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11 Ways to Decorate a Living Room in Simple Steps

A guest's first impression of the house they visit can be seen from the living room they visit. The way you decorate your living room turns out to have a big influence on their assessment. The comfort of the living room must be prioritized, but it doesn't feel right if the living room is not beautified with decorations.Cara Mendekor Ruang Tamu yang Nyaman dan Estetis

'The guest is king', is a saying that has often been heard since ancient times. One way to treat guests as kings is to provide a comfortable and beautiful living room. Decorations to add to the beauty of the living room don't have to be a lot, the important thing is enough to attract the attention of visitors who stop by your house. The wrong perception when decorating a house is that decorations look busy and excited. Decoration doesn't always mean lots of jewelry. Any simple item can be used as a decorative ornament to beautify your living room. Just install the ornaments according to your creativity.

How to Decorate a Living Room that is Comfortable and Aesthetic

The living room doesn't need too much decoration to impress visitors. The reason is, ornaments or decorations that are too busy will make guests feel uncomfortable when they come home. In addition, guests will feel that the homeowner is very excessive in terms of decoration. A minimalist living room design does not mean monotonous without decoration either. The key to installing decorations in the living room is to use enough ornaments or decorations. Installing ornaments in the empty space of the living room can also add beauty effortlessly. There are 11 ways you can decorate your living room to make it look more lively and colorful. Anything?

1. Measure Your Living Room

Ukur Ruang Tamu Anda

Before you can make any decisions about decorating your living room, never forget to measure the area of your living room accurately.

These measurements will ensure you choose carpets and furniture that are suitable for your living room. Remember, the first living room decoration tip you have to do is measure the area of your living room accurately.

2. Wall Ornaments

Dekorasi Ruang Tamu dengan Ornamen Dinding You are free to choose the ornaments you want to display on the living room walls according to your preferences. There are various choices for living room wall decorations to create a more lively atmosphere. Starting from family photos, abstract paintings, or other forms of ornaments such as fans and mini wall decorations. Also pay attention to the area where the ornaments are placed to add to the aesthetic value of the living room. Also Read: 6 Ways to Arrange Your Work Desk in the Office to Make It Look More Presentable

3. Carpet Under the Table

Karpet di Bawah Meja Simple things like installing a carpet under the table can also make the living room more beautiful. The choice of floor carpets available is varied, ranging from ethnic patterns to carpets made of fur. Apart from being aesthetic, guests will also feel comfortable when visiting your home.

4. Ornamental Plants

Dekorasi Ruang Tamu dengan Tanaman Hias Lovers of live or synthetic ornamental plants can also use the empty space in the living room to display their collection. Apart from the benefits of making a room fresh, displaying plants will make the living room more lively. There are many inspirations for displays, such as placing flowers on the table, using jars as flower pots at the end of the living room, and so on. If you are still confused about what ornamental plants to use, you can see several interesting choices of decorative table water plants that PEXIO has previously discussed in the following article "11 Choices of Decorative Table Water Plants to Liven Up the Atmosphere".

5. Miniature Display

Pajangan Miniatur untuk Dekorasi Ruang Tamu A collection of miniatures can be a beautiful living room ornament, as long as you pay attention to the layout. You can buy a glass cabinet to display the miniatures or place them in the middle of the guest table. A more practical step is to use the Alice multifunction sofa from Pexio. The movable shelf and coffee table can be used to display miniatures. You can also put your favorite book collection on this movable shelf sofa. Also read: Get to know ergonomic principles and their functions

6. Additional Furniture

Perabotan Tambahan Additional furniture such as decorative lamps, bookshelves, and so on can be beautiful decorative ornaments. Choose furniture colors that match the overall feel of your living room so that the colors don't clash. It is better if the furniture is easy to move so that it can be adapted to your living room decoration theme.

7. Beautiful Curtains

Gorden Cantik untuk Dekorasi Ruang Tamu Living room windows can also be decorated with beautiful curtains as part of the decoration. You don't have to choose busy patterns, just plain curtains are enough to decorate the living room. Also choose curtain material that is good and durable, because curtains also function to protect your privacy. Also Read: 10 Reasons Why Ergonomic Chairs Are Very Important in the Office

8. Chandelier

Lampu Kandil A classic decorating step is to install a chandelier. The eyes of guests who enter the living room immediately see the beautiful candlestick above it. Having a chandelier can add an elegant impression to your living room.

9. Sufficient lighting

Pencahayaan yang Cukup Apart from using lights, the best way to make a room brighter, livelier and more colorful, you can maximize it with wall paint. This trick can be said to be natural lighting. However, the choice of wall color needs to be considered carefully so that it can bring beauty and comfort to guests and all family members when spending time in the living room. In general, you can apply white wall paint, because white is a basic color that is neutral and closely related to purity and holiness. If you want a wall paint color other than white, you can see recommendations from PEXIO in the following article "6 Attractive & Inspirational Living Room Wall Paint Decorations"

10. Install a suitable sofa

Sofa Bed ALICE untuk Ruang Tamu A great living room starts with a great sofa. However, you need some special tips so that the sofa you choose suits all aspects of your living room. Starting from the color, the material used and the most important thing is the function of the sofa. A large living room will have a different sofa than a small or narrow living room.
So that you don't get confused and install the wrong sofa for the living room, you can read the following article on how to choose and recommend a sofa, "7 Recommendations for Modern Minimalist Sofas for Small Living Rooms". Apart from that, you can also find a selection of elegant sofa colors here "10 Elegant Sofa Colors for the Home".

11. Put air freshener

Letakkan Pewangi Ruangan The last way to decorate your living room is to make sure your living room feels fresh and cool. Apart from using ornamental plants, you can use air freshener. Of course you don't want to make your guests leave quickly because of the unpleasant smell, right? Therefore, place an air freshener in the living room to keep the aroma fresh. But, remember, don't choose a smell that is too flashy!

Come on, complete your living room decoration with PEXIO!

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