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10 Ways to Decorate a Small Room to Make It Look Spacious and Comfortable

Everyone definitely has their own creativity in decorating their bedroom. There is no right or wrong way to decorate a room. However, perhaps the small space of your room means you cannot realize all the plans you have made. Like the proverb "many roads lead to Rome", decorating a small bedroom also has many ways. Below we have collected several ways to decorate small rooms that you can try.

How to Decorate a Small Room to Make It Look Spacious?

Cara dekor kamar tidur sempit Decorating a room doesn't need to be with lots of items and expensive prices. You can start with some items that are actually at home and not used. Check out the explanation below.

1. Use an Attractive Carpet

Gunakan Karpet yang Menarik As a first method, you can try placing a carpet with a motif that is in harmony with the room. Putting a carpet in your room will not make your room crowded. In fact, placing a carpet will give a warm and very comfortable impression. If the feel of your room is beige or monochrome, installing a carpet with a striking pattern will add a new color to the room. Also Read: 15 Recommendations for Minimalist Living Room Designs

2. Use Tumblr Lights and Polaroid Photos

Gunakan Lampu Tumblr dan Foto Polaroid The next way to decorate a small room is to use Tumblr lights and Polaroid photos. Most likely every house has tumblr lights for them to use to decorate the Christmas tree. When Christmas is over, you can use Tumblr lights on the walls of your room, so that the atmosphere in your room is more aesthetic. The use of Tumblr lights is now very popular among young people, because it gives a warm and comfortable impression when the Tumblr lights are turned on. Apart from Tumblr lights, you can also decorate it by attaching valuable photos to the existing Tumblr lights. Photos will add their own warmth and uniqueness that can make us feel calm every time we see them.

3. Use a large mirror

Cara dekorasi kamar tidur sempit dengan cermin berukuran besar To make your small room feel spacious, add a large mirror. You can use this idea as a way to decorate your narrow room. Using mirrors will give the illusion of making your room more spacious. Apart from giving a spacious impression, your room also looks more aesthetic with this mirror. Also Read: 6 Ways to Decorate Your Room with Beautiful Gift Paper

4. Use the AMBY Adjustable Desk

Gunakan Meja Kerja Adjustable AMBY You can also use an adjustable table as an alternative. If you want to sit on the carpet, you can raise the table so that your room becomes more spacious. The AMBY table from PEXIO is also equipped with a button that makes it easy to adjust the height of the table. You can even customize it using an application on your smartphone. That way, you don't need to use a lot of energy to raise or lower the table when needed.

5. Use small ornamental plants

Cara Dekor Kamar Kecil Menggunakan Tanaman Hias Berukuran Kecil Placing ornamental plants in your room could be an option to consider. Apart from being aesthetic, ornamental plants are good for eye health and keep your room circulation clean. There is no need for large ornamental plants, because small ornamental plants can have an impact on your room. Also read: 10 Odor Absorbing Plants that are Easy to Care for at Home

6. Use various motifs for mattress sheets and pillows

Gunakan Berbagai Motif Seprai Kasur dan Bantal If the room you occupy uses only one color, you can liven up the atmosphere of the room by adding different colors to your bed sheets and bolster pillowcases. To avoid boredom, changing them over a certain period of time can be a good option. Also Read: 5 Models of Narrow Living Room Chairs

7. Use a small mattress or folding mattress

Gunakan Kasur Kecil atau Kasur Lipat After paying attention to the color and pattern, you should also use a small mattress or folding mattress to maximize the space in your bedroom. There are many benefits to using this mattress, apart from being more economical, this mattress is also very practical and saves space. For example, after sleeping you can fold the mattress so that you can use the empty space for studying or working. Because of the many benefits offered, folding mattresses are ideal for use in small rooms.

8. Use a wall hanging board rack

Gunakan Rak Dinding The next decoration idea is to use minimalist furniture, namely hanging shelves. To organize the items on the study table, you can use a hanging wall board shelf. Hanging wallboard shelves are usually square or rectangular with holes, so you can hang other storage places on the hanging board shelf. You can arrange stationary items, turn them into bookshelves, decorations, and even ornamental plants. In this way, the study table space feels spacious and its use can be maximized for other activities. Also read: 9 minimalist and comfortable main bedroom furniture that you must have

9. Use bright colored wall paint

Cat Dinding Warna Cerah It cannot be denied that color has a crucial role in a room, including the color of wall paint in the bedroom. Therefore, you can choose a bright wall paint color, for example white, to give the bedroom a more spacious appearance. Also read: 12 “DIY” Children's Room Decoration Ideas that Add Fun

10. Painting the Bedroom

Cara Dekor Kamar Kecil dengan Lukisan di Kamar Tidur If you have talent or expertise in painting then you should not ignore this idea. This last way of decorating a small room can also save costs because it only requires paint and other additional equipment such as brushes, just like point 9. There are lots of wall painting inspirations that you can apply, such as quotes of the day, color gradations and children's favorite cartoon characters. . You can learn various interesting ideas regarding bedroom wall painting through the following PEXIO article "15 Inspirations for Aesthetic Bedroom Wall Paintings for You".


How? Isn't it difficult to decorate a small room? We also highly recommend that you use furniture for decoration that has many functions. But don't forget to pay attention to comfort when doing activities. Using excessive decoration or just having an aesthetic appearance certainly really bothers you during your activities, right? If you are looking for other furniture to decorate your room, furniture from PEXIO is the answer. If you already have an adjustable desk that makes you feel comfortable while working, now is the time to complete it with an ergonomic chair. An ergonomic chair will make you more comfortable when doing your assignments and work. Visit the PEXIO website to search for other furniture. Ergonomic Chair PEXIO


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