling design, you need to pay attention to several things, such as choosing a ceiling with the best quality materials and according to the color and concept of the room. So, how do you determine it? Let's look at some ceiling design recommendations that you can use as a reference.

1. Classic Minimalist Ceiling

Plafon Minimalis Klasik This ceiling model has a tropical accent that makes you remember the atmosphere of a summer holiday. This classic ceiling has a minimalist cone shape with a clean white color. You can combine this ceiling model with brown wall paint to create a tropical impression. Classic minimalist ceiling designs are usually used by hotels that carry a traditional concept. Here, you can imitate it for the comfort of your room. Also read: Comfortable 4 Bedroom House Design for Large Families

2. Unique and Attractive Bedroom Ceiling

plafon unik dan menarik You can present this unique and attractive ceiling design in your child's room. You can use wall paint to color the ceiling with three color gradations to create a fresher and happier room. Also add a rotating fan above the ceiling to control the air temperature. Don't forget to add decorations to the walls of your child's room, such as wallpaper with cartoon characters that your child likes.

3. Futuristic bedroom ceiling model

desain futuristik plafon You can use this ceiling design in your child's bedroom. You just need to add a little curve and play with the highs and lows of the ceiling. Don't forget to add shelves that match the wall paint to match the ceiling model. To give a futuristic impression, you can add wallpaper to the walls of your room. For boys, you can add a sci-fi theme.

4. Dreamy bedroom ceiling model

plafon dreamy The dreamy nuance in question is to present a more feminine atmosphere. So, this ceiling model is suitable for women, whether children, teenagers and adults. You can add stencil motifs, such as colorful polka dots or flowers. Match the colors of the motif with the sheets and carpet in your room. So that the motif feels more alive, try to make other furniture such as cupboards white. Also read: 9 Minimalist, Comfortable and Beautiful Main Bedroom Furniture

5. Ceiling Model with Overlay of Clouds

hamparan awan Inspiration for the next bedroom ceiling design for children. You can implement a 3D design with several cloud overlays. This creative design touch is guaranteed to make your little one feel at home and comfortable while in their room. The way to make this ceiling model is to fill the ceiling and several sides of the bedroom walls with blue paint. Then, add some decorative white cloud-shaped ceilings along with some lights. Also read: 12 Recommended Blue Color Combinations for Home and Office Spaces

6. Minimalist ceiling model

Plafon Minimalis For this ceiling model, this is the most frequently used. The shape is square or rectangular following the shape of the room itself. Add a touch of LED lighting to make it look more luxurious when the lights are turned on. You can paint the ceiling and walls of the room white and cream which can make the room atmosphere more comfortable and warm. Apart from that, use plain sheets to give a more luxurious and elegant impression.

7. Modern Bedroom Ceiling Model

plafon modern For a large bedroom, you can divide the ceiling into three parts with a touch of LED lighting which gives a luxurious impression. This ceiling model is suitable for young couples who have just got married and like modern concepts. Even though your bedroom looks spacious, with the presence of this ceiling model it will actually look minimalist. Moreover, the wall color in your room is pure white. Also read: 12 Master Bedroom Decoration Ideas for New Couples

8. Ceiling Model with Wooden Accent

plafon kayu It turns out that wood can also be used as bedroom ceiling decoration, you know. Ceilings made of wood do give a unique, attractive and classier impression. You can apply this wooden ceiling to the side of the ceiling. On the walls of the room, you can also use wood as decoration to offset the ceiling mounted on the ceiling. This wooden element provides quite a contrasting color, so other furniture such as cupboards should be pastel colored so that it doesn't overlap with the color of the wood.

9. Simple Bedroom Ceiling Design

plafon sederhana For a small bedroom, for example measuring 3×3, you can apply a flat ceiling design with the addition of decorative light ornaments. Due to the minimalist size of the room, the ceiling was designed without a motif to avoid giving the room a full impression. Moreover, your entire room is painted in pastel shades to give the room a more cozy atmosphere. Also read: 12 Small Girls' Bedroom Designs

10. Bedroom Design with Attractive Lighting

plafon lighting Between the ceilings, you can add lighting with attractive colors, such as blue, pink or red. The color of these lights will determine the atmosphere of your room, for example cooler but still comfortable. To determine the color of this lamp, you can adjust it to the room theme. For example, the color of your bedroom walls is yellow, then the lighting color you can use is blue.

11. Ceiling Design with Hanging Lights

lampu gantung You can use a gypsum ceiling that is made with an elongated model that follows the shape of the room. For decoration, you can add a hanging lamp or pendant lamp with a contemporary model which makes the room look more beautiful and attractive. Combine with several downlights in each corner of the room as the main source of daily lighting.

12. Bedroom Ceiling Model with Fan

The next bedroom ceiling design inspiration is to use a fan in the middle. As seen in the picture, this ceiling design is simple but still fashionable. The touch of white and wood texture in the furniture adds warmth to the room. Also read: 13 Mandatory Multifunctional Furniture for Minimalist Homes

13. Glamorous Bedroom Ceiling Design

Desain Plafon Kamar Tidur Glamor Looking for ceiling design ideas for a bedroom that looks glamorous? Try using this design. Match the ceiling with an elegant branching chandelier. To keep it looking neat, you can hide the cables behind the ceiling. No need to worry about the color of the ceiling, just give it a touch of white to make it easier to combine with the color of the other furniture in the room.

14. Twin Girls' Bedroom Ceiling Design

Desain Plafon Kamar Kembar Anak Perempuan This ceiling design is very suitable for those of you who have twin daughters. Just look at the design, it's very girly, isn't it? This bedroom with a pink theme displays a different feel. The two-tone ceiling carving above the twin bed makes it look even more cute and attractive. Also read: 9 Cute Minimalist Twin Children's Room Designs

15. Minimalist all-white ceiling design

plafon kamar tidur minimalis The last interesting bedroom ceiling design is an all-white design. For those of you who like simple room designs and don't use a lot of decorative ornaments, you can dominate the room with white. Then, you can combine it with a unique and attractive shabby chic style floral wall wallpaper. Apart from that, use a gypsum ceiling so that the bedroom looks neater and looks spacious. This is information regarding several recommendations for beautiful, unique and interesting bedroom ceiling designs that you can copy. Apart from using a ceiling that provides a cooler and more aesthetic room atmosphere, you can increase the comfort of your room by using an ergonomic chair from PEXIO. This chair is designed for comfort and work efficiency. Are you curious about this chair? Contact us now to get more information. Banner Ergonomic Chair PEXIO


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