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19 Attractive Simple Minimalist Living Room Decorations

A minimalist living room usually has a combined function with the family room. Therefore, your living room needs to be decorated to make it more pleasing to the eye. Not only is it pleasing to the eye, the living room must certainly have a feeling of comfort, because the living room is the heart of the house, where all family members gather.

Some of the simple minimalist living room decoration ideas below could be an option for you.

19 Simple Minimalist Living Room Decoration Options for You

Decorating a room is an important activity that must be done. Without decoration, your living room can become very boring and uncomfortable. To avoid this, you can use some of the following smart decorations.

1. Choose Unique Furniture

Pilih perabotan unik Boredom can come if there is nothing interesting in your living room. Therefore, choose unusual shapes and materials for your living room. Choose a unique shape that you can change over time. That way, every time you feel bored, you can easily change to a new atmosphere. Using a unique lamp design can also be an alternative to eliminate boredom and add new color to your living room. Also Read: 11 Types of Office Chairs and Their Functions

2. Combine the colors of the furniture in the room

Kombinasikan Warna Dalam Ruangan Apart from unique furniture, you can combine colors in the living room. For example, using a combination of two and three colors. Not just on walls. You can also combine colors in the living room furniture. However, remember that the color combination used should only be applied to one aspect of the living room. If the color combination has been applied to the walls, then the color combination no longer needs to be used on the furniture. Using color combinations in all aspects of the living room will only make your eyes hurt when you are in the room.

3. Simple, bright living room wall colors

Warna cat dinding terang The next simple minimalist living room decoration idea is to apply a light wall color. This is a smart idea to get around the limited size of your living room. The paint colors that you can choose are white, cream, and other bright neutral colors. Why neutral colors? because neutral colors will give a spacious and clean impression. Just like furniture, you can also combine the colors above with other bright colors, just adjust it to your living room design taste. Also read: Living room wall paint decoration options that can be used as inspiration

4. Attractive Living Room Appearance with Wall Wallpaper

Wallpaper ruang tamu You can also have an attractive living room by trying this decoration idea, especially if it is not possible to paint the walls. The wall wallpaper that you can choose is a minimalist motif such as wood or marble patterns.

5. Choose an interesting pattern

Pilih Pattern yang Menarik If you think the color combination will be very boring, then using interesting patterns for the living room is another solution. You can apply interesting patterns in any media. Can be on walls, floors and existing furniture. However, we highly recommend using patterns in furniture that are easy to replace. For example, your sofa cushion cover. It can also be applied to carpets and coffee table mats, or even framed photos and paintings that you display. Also read: 15 bedroom wall paintings that are suitable for various styles

6. Use ornamental plants

Gunakan Tanaman HiasOrnamental plants could be one of your choices in a minimalist room. Apart from feeling simple, ornamental plants give freshness and life to your living room. Apart from that, the presence of ornamental plants keeps the circulation in the house maintained. For those who like to use the living room as a place to work, having ornamental plants in the living room will also refresh tired eyes after staring at a laptop screen for hours while working. That way, the ornamental plants in your living room not only create aesthetic decoration, but are also healthy. Also read: 11 Choices of Decorative Water Plants for Tables to Liven Up the Atmosphere

7. Use Shelves and Frames

Gunakan Rak dan Bingkai Using shelves and frames is the next simple minimalist living room decoration idea. You can decorate using shelves and frames on the living room walls. Using shelves not only provides beautiful decoration, but can also be a place to store the items you own. This also allows you to maximize the use of the living room walls. You can also use frames containing photos or paintings that can beautify the living room. If you get bored with the arrangement, you just need to change the place or replace the existing photos and paintings. Also read: 7 Modern and Unique Minimalist Living Room Wall Decorations."

8. Make the most of it with a suitable sofa

Maksimalkan dengan Sofa yang Sesuai It cannot be denied that sofas take up more space in the living room than ordinary chairs. However, if you still want to place a sofa in a minimalist living room, it is not a problem as long as you consider the size and shape. Don't use a sofa that is too large so that your living room doesn't get narrower. Also avoid curved or round sofa shapes, as explained in the following PEXIO article "10 Ways to Choose a Sofa for a Small Living Room". Also read: 10 Minimalist Sofa Models for Your Small Living Room

9. Use minimalist sofa colors

Warna sofa minimalis Color greatly influences a person's psychology, therefore you must choose the color of the living room sofa carefully. Choose colors that can be combined with various beautiful designs or motifs on your furniture to make the living room more lively and enjoyable. If you are confused about what color you should choose, please study the recommendations for minimalist living room sofa colors from PEXIO below "10 Newest Beautiful Minimalist Sofa Colors for 2022".

10. Decorate with multifunctional furniture

desain ruang tamu minimalis dengan furniture multifungsi Decorating and maximizing every corner of the living room can be done by using multifunctional furniture. Like crossing two or three islands in one go, as the name suggests, multifunctional furniture can be used for 3 different functions. Apart from seating, you can use this furniture as a bed and a place to store things. This is what the ALICE Sofa Bed from PEXIO offers. Interestingly, the additional shelf of the ALICE Sofa Bed can be moved anywhere. This way the living room has more space with just one multifunctional piece of furniture. Also read: 10 Living Room Furniture You Must Have

11. Clock as a wall decoration

Jam sebagai Hiasan Dinding untuk Dekorasi Ruang Tamu Minimalis Sederhana Not only as a time reminder, you can also use wall clocks as part of a simple minimalist living room decoration idea. You can place the wall clock on a wall shelf along with a collection of family photos and your favorite books. For the shape or model, choose a simple one that fits the minimalist living room design, like the picture above.

12. Maximize the Living Room with Mirrors

Maksimalkan Ruang Tamu dengan Cermin The next decoration idea is to add a mirror. It seems trivial, but did you know that mirrors can provide an optical illusion in a room. This means that mirrors can give a spacious impression to a room, including your minimalist living room. Not only that, mirrors also have aesthetic value and make your guests feel at home in the living room. To maximize the mirror illusion, install the mirror facing the door or window of your living room.

13. Add a carpet to make it more aesthetic

Menambahkan Karpet pada ruang tamu minimalis agar Lebih Estetis This item can actually give a warm feel to the living room. Using carpet can be an additional alternative when your guests want to sit below (the floor). Your guests will not feel cold because there is a carpet that functions as a base. Apart from that, carpet is useful for protecting glasses or plates when they fall, the risk of them breaking is reduced because they don't hit the floor directly. If you want to use carpet, we recommend installing it no more than 50% of the total floor area of your living room. You can maximize the design of your living room by adding carpets or pillows in matching colors so that the living room looks more aesthetic. Another important thing is to choose a carpet that is easy to clean! Also read: 9 Simple TV Room Design Ideas Without a Sofa in 2022

14. Using a living room extension table

Menggunakan Meja Extension The appearance of your living room will not be boring with this furniture. Extension tables are very practical to use because you just pull the extension and the table becomes wider, practical isn't it? Not only is it practical, an extension table is also very much the furniture of the future, so it will give a trendy impression to your small living room.

15. Minimalist living room decoration without a sofa

Dekorasi rumah tanpa sofa The last decoration idea is a living room without a sofa. This idea is unique because your living room will automatically look wider. Apart from that, without a sofa, you can lie down because this is a very profitable option if you often receive a large number of guests. Also read: 6 inspirations for decorating a living room without a sofa that will make you comfortable

16. Minimalist Ceiling Design

Desain Plafon Minimalis The idea behind minimalism is simple decoration. So, avoid using coffered ceilings, a simple ceiling design with muted tones could be the ceiling choice for your minimalist home.

17. Simple and comfortable flooring options

Pilihan Lantai yang Simple dan Nyaman Flooring is one of the most important elements of minimalist design. Hardwood flooring is a popular choice for minimalist living rooms because this type of flooring can create a simple and comfortable living room atmosphere.

18. Maximize Natural Lighting

Memaksimalkan Pencahayaan Alami If you want to design a minimalist living room, then lighting plays an important role. You may want to consider natural lighting to create a peaceful atmosphere and make the room feel larger and more spacious than it actually is. Also read: 5 Standards for Room Lighting in the Workplace

19. Use Baskets & Totes for Storage

Gunakan Keranjang & Totes untuk Penyimpanan If you need more storage in your living room, but don't want to add a large cupboard, then baskets and totes are a great choice. You can store items such as books, magazines, blankets, toys, and others without making your living room look crowded with large cupboards. You can even store the baskets and totes in storage.


Those are some simple minimalist living room decorations that you can use as inspiration in decorating a minimalist living room. Choose decorations that match the furniture and colors you will use. You can look for it in the living room furniture section on the PEXIO website. Apart from living room furniture, PEXIO also presents ergonomic furniture that you can choose, so that working from home becomes more comfortable. Visit the PEXIO website now. 


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