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7 Ways to Decorate Your Room with Beautiful Gift Paper

Are you missing inspiration on how to decorate your room so it's not monotonous? It's time to share how to decorate your room with wrapping paper in this article. Who would have thought that wrapping paper with various patterns could actually add joy to your break room? Whatever the pattern of wrapping paper, it is better to use it as decoration material rather than end up in the trash. For example, wrapping paper with cartoon characters or animated films can be used to decorate your child's room. There are many creative ways that can be applied just by using wrapping paper.

How to Decorate a Bedroom with Gift Paper

When receiving a gift, don't rush to open the paper by tearing it. Open it carefully, because the wrapping paper can be a valuable treasure for decoration. If you have a pile of unused wrapping paper, just use it to decorate your room. There are many genius ways that can be applied to decorate a room without having to spend a lot of money. One of them is using this wrapping paper as a beautiful decoration. Turning wrapping paper into home decorations sometimes takes quite a lot of time. However, you will see that the nuances of the rooms are more colorful than before. Indirectly, you also participate in reducing waste by using this wrapping paper. What decorations can be made with wrapping paper?

1. Circle Hanger

Gantungan Lingkaran Circle hangers or flower garlands are often identified with Christmas nuances as home decorations. With wrapping paper, you can make your own flower bouquet from scratch to form a beautiful circle. Tutorials circulating on the internet can be a guide to creating beautiful flower arrangements that are ready to hang on your bedroom door.

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2. Cupboard or shelf base

Alas Lemari atau Rak Storage places such as cupboards, shelves or drawers are often neglected by the owners. Instead of leaving it plain, you can transform it so it looks cheerful just with wrapping paper. The method is simple, just cover the base of the storage area with wrapping paper. For bookshelves, you can decorate the walls rather than the base to make it look fresher to look at.

3. Example of File Folder

Sampul File Folder File folders on a work desk will look boring if they are not decorated with anything. Not to mention, you may feel bored remembering the pile of work. The solution is to decorate the file folder with wrapping paper. Choose paper patterns that are plentiful but don't look tacky. You will be greeted with a fresh view when viewing the file folder.

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4. Wall clock decoration

Cara Mendekor Kamar Tidur dengan Kertas Kado Hiasan Jam Dinding You can change the appearance of your wall clock with a little skill. Even though it's a little complicated, you will see a wall clock that looks new and is no longer monotonous. There's no need to buy a new one if you can transform your old wall clock into an appearance using just wrapping paper.

5. Book Samples

Cara Mendekor Kamar Tidur dengan Kertas Kado Sampul Buku Not all books are worthy of being displayed on your stylish bookshelf. So cover your book cover with wrapping paper with a pattern that matches the shape and style of your bookshelf.

6. Wall Display

Pajangan Dinding You can use wrapping paper with artistic and luxurious designs such as marble patterns to decorate walls. To do this, use a beautiful and thin frame, then insert the wrapping paper inside. For owners of children's or teenagers' rooms, wrapping paper with pictures of favorite cartoon or film characters can be used as an attractive decoration. Instead of putting up a poster, you can add a picture of your child's favorite character on the schedule board or inspiration board.

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7. Work desk decoration

Hiasan Meja Kerja A brilliant way to make your work desk more beautiful is to decorate your desk pad or laptop base with wrapping paper. When you work from home, the monotonous appearance of the desk pad makes your enthusiasm fade. A desk pad decorated with patterned paper will refresh your eyes and make you enthusiastic while working. Also decorate other objects on the work desk with wrapping paper, such as stationery holders, storage boxes, etc. If there is a mini bookshelf on the table, you can also cover the book with wrapping paper to make the work table more attractive.

Tips for Decorating an Aesthetic Room

Apart from using wrapping paper, decorating a room can be done in various ways. The following are tips that you can apply to decorate your bedroom to be more aesthetic:

1. Selecting an aesthetic room theme

In recent years, posts on Instagram and TikTok related to aesthetic rooms have become very popular. This can be seen from the large amount of content that describes aesthetic bedroom themes, such as Dark Academia, Cottagecore, Fairycore, Gothic, Y2K, and Art Hoe. It cannot be denied, that this theme plays an important role in how a room looks. When you have chosen a theme, you will fill the items in your room based on that theme. For example, when you design a minimalist aesthetic room with an Art Hoe theme, you can use wire grid walls, framed posters, wall mirrors, and beds in neutral colors.

2. Use of Live Plants

Live plants can give a natural impression to your room, as well as provide a refreshing aroma. If you want to decorate your room with live plants, use Eucalyptus. This plant will create an aesthetic atmosphere and a calming aroma. You can also decorate the room aesthetically with hanging plants such as leafy monstera or succulents. Use houseplants to express yourself by playing with different types, sizes, styles, shapes, and colors. Don't be afraid to mix and match plants in your aesthetic room! Read more: The benefits of ornamental plants are for decoration and health

3. Utilization of Full Length Mirrors

Using a wide mirror can not only create an aesthetically pleasing room, but also a very functional accessory. You can lean it against the wall – opposite the window – to maximize better light intensity, so your room will look more spacious and bigger.

4. Choose Your Color Palette

Changing the color of your walls and ceiling can have a big impact on the appearance of your room. So, choosing a color palette that complements the aesthetics of your room is a must. You can choose one color that coordinates with several others, or keep it simple with just one or two colors. If your room is dark with little natural light, try using lighter tones. If your room gets good natural light, then it is not a problem to use bold colors for your bedroom walls. Read more: 10 Recommendations for Aesthetic and Contemporary Room Colors

5. Add Wall + Ceiling Decorations

When your walls have been painted, it's time to add some wall and ceiling decorations to the room. If you don't mind spending a little more time, wallpaper stickers can be a creative option to create an aesthetic atmosphere. Other popular aesthetic wall decorations include tapestries, posters, hanging picture frames, dreamcatchers, and wall art.


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