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8 Advantages of a Minimalist House that Makes You Feel at Home

The increasingly expensive house prices will certainly make you think twice when you want to buy it. If your budget is limited but you still need to buy it in the near future then a minimalist house could be a suitable choice. Even though the area is limited, you cannot underestimate the advantages of a minimalist house. As a consideration, it would be a good idea for you to read the information in this article carefully. This time you will be invited to learn more about minimalist houses. Not only understand the advantages but also see the disadvantages it has. After that, it is hoped that you will be able to make crucial decisions regarding each point that will be explained. Ready? Let's start discussing the information now!

Get to know minimalist houses

Mengenal Rumah MinimalisIn your opinion, what is a minimalist house like? Is it small? Limited area? Don't have many dividers? None of these things are wrong, but they're not completely right either. Even though it is known as a small building, a minimalist house has a much deeper definition than that. If put into one sentence, a minimalist house is about prioritizing crucial aspects whose use can no longer be tolerated. So that you are not confused, here are the characteristics of a minimalist house.

1. Prioritize simplicity and function

The shape of the house and other designs emphasize simplicity. There is no need for too many carvings or furniture because the most important thing is its use in the house. When you look at it, it looks straightforward, efficient, and doesn't have a lot of stuff that makes it stuffy. The design of one room and another is also easy to predict. It's true that there are no surprises behind each design, but people who live in minimalist homes will still feel comfortable. Also read: 10 Contemporary Minimalist Dining Table Designs

2. Tends to use one color theme

The use of color in every design touch is not much. Bright, citrus-themed colors are also avoided to eliminate the full impression that will make people suffocated. Neutral themed colors such as earth tones or monochrome are the core of a minimalist home.

3. Only use essential furniture

You will only see the efficient placement of furniture without anything excessive. There is not a single piece of furniture that is just a display or accessory. This is possible with wise choices from the homeowner regarding what furniture is really needed. Also read: 13 Mandatory Multifunctional Furniture for Minimalist Homes

4. Don't use a lot of decorations

Decoration is important as a complement and sweetener to a room. However, there is not too much decoration in a minimalist house. You will find that the decorations used actually include the furniture they need. So its function is not only as decoration but is actually used as a place to store goods or can also create a comfortable atmosphere. For example, Tumblr lights hung on the wall as decoration. However, its placement in a minimalist room creates a warm atmosphere that is very comfortable at night.

5. Use an open space design

This characteristic should be very visible as soon as you enter a minimalist house. You rarely see the use of barriers or partitions. Most minimalist houses use an open space concept which provides room for wider mobility. The room arrangement is also unique to divide the room area even though there are no walls. You will also see the use of very large window glass and mirrors to create a spacious and fresh impression.

6. Generally attach importance to high quality

The use of all the furniture in the house is very important, making most minimalist home owners prioritize its quality. They will only put furniture with the best materials so that its use can be maximized for a very long time.

8 Advantages of a Minimalist House

Kelebihan Rumah MinimalisLiving in a minimalist house is not always bad. In fact, you can learn many things while living in it. This world invites you to live optimally with lots of things, but a minimalist home will teach you to appreciate simple things. You can learn that happiness does not come from having lots of things but from small things that are actually always felt. There are still many advantages to a minimalist house, try paying attention to the following points.

1. Very Neat

The arrangement in the minimalist house is very neat. All furniture placement is thought out as best as possible to produce a comfortable and spacious atmosphere. Everything in a minimalist house has its own function which is very important to have. Every decoration, storage space, and all existing items will definitely be organized. This is important because if the arrangement is messy then the room will become very narrow. Also read: 9 Minimalist, Comfortable and Beautiful Main Bedroom Furniture

2. Easy to Repair

If there is damage, such as wall paint starting to peel or ceramic floors starting to break, the repair is much easier than in a normal house. Since there are not many items in the house, all the moving does not require a lot of effort. Or when there is only one area that needs to be repainted then pushing one to 2 items is enough to fix it.

3. Easy to Clean

Having not too many items in a minimalist house makes it easy for you to clean them. Sweeping and mopping the floor isn't too difficult. Or even wiping various furniture doesn't require a lot of energy because the amount is small.

4. Keeps you away from stress

Believe it or not, the amount of stuff in your house can affect your psychological health. Too many items will stress you out. Moreover, if you need to think about a lot of things, your mental health will definitely start to get disturbed. However, with a minimalist house, you have more views outside the house, to the plants, sunlight and fresh air coming in through the windows. Also read: 10 Odor Absorbing Plants that are Easy to Care for at Home

5. Has good air circulation

Air circulation in a minimalist house tends to be better than in a large house full of lots of stuff. The large window glass used allows dirty air to come out and then clean air to enter the house. Apart from that, the absence of barriers between one room and another also allows air to circulate well.

6. A Good Environment to Be Productive

Not having a lot of stuff means you can focus more on doing various jobs. Without distracting views, your brain performance can also be maximized.

7. A Different Feeling of Freedom

The items at home sometimes make you tied up. The reason is that without realizing it, there are items that cannot be thrown away. You become too obsessed with the item which drives feelings of insecurity within yourself. So without a lot of stuff, you can feel freedom on a different level.

8. Provides Greater Happiness

Happiness cannot be obtained from many things. Like the previous point, actually having fewer things will provide different happiness. You also appreciate the surrounding environment more than you ever realized before.
Disadvantages of Minimalist Houses
Kekurangan Rumah Minimalis Even though there are so many advantages and things you can learn, living in a minimalist house also has disadvantages. Here are some disadvantages that you can take into consideration.

1. It Can Be Very Boring Sometimes

Using neutral colors can sometimes make you bored. Arrangements that can't be created too much will make you really want to move from a minimalist house. That's why you need a creative soul to arrange each piece of furniture to create a new atmosphere in the house. Also read: 10 Modern Minimalist Furniture for the Futuristic Style of Your Home

2. Requires quite intense maintenance

Arranging every piece of furniture in a minimalist house requires effort. You need to make sure it remains elegant even if there are additional furniture or changes.

3. Can't Store Many Items

Having a minimalist house means you can't store a lot of things. When you buy a new item, the old one needs to get out of the house. You need to consistently de-clutter so that no room feels stuffy. So have you decided to buy a minimalist house? Hopefully your confusion is answered with the information on the advantages and disadvantages of minimalist houses that have just been explained. If you need inspiration for quality furniture that has many functions, then living room furniture from PEXIO is the right choice. For example, the Alice Multifunction Sofa can be used as a sofa but can also be converted into a bed and additional storage space. Need more information? Don't hesitate to contact the PEXIO team now!


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