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Our Projects

Favehotel Subang

Fave Hotel Subang partnered with PEXIO for their ball room renovation project. The renovation included lighting additions and the creation of a luminous geometrical design on the ceiling as well...

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BAKTI Kominfo

After the pandemic, people began to be aware of health. The need for a healthy and comfortable work space has also increased because most of the work schedules have returned...

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PT Orient

PT ORIENT entrusted its meeting room project to PEXIO. This renovation was carried out by adding chairs, namely Derby chairs. This multifunctional chair offers an interesting feature by combining tables...

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Universitas Parahyangan

Parahyangan University Bandung invites PEXIO to collaborate in making classes comfortable and effective. The teaching and learning process does require quite a long time so a comfortable chair is needed...

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PT Steelforcee Indonesia

Office space that is comfortable and prokes (Protokol Kesehatan) standard is really needed these days, especially after the pandemic. The PEXIO team was asked by PT Steel Force Indonesia to...

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Mandaya Royal Hospital

Mandaya Royal Hospital Puri is one of PEXIO's partners who entrusts the room design and furniture to PEXIO. The result of the design of the room by the PEXIO team was...

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Yayasan BPK Penabur

The BPK Penabur Foundation entrusted the classroom project for the purposes of the teaching and learning process to PEXIO. This renovation was carried out by adding chairs, namely Derby chairs....

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