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10 Ways to Organize Your Family Room to Make It Tidier and Comfortable

All of us know that the family room is a room where we spend a lot of time with our family. For example, watching TV together, chatting and telling stories about all the activities that have happened throughout the day, or even just joking around. Seeing the many interactions that take place in the family room, of course, you want a room layout that is also comfortable. The goal is of course to make the quality of time spent with each family member more memorable. Then, after that, what is surely on your mind right now is "How do you organize your family room properly?" To find out the answer to this question, you can find out how to organize a family room that PEXIO will provide below.

10 Ways to Arrange Your Family Room to Make It Comfortable

Cara Menata Ruang Keluarga Agar Nyaman An uncomfortable family room arrangement will certainly make every family member reluctant to gather. In the end, they even preferred to stay quiet and spend time in their respective rooms. So what happened? Communication between family members is not well established. You obviously don't want that to happen, right? Therefore, it is important to pay attention to all aspects when arranging the family room so that it is neat and comfortable. See the explanation below regarding the methods you can apply.

1. Use One Main Concept

Gunakan Satu Konsep Utama Before you arrange the family room at home, first make sure you use one main concept that you want. This will make it easier for you to determine furniture, room decorations, wall paint, and other things in terms of color, model, and material to match the main concept. There are many concepts you can choose from, such as a family room with a minimalist, modern, classic, or vintage concept and many others.

2. Determine appropriate furniture

Menentukan Furniture yang Sesuai Also, determine appropriate furniture by looking at the many aspects of your family room. Starting from the aspect of the concept used, the size of the family room, and what suits the needs to support the comfort of each family member. If by chance your family room has a space that is not very large, a small sofa or sitting bench will be the right choice. This is to avoid the impression that your family room looks cramped. Then, you can also choose furniture colors that match the overall feel of the room. Read more: 7 Tips for Choosing Minimalist Home Furniture

3. Know the Best Position to Place Furniture

Cara Menata Ruang Keluarga dengan Mengetahui Posisi Terbaik untuk Menaruh Furniture So that your family room manages to look neat and spacious, you have to know the best position to place all the existing furniture. For example, when placing a sofa, try not to cover the access space for family members to move from the family room to another room. Then, choose a family room table and TV table that extends and position it right in front of the sofa. This will certainly make it easier for you and other family members to relax on the sofa while watching TV together. Read more: 17 Comfortable Living Room Sofa Options for You

4. Use a combination of small and matching colors

Gunakan Perpaduan Warna Sedikit dan Senada Maximize the color combination used. If you choose a minimalist family room concept, then avoid using lots of colors in all components of the family room, both in terms of walls, furniture, and others. Choosing colors that are not too varied and uses more matching colors will create a neat and comfortable impression in your family room.

5. Store items in their proper place

It will be difficult for your living room to look neat when there are lots of items scattered everywhere. Therefore, to avoid this, the family room also needs a storage cabinet or shelf in it. No need to worry, nowadays there are many choices of living room tables which are equipped with storage space or drawers underneath. You can choose it as a place to store all the items in the family room. Such as storing blankets, books, toys or other equipment so that they don't get scattered easily and look messy.

6. Create Space to Communicate

Ciptakan Ruang untuk Berkomunikasi The family room should be a place where every family member can talk to each other. So creating a comfortable and warm atmosphere requires expertise in arranging the family room well. You can do this by positioning the sofa in the living room in the shape of the letter "U" or "L". The reason is that being in such a close position will not make it difficult for you to communicate with other family members. Chatting will also be very comfortable to do.

7. Provide Decorative Elements

Berikan Unsur Dekoratif Don't forget to add decorative elements to the center of your family room. Such as decorating the living room walls with various interesting art paintings, family photos that you have, modern or classic wall clocks, and many other wall decorations. You can also add unique patterned sofa cushions and carpets if you feel the living room sofa looks plain. Then, it was further beautified with a flower vase and an elegant tray placed on the table as a base for all kinds of jars containing light snacks. Lastly, which is no less important, is to put an air freshener that you can not only use as decoration. However, it also helps you create a family room that smells good and has a comfortable feel.

8. Adjust the lighting

Mengatur Pencahayaan Lampu Lighting in the family room is an important element to pay attention to. So, arrange your family room with as much lighting as possible. Apart from being able to take advantage of the presence of large windows to get natural light in the morning, you can also combine the use of various types of room lights.

9. Pay attention to air circulation

Cara Menata Ruang Keluarga dengan Perhatikan Sirkulasi Udara One of the characteristics of a healthy house is having good air circulation in every room in it. You can get this circulation, one way or another, through adequate house ventilation or through the presence of windows. Therefore, to create a family room that is both healthy and comfortable, you need to pay attention to placing windows correctly in your family room. This window certainly helps exchange air from inside and outside the room. Apart from that, windows also make it easier for sunlight to enter the room where the hat is useful in killing bacteria from growing.

10. Add Plants

Tambahkan Tanaman This method is quite easy for you to do if you want your family room at home to look more alive, namely by adding green plants to the corners of the room. Adding plants will not only make the room beautiful and comfortable but is also believed to keep the air in the room maintained. Afraid to care for it and potentially it will wither or even die? Don't worry, you can choose this other option, namely by using artificial plants or flowers as a substitute which are no less beautiful. After reading the explanation about how to organize a family room so that it is neat and comfortable above, now you can immediately try it too. However, if you think you need ergonomic furniture to help complement the furniture in your family room or even other rooms in the house, PEXIO is here as the answer. PEXIO is a company providing ergonomic furniture and living furniture which is known for providing quality products for a better life. Contact PEXIO now for your home interior solutions. Banner Ergonomic Chair PEXIO


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